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Weekend drinking thread [02-04 October 2020]

Starting the weekend with this beast. Deep purple colour, almost ink black. Very concentrated but not over extracted. A mountain of tannins kicking in, black olives, plums, spices, balsamic reduction. Beautiful fruit but it needs more time. I will leave it open all day and check later. First bottle of a case of 6 which came at under £20 a bottle. Sensational intensity!


This is on the agenda later, for what I suspect are obvious reasons…


2012 vintage is rated outstanding if I’m not wrong. Treat!


Two mighty bottles there @Rafa and @woodap! We will continue our mission to drink bottles we probably should have drink years earlier with a bottle of 2007 Cuvée Magenca from Domaine Madeloc, Collioure.

I really should stop buying wine and focus on all the stuff we have that may already be past it’s best. The problem is I can resist anything except temptation as Oscar said. It should be the motto of this Community!


Well, this Friday’s play date was not as magnificent as last week’s Cave and crisps extravaganza (though it must be said my son had a wonderful time).

Had to provide for ourselves, so kick-started the weekend with one of these, yum!


With thanks to everyone for their warm welcome in the weekday drinking thread, I’ve decided to throw myself to the wolves and include some photos of this evening’s efforts in the drinks cabinet and kitchen…

I’ve also headed down the vermouth/aperitivo route today, starting the evening with an Americano cocktail:

Continuing the Italian theme we then moved onto a homemade pizza and the Society’s Sicilian Reserve 2016:

Pizza became a bit of a lockdown project for me earlier in the year and I’m pretty happy with the results I’m getting. Today’s attempt is Prosciutto, Tallegio and Mushroom on a Ricotta and Mozzarella Pizza Bianca.

The wine was a a new one to us; in my last couple of WS orders I’ve grabbed a selection of Society Italian wines with a view to identifying a go-to wine to go with pizza. This didn’t quite hit the mark from that perspective, it’s slightly weightier and more oaked than what I’m after in this context; though this is no fault of the wine itself, which is a very tasty full-bodied red (tasted blind I think I might have pegged it as a Rioja?). I’m looking forward to trying the Society’s Montepulciano and Barbera d’Asti in coming weeks to see if I can capture the sense-memory of a summer’s evening in a Naples piazza I’m aiming for…


Oooh! sound lovely…! I love Tallegio’s creamy tanginess… :heart_eyes:

No worries about this. Some jackals around, perhaps, but mostly we’re just a lovely, touchy-feely lot :wink:


We recently had this with pizza. Absolutely delicious, on its own it has slightly grippy tannins but with salty and spicy pizza it was the very definition of ‘gluggable’ :crazy_face:


I finished my 2004s earlier this year and they were just wonderful, I severely regret trying 3 of them too early, last year and this were just perfect.

Anyhoo, tonight for me it’s this with pizza:


which is just wonderful and I shall be on the lookout for when the 2018 comes on sale. Super sweet, smoky, delicious fruit that is all about pleasure.




Continuing @HBlackburn’s Langhe theme, a pot of wild boar ragù puttered away on the stove as the rain continued to lash the windowpanes all afternoon, to which we added some girolles and tagliatelle and then popped it into the oven thanks to an @Aspedini recommendation.

To drink, a Marcarini La Serra 2006, which has been open since around Midday. Will report back on how this is drinking.


Looks amazing! Are you worried that having had it open for so long it might be slightly oxidised? Or is this a tried and tested formula? 4 days in the fridge or room temp? I’m keen to hear how it turns out

Steak night, tonight, paired with a yummy Exhibition Malbec. :yum: :wine_glass: :cut_of_meat:


Looks excellent @JohnBarleycorn, nice char on the crust. Do you have some form of pizza oven or are you using a conventional oven?

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What if I have pasta?

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Lemon and lime with a hint of petrol on the nose. Drinking until 2024 but I think that’s on the conservative side.


Recently joined Northern Monk Patrons Society and had 9 cans delivered this week. 1st one up OFS013 // DARK FRUIT TONKA Sour. Very fruity and not overly sour. Delicious.


You won’t be welcomed at the party :weary:


He opened at midday, not Monday. It’s not Musar!


Definitely needs more time, but a nice drink now if you can handle some tannin. Deep ruby red, with some bricking but I expected more development.

Beautifully elegant on the nose with spice, red berries and some tar, then wild strawberries before a big wash of drying tannin. How is this 14 years old?! I might have guessed 5 years younger had I been tasting blind. I suspect this will be even better tomorrow.

Side note, I love reading comments on Cellartracker from users drinking wine far too young/completely with the wrong food, and this had to be my favourite:

This wine tastes and smells like an really good Barolo. It was beautiful with fresh blackened gulf red snapper, steamed artichoke dipped in garlic and butter and steamed broccoli. The snapper MUST be fresh. Drink outside of the box.”

That’s a new one for me.