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Weekend drinking thread [07th - 09th May 2021]

Tonight’s the night. We will be drinking a pair of these recently arrived bottles, along with some 1971 Barsac I have in the white wine fridge. Will report in due time.

50 is the new 40!


Happy birthday!


Doing it in style - Happy birthday!

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This is the fourth vintage in a row I’ve had of this and it’s always a winner:

Lovely sweet fruit right from the get-go, but with enough friction on the palate to remind you where it comes from. Just great for a tenner.

Has anyone had their ‘Nectar’ bottling? I think it’s usually on the en primeur list but I’ve never gone for it.


I got a 2017 in a mixed EP case. But I’m probably not opening it for a couple of years (TWS '20 - '28), sorry! And it was not the best of the recent vintages…


Well, if the Nectar is a step up from this 2017, it should be quite lovely :+1:

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Hoping so! With the EP price it’s not much of a ‘step up’ was only £10.18 DP

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Yeah, I noticed that too :thinking:

It’s either even more of a bargain, or rather a step sideways…!

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Enjoy! Fantastic line up

Fabulous wines - Happy Birthday

Bought from my local wine shop, slightly reticent to show itself but fruit developing in the glass, a bit too much spice for me, (is this a trait of Morgon?) much prefer a Brouilly that I had recently.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Happy Birthday! Looks like you’ve got a lovely evening planned.

Happy birthday. Great line up for the celebrations!

Going with this tonight along with some pork belly…

Initially softly minerally and sharp… warming up now.
Last one of my case🥲


Friday night and a week from absolute hell workwise… How many hours are there suppose to be in a day??? Need a holiday!!!

Anyway this is lovely… Not the biggest fan of Merlot but this is complex & has beautiful palate of warmth all over the mouth. For me its full bodied and after an hour decant it then really does come to life… Try it out of bottle and then again in 90 minutes!

Had it with a Beef Chianti and rosemary potatoes with fresh beetroot…


My first taste if this Sauvignon Gris from Chile this evening. This TWS example is from Finca Las Lomas in the Leyda Valley.

Very pale with slight lemon, gold hue. Medium nose. Asparagus and gooseberry. Wet slate. Medium minus palate. High acidity. Lots of gooseberry fruit. Green apple. Lemon. Medium finish. Perhaps a bit one dimensional but was zesty and fresh.


Goodness. Only did 3 days this week but feels like 5. So a house favourite bubbly to get us back in a good mood. Plus 2 bottles of bin 009 ordered so feeling better.

Happy weekend all.


My first Assyrtiko for some time curtesy of TWS.

On the nose reminds me of slicing rhubarb and bramley apples. The palate delivers on that and is super fresh and tangy. Lime acidity cutting through and all in all a pleasant wine. For the price, a really good introduction to this variety.


I am feeling VERY proud of myself … it’s been stressful but I’ve managed to pull this absolute beast from Stanley in Co. Durham where it is stored across to Whitehaven in Cumbria amd right through the centre of Carlisle.
Fingers crossed when I’ve got to take it back on Sunday I’ll manage too.
So tonight I’m opening a favourite Listán Blanco from Tenerife .
Should have really packed some Champagne … next time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart_eyes:.


There should always be champagne!!! LOL