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Weekend Drinking Thread 1-3 October 2021

I’m rather surprised there’s no thread at 8pm! I’m still driving, just now. I’m picking up some tasty Greek food from our local Mediterranean bar and grill. The matching wine has to be Xinomavro!


Happy Friday, everyone!


Wow ridiculous snap. Same winemaker, same end to a post at the same time!

Can a moderator merge the thread please?

Edit- I’ve deleted the thread I hope

So I’ve gone Greek too

Yamas @EdMcK


Great minds think alike! Cheers! :wine_glass:

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Old favourite tonight down to my last 4 bottles (from 18). Used to buy this every time it appeared but sadly not seen it for a while. Silky smooth, blackcurrant, blackberry, vanilla absolutely delicious.

Have a great weekend all.


Château Cissac, Haut-Médoc 2015

Cissac 2015 with veggie shepherds pie. Lovely ripe, fragrant claret. Very pure cassis fruit, light on its feet, medium length. Wish I had more, but see the 2014 at a very attractive price with the W/S


This was delicious this evening. Smooth and silky. The fruit and spice gave it the typical Chianti notes but these were wound back. The result was fab. I understand the 16 vintage in Italy was very good and I’ll certainly search out other wines from this vintage.


Homemade pizza and a quality chianti. A very good start to the weekend.


Double snap…

(Admittedly we have the excuse of being in Greece)

…that’s s Kostifali by Loupakis by the way. And lovely with roast pork knuckle by the way. Yamas indeed :smiley:


Aperativos from last nights leftover our last and very enjoyable Bouchard Finlayson Sauv Blanc. Will buy again if it reappears.

With a pasta and ragu suace this Valpolicella which has rested for a while in a wine fridge

Really enjoyed this …an enjoyable cherry finish with some light subtle hints of pepper . Delicious. A Waitrose wine.

Has anyone tried TWS Valpolicella currently on the list?


2013 Mendel Malbec, refined and delicious.


Not much to be said about this one ( a gift) except that a glass or so was OK with fish and chips, it tasted slightly confected to me, and it’s my first 2021 wine.


Enjoying the second half of this tonight.

I could drink a bucket of this. Even better on day 2 - rich but not remotely heavy, with a bit of texture to it and a tasty bloody note to the wine. I bought 3; I should have got more.


A wine to admire, rather than like. Very orange - which it isn’t. Caramel nose, strong dry taste with oxidative notes, better on day 2. Not a repeat purchase. From SA House of Wine.



This was gorgeous. Lovely night at the museum.


Super wine and I wish I had more than 2 bottles left

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I would highly recommend this one. I tried the 2017 vintage and straight after put a case in reserves.

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Anyone else noticed how cunningly supermarket design has evolved? I’d never considered it before but this evening I realised that whatever I went to buy, and whichever supermarket I went to, I always ended up in the wine section. Without fail! Every time! Those people are cunning beyond belief!

This evening I popped to Waitrose for some milk and came home with a couple of bottles of wine - and some milk and a few other things. Now, as a result of a Sainsbury visit the other day - can’t remember what for - I’m drinking this with a mainly Waitrose stir-fry.


I hadn’t realised when I bought it how sweet it would be. Actually even on the nose it doesn’t smell so sweet but when you taste it the honey comes through in a big way. Anyway, a good pour of chilli sauce into the stir-fry and it balances up quite well. A bit sweet for me on its own but a good match with the spices, and I hope it will go well with a bit of cheese too.


Gosh, you must have kept that Mendel Malbec a while! Bet it was lovely.
I’m giving Bin #10 a look tonight. First impressions are quite positive, of a textured wine that is still unsurprisingly young. The blend is obviously a little bit unusual but it doesn’t seem contrived; I would think of it funnily a bit like a decent southern Rhône or languedoc white blend, that will knit together over the next year or so. Fennel herb and saline nose; palate has a bit of weight, peachy fruit with a very nice and persistent lemon edge, some attractive bitterness/complex acidity that lasts a good while. I’ll try (and fail) to give my others a few months to develop.


Nice. I bagged a single bottle that randomly popped up on the site a while back, waiting for a suitable occassion to pop it.

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Some super wine being drunk this evening.

I cooked some prawns and scallops, with dried and fresh shiitake, girolles, kai lan and a seafood and ginger broth, and green onion pancakes. We drank Dirler-Cadé Grand Cru Kitterlé Riesling, 2014

The wine is really hitting its stride - a bit of age is giving a confit note to the lemon and lime of its youth, without losing its freshness and racy acidity. Some petrol developing, but not as much as the colour might lead you to expect. The first of three bottles of this vintage - the others could last a long time yet, but I’m not sure that they will…

Happy Weekend!