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Weekend drinking thread [03-06 May 2019]



Modest S Rhone drinking well at 9 years old.


Chicken Katsu and a glass of Riesling.


@japcraw, how is that wine. It has been on my wish list for ages.


Petrol very distinct, glue, lime on the nose, dry, quite acidic, oranges or clementines main fruit for me, finish reasonably long. Goes well with the Katsu, but not particularly enjoying it. Not one for the buy again list.


Muscadet is a ‘drink youngest available’ wine isn’t it? I must say that’s one of the least useful rules for wine drinking. Almost all the wines from better producers improve with age. This a great example from the Society’s list which at 5 years of age seems to be just hitting its stride. Still a little prickle on the tongue but with a smoky character on the nose and a leesy richness on the palate and a long lemony finish. Really fine.


Just decanted a 1997 Penfolds Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz and waiting a while for it, but had to take a sneaky little trial sample.
Still deep red colour but beginning to fade a bit.
Aromas of black fruit, chocolate, treacle, tar, vanilla, and maybe mulberry.
Lots of fruit on the palate and a lovely balance of sweetness and acidity. Very long finish. In short excellent, and not sure how much time it will get before coming under further pressure!
Not sure why I like these slightly ageing wines - on the face of it we have nothing in common!


Spent a few hours today shopping with the girl for a prom dress – so have definitely earned my drinks tonight! :+1:

Started with this fabulous single vintage Sherry, which I bought for myself as a Xmas present:

It is mind-blowingly good! For those of you who bought the 1998 (mine is the 2000) – there’s a real treat in store. Intense nose of dried figs, tobacco leaf and leather, and on the palate it is a stunning composition of dried fruits (figs, prunes, dates) and nuts; the oxidative notes are there, but there’s a luscious sweetness which is just fantastic. I wasn’t sure whether it would work as an aperitif, but it does – though I think it would make a great digestif too. Stunning stuff!

Continued with another blind tasting, chosen by the other half – which, incredibly, I recognised as Vermentino. Having said that, it wasn’t my usual favourite Vermentino di Gallura, but a Langhe one (which they call Favorita), bought from TWS:

Quite a complex expression Vermentino – with pear, citrus and chamomile nose, as well as a distinct whiff of sour cream. On the palate the citrus and orchard fruit is balanced by a lovely savouriness (from the lees, I would guess), a medium plus body and a fine saline finish. Alas! The other half isn’t keen on it. I wonder if he changes his mind when he tastes it with the food… having this with tuna encrusted in white miso and sesamee seeds; worst case, he can drink his own homebrew instead. :clinking_glasses:


@inbar. Glad you like the sherry you bought yourself; if not I’d be worried!


Not having my reading glasses on I read that as shopping for a pram. Not really the same !!!


Oh, definitely no pram in sight!! In fact, as we were replenishing our energy in a cafe, the girl announced that she “never wants to have children”. Hm! :thinking:


Out last night at a restaurant with a fairly limited wine list, so had a glass of Laurent Perrier followed by a glass of Catena Vista Flores Malbec.

Now on my final bottle of Garmon 2014, Ribera del Duero - may have to put in another order to Vinissimus in due course.

Tomorrow, I plan to unpack three cases of bordeaux that arrived yesterday…


Some lovely wines opened this weekend as usual - particularly appreciating the d’Arenberg and Rhône love!!

I’d been holding on to this for a while and it once again goes to show that a wine doesn’t have to be expensive to be an absolute belter

Love a dry Aussie riesling with some bottle age. Petrol, yes - but a dry, almost chalky undertone with lovely zingy citrus acidity. Tried to save some for today but we completely failed :joy:


Have been busy with festivities for my other halves birthday, we have managed to drink the brand new 2018 vintage of this Sancerre. Lovely green fresh fruit and just a hint of leesy character.

Having a few guests on Monday so more wine to come, good job I’ve stocked up a bit recently…


Opened the 2016 of this, very pleasantly surprised. Has that lovely oily texture I love in Alsace PG . This a very ripe blend full of flavour and really good at this particular price point:

I had it with spiralized courgettes with mushrooms and red pesto.
We also opened this St. Joseph which was picked up in France and was definitely on the bottom level of St. Josephs I’ve ever tried. Just a bit “meh” and nothing exciting about it, Fortunately only bought 1 bottle. :rofl:


I suddenly feel thirsty after reading through your posts. Maybe I’m suggestible. Hmm, what to drink tonight ?

Anyway, here’s my bunch so far…

The Corral De Los Altos 2015 is a single vineyard garnacha from 40+ year old vines. Fresh, savoury, nuanced, medium bodied, deep, characterful. If the aim of the winemaker was to express terroir then job done.

The Nies’chen kabinett 2015 was as light as a feather but with wonderful depth of flavour and seemed to dance on the tongue. I could drink it all day long.

The Rustenberg Grenache was ripe, fruit forward, medium to full bodied and intensely flavoured. Ripe tannins and surprisingly fresh acidity provided the necessary structure to balance and to keep one coming back for another glass.

All cost between £10 - £15 proving ( to me anyway ) that you don’t always need to spend up to have a thoroughly satisfying experience.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.


Great wine. We did an online tasting of it last autumn and it went down a treat. Thread starts here if you fancy comparing notes…


This one goes 15 or 20 :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link, nice one. Should be interesting reading. Great to hear that community members appreciated this wine too. I’m certainly grateful to have one more bottle to broach.


Really enjoyed reading through the comments and would have made similar ones if I had been lucky enough to join you on the night.

To double the interest, I also had a bottle of the same godello back in February which went down very well too. If push came to shove, the garnacha would have got my vote, but only by a hair’s breadth.

Loved the dog photos by the way !


Decanted for later, 2 reviews and both 5 star so full of hope :smile: