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Weekend drinking thread [03-06 May 2019]




On the nose TCP??, cedar, pepper, fruit bomb in the mouth, blackcurrant & blackberry, not over oaked, silky mouthfeel, tannins pretty much non existent, however I can’t make up my mind if the pepper is biting the back of my throat or the alcohol… Maybe someone can offer a comment on this, does alcohol generally mellow with age? Drunk without decanting, It says on the bottle can be drunk for 20 years so plenty time for this, maybe a few more years is what’s needed, but very drinkable now. 8/10.


Just me-myself-and I this evening, so decided to open a fairly straight-forward wine, to go with a veggie Indian take away:

I saw a review of this Co-Op Marsanne in Decanter a couple months ago, and it piqued my curiousity, as it’s a variety I like very much. And a very nice wine it is, too! Lovely lemon colour, and on the nose, there’s pear, quince, a nice floral note (acacia?) and some peach note. The palate is not very complex, but delivers very fresh notes of peach, ripe pear, and a very subtle vanila note. Good acidity on the finish, leaving a nice tingly note of orange zest. Very pleasant mouthfeel too – quite oily in texture.
This should go nicely with my mild curry.

Happy Bank Holiday weekend, one and all! :clinking_glasses: :grinning:


Jammy. I see what the other reviews mean by a bit ‘green’, maybe even mushroomy? Air has sorted that out and its tasting good with my Chinese takeaway on a cold drizzly Friday bank holiday…


Last bottle of the Granja Amarela 2013 old-vine (pre-phylloxera, in fact) Moreto from TWS. Great nose, plenty of concentrated old-vine fruit and authentically Alentejano. Maybe missing just a little something on the palate, but then I guess that’s probably why no one makes a varietal Moreto!

Now a “natural” amphora-aged Pallagrello from the textbook volcanic terroir of IGT Roccamonfina, Sphaeranera 2015 from I Cacciagalli. Much better-behaved thatn I expected, this boasts a wave of concentrated smoky volcano fruit, and subtle but very present tannins. Will be interesting to see where this goes tomorrow.


Final bottle of this tonight from a 6pk.
It’s been a great find at the bargain price of about £12.50 if I recall. Many thanks to this community for pointing me in its direction (@szaki1974 I believe)


We tried out a couple of wines from an order provoked by the Press Tasting . Would they match up to my memories? Before dinner a glass of the Romate Maribel Amontillado

Yep, just as good as I remembered - thanks @jaykay. So many complex tastes of nuts, caramel, spices and good things. I’ve said it before, but sherry has to be the best value for money out there. How can a wine this complex cost just £9.50?

For dinner, we ate some turbot, asparagus and La Ratte potatoes brought back from France, with beurre blanc . One of those meals where you want to do as little as possible to the food, and let the ingredients speak for themselves.

And we drank a lovely Pouilly-Fumé.

So fragrant - beautiful aromas of blackcurrant leaves and gooseberries - but a great flinty backbone to give structure to the fruit on the palate. All the best bits of New Zealand and Loire sauvignon in one.

The label is a typographical car crash, however.

I think there at at least four different typefaces on there (including the sides which you can’t see). Just goes to show that you can’t judge a bottle by its label. I might not have bought it, if I saw it in a shop, which would be a pity.


Have just been making salsa which takes a while so I opened this Pessac-léognan. It needed to warm up a little to truly appreciate the flavours. I’m pretty sure i picked it up in a Carre-four hyper market and I paid €11 for it . It’s not the best I’ve had and I prefer a higher %of Semillon in my Bordeaux whites but it has that distinctive SB/Sem flavour. Very high in acidity to the point it’s a bit off balanced but pleasant all the same .

Oh and in case anyone’s interested… here’s the salsa :slight_smile:


You should try the wines from Domaine Weinbach - around eight or nine different fonts! Top wines, though :yum:. Perhaps there is a formula connecting number of fonts vs deliciousness?


Weinbach wines are outstanding. Visiting there was one of our most memorable tasting experiences. For another truly baroque label with delicious wine, try the whole Léon Beyer Comtes d’Eguisheim range!


Have you ever thought about taking in lodgers? :grin:


They’re known as “children who have graduated”…


I continued my Beulieu vertical tasting last night:


Bought from TWS in 2012. Lovely wine with far more elegance than an equivalent CdP.


Last night we had this simply lovely.


My Saturday half is a Jaboulet Blanc. TWS blurb is spot on, except for we did not have :frog: ‘s legs…


I also had my last bottle recently… in hindsight I should have just kept quiet and bought all the stock (of course that would have gone completely against the spirit of this great community) :wink: A cracking wine.


Modest S Rhone drinking well at 9 years old.


Chicken Katsu and a glass of Riesling.


@japcraw, how is that wine. It has been on my wish list for ages.


Petrol very distinct, glue, lime on the nose, dry, quite acidic, oranges or clementines main fruit for me, finish reasonably long. Goes well with the Katsu, but not particularly enjoying it. Not one for the buy again list.