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Weekend drinking February 18-20th 2022

The society’s Saumur Rose Brut NV. Great great stuff. A light cremant, perfect for an aperitif, better than most (all?) in the same £11.50 price bracket. Lovely colour, blushing pink like it is slightly embarrassed. Gentle mousse. The flavour is all strawberries and cream, splash of raspberry in there. Something slightly herby too. But pleasantly dry. Dangerously drinkable and refreshing. It would be a perfect summer picnic wine, but it is still delicious in the middle of one of the worst winter storms in recent years


I got some exam results today. Left hand was for if I passed right hand as a failure penance.

Thankfully I got to swipe left! PJA La Chapelle 1996, the CellarTracker reviews for which are very ‘binary’. I clearly got one of the good ones (credit the Wine Society). Mushrooms, a feral note and spice to smell, a meaty edge to tge palate but with plenty of fruit and Syrah spice. Long finish that has fully integrated tannin and acidity.


Alongside storm Eunice outside, we have storm Polygon inside with their industrial dehumidifiers blasting out, trying to dry out our floors from the much more extensive than we thought leak from behind the washing machine……
On a positive note I have managed to hang the new blind on the window over the staircase without breaking my neck……
So…… it’s definitely time for some vino……

My son is making fajitas as part of his weekly family meal for his Duke of Edinburgh and I’m about to open my first of six of this


Congratulations on the exam result!

Was double left swipe for a distinction? :blush:

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We are going to have a Dark n Stormy tonight in a nod to today’s weather and to toast the fact that damage to house and garden were minimal in the grand scheme of things.


Bright, fresh, savory. Producer advised ‘drink young’.


With a sense of anticipation/research (etc etc), just gone into the decanter…

To accompany a rolled and stuffed lamb breast and lemon potatoes.

Initial signs are good, very typically Xinomavro with Kalamata Olive and tomato paste overlaying sour fruits, perhaps a touch of the farmyard (in a non-faulty adds-to-the-whole sort of way) with still quite grippy tannins and bright acidity.

The meal is 1.5 hours away, so I shall cease and desist until then, because this seems like a food wine :smiley:


This Condrieu, Le Grand Vallon, Villard, 2014 has sat in the wine fridge for too long really, but I think there’s still just enough there to enjoy with dinner.

Deepish gold in colour, full bodied, unctuous, apricots and others I can’t quite pin down.


Agree with the “drink early” on this wine - which has been a firm favourite over the last couple of years. I just sensed the last bottle had turned the corner. No rush to drink up but nothing to be gained by keeping longer either IMO.


It seems a reasonable idea to try to console myself over the fact that Storm Eunice took out my garden fence. Something classic, maybe? Vanilla, citrus, almond, butter, quite heavy, massive finish - in short, a delight!


We’re heading home tomorrow, and we’re very glad that we won’t be travelling in the worst of the wind. This evening, a meal of veal escalopes with mushrooms and cream, sautéd potatoes, and wilted dandelions. We drank Domaine Hering Rosenegert, 2019.

The wine is a field blend of 50% riesling with gewurztraminer, pinots gris and blanc and muscat. “Juicy” was Mrs Robertd’s first reaction, and as a one-word summary that’s spot-on. I know that you really shouldn’t try to analyse the varieties in a field blend, but it comes across as fundamentally structured by the acidity and citrus fruits of the riesling, spiced and floral from the aromatic gewurz and muscat, and rounded out with the mouthfeel of the pinots. Off-dry, but very well balanced.

Hope everyone has survived the storm without too much damage, and has a good weekend.


After all the talk of Barolo and Barbaresco elsewhere on the community, we opened a bottle of the Roncaglie’s Barbaresco 2013 bought from a TWS EP offer. This is starting to drink beautifully.

Medium red centre. Rim displaying some maturity with amber tints. Perfumed nose, medium intensity. Black cherry, blackberry. Rose petal. Some savoury notes. Medium palate. Firm tannins. Fresh acidity. Dry. This caresses the palate and is multi layered. Ripe strawberry, dried bramble, cherry and coffee. Notes of mushroom. Some tabacco and vanilla. Long, long finish.


First of 6. Maybe a little young but nice nonetheless. What you’d expect really. If you like Chablis, that is.

Happy weekend all


We’ve cracked open a [rather Summery] bottle of this for tonight - a 2020 Blank Bottle “Retirement at 65”.

Curious choice given the starkly non-Summery weather I’ll be the first to confess, but I was really curious to try this one; and tonight’s light-tasting but slightly umami-hinting dinner seemed as good a time as any for the impatient.

P&Pd wine-fridge-cool, the combo of Cinsault-Grenache-Syrah is really very nice indeed - obvious berries, slight pomegranatey perfume, and deliciously savoury floral and summer-fruity. A lovely supple chewy dryness and slight tanniny grip to it too, elegant & balanced with a very slight sweetness. Very good. The dryness and savouriness develops with more time open.

Wife even declared it “not bad”, so high praise indeed :~}


I really like mature Condrieu, sounds delicious

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And I recognise that label Robert. Another trip or from the last one?

Wilted dandelions takes me back to one of those school exchanges where you got sent to live ‘en famille’ in a bid to improve one’s spoken French. The family I was staying with went for a drive, we stopped at a field and we were handed (dining) forks and told to dig up pisse en lits. I thought they were stark raving mad, a total culture shock. And when I got back home and told my parents this tale, my mother (born in Manchester) remembered that when she was little they called dandelions “pissy beds”.


Previous trip - we bought a few :slight_smile:

It always amuses me that the French equivalent of “pushing up the daisies” is “manger les pissenlits par les racines” - to eat dandelions by the roots :laughing:


Wasn’t overly impressed when first opened as it seemed to have a bit of a ‘farmyard’ taste. However, after an hour or so it opened up into dark fruits with a meaty note - which went well with the steak.

Would I buy it again? Probably not. Can I buy it again? No as its OOS.


It’s been a long week at work and topped off today by needing to replace the entire garden fence :grimacing: but at least no one has been hurt or property damaged nearby. To celebrate I decided to open a bottle Warwick Trilogy 2017. I’ve bought 6 EP and they will stay in Stevenage for a couple more years at least. This was a gift from my dad who took his out of Stevenage.

Tannins clearly present, it opened up over a long decant and some juicy fruit with cigar notes. Not bad but will definitely improve over time.


I agree, I had a similar experience. Improved with time, but not enough for me to buy again.

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