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Weekend drinking Feb 4th-6th 2022

Happy weekend!

Kaapzicht Pinotage 2017. Delightful purple colour. Nose is all plums and dark berries, but a waft of slightly burnt toast too, like a weekend breakfast. Mild tannins, and a rather full flavoured dose of spices, pepper, and savoury dark fruits.

It’s the slightly weird aftertaste, acidic and abrasive, that doesn’t appeal

Still not sure if pinotage is for me……

EDIT: I decanted for an hour before drinking, but after another hour the after taste has changed. It’s still fun on, but spicy and peppery rather than the battery acid experience.


Fruity shiraz, lacking complexity, which I preferred to the Grenache by the same maker. Don’t think it is worth £20 though.


So I actually opened this a few days ago but never mind I’m still drinking it!
Peter Lehmann 8 Songs Barossa Shiraz 2014
Frankly I’m a little disappointed; not sure what I expected but to me this is, finally, the first wine that I’ve had that really matches that jammy description I’m always seeing. I don’t think it’s faulty in any way just not my style. I’ve always thought Barossa is associated with tannic wine but there’s not a hint of tannin in this. Smooth velvety and full but in a lush, fruity way that’s almost sickly. A good dose of it went into cooking and I don’t usually put £23 bottles into my cooking!


Sounds like we are all a little underwhelmed with our bottles tonight! Someone needs to post a £8 wine that tastes exactly like Hermitage la Chapelle 1961


Very happy with my Society’s Exhibition Soave Classico, 2020, thank you.


Had the same comment last week when opened one however I really enjoyed it! I found to be very pure and fresh.

I’m very happy with this

Used some of my Christmas gin, a cask-aged local creation, which worked pretty nicely.

Please ignore the grapefruit, was the only citrus fruit I could lay my hands on, apart from a dreadfully evocative shrivelled mandarin in the bottom of the fruit bowl.


We enjoyed our wine!

I cooked some fennel seed-brined haddock, with roasted cauliflower in chilli butter (Ottolenghi, but reduced chilli), samphire, and a fennel and saffron sauce. And the wine was Rolly Gassmann Riesling “Réserve Rolly Gassmann”, 2019.

The wine was just right with the food - ripe citrus, a touch of petrol, residual sugar there but balanced, long and mouthfilling. An absolutely typical Rolly Gassmann wine, and so, so easy to like.

Happy Weekend!


Open, but not yet sampled. Smells lovely.

It’s that time of the year.


We started out with a glass of this tonight, but as my other half rightly pointed out, it was a little acidic to be paired with Shakshouka. So it turned into a little aperitif. I’ve been a bit of a critic Henri Ramonteu’s standards in the last few years, but he (and this) is still very good, and he very much is amongst the small number of standar-setters in an increasingly crowded field. And deserves particular praise for keeping his pricing sane where others of his competition have headed off into the sunset.

So we switched to this with the main course…

Looking for a young, fruity wine with low tannins to pair with eggs is not something my cellar has many ready answers to, so it kind of won by default. And very nice it is too. :smiley:


Opened these two for the weekend. The Beauregard Ducasse was lovely with a salmon mousse from Waitrose. 60/40 Semillon Sauvignon. Little on the nose (but that could have been the glassware) but lovely creamy, smooth stone fruits in the mouth.

The red is a modern Rioja from Urbina. Aged in French oak and as described on the label, intense blackberry fruits on the nose and in the mouth. A good hit of acidity keeps it fresh and at over 14 years old still in the first flush of youth though the tannins are smoothed out. Shame it is the last bottle we bought when visiting there pre-COVID.

We will be on the beer tomorrow night in a rare social outing with fellow vaccination team members to a micro brewery called the Dancing Man down on Town Quay in Southampton. Normal wine service will be resumed on Sunday when we revisit these lovely wines.


First weekend since dry January, I’m clearly heading towards a fuzzy head tomorrow morning :rofl:

First bottle tonight is done (yes first bottle don’t judge me). I rarely buy from laithwaites but I do like the RedHeads selection, this Coco Rotie is fab. A gorgeous shiraz/viognier at a great price (£14 a bottle).


Is it from McLaren Vale?

RedHeads is from there but I don’t know for definite if the grapes are. The winery is there but the website says they have growers, no clarity as to where their growers are based.

“a superbly balanced red. It’s from RedHeads, a small, very eco winery with only one vineyard. For the rest they have an impressive list of growers to draw upon, to ensure, every year, they receive just the fruit they’re after.”

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Hi all, I meant to introduce myself last weekend but just butted in uninvited with a few posts. Long time lurker (sorry) but want to contribute more than just the odd post.

So to start proper, this is the weekend starter and am I happy.

A oaked Sauv Blanc from Cheverny. Like liquid butter and for those who oppose Sauv Blanc and oak please try this. Full-on but retains that immense drinkability (if that makes sense).


Welcome @gabehiggins hope you don’t think you bank balance is essential!

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Lurker, perhaps, but love your tasting notes/reviews on the main website! :+1: At least I think it’s you… :thinking:

Welcome to the Community. You can check out any time you like… :wink:


Couple of large drams of this tonight.
Oranges and chocolate. Very nice indeed.


we enjoyed one also tonight with a fish supper…delicious on both counts.


But you can never leave. No, of course you can!

Some friends came to watch football and we drank a bottle Of Chateau de Pitray Cabernet Franc 2015. We were surprised by the power of this wine, both in flavour and alcohol level. Somehow very unexpected and very good to sip while watching a disaster unfold.

For extra time I had to find something and came up with a bottle of Blason d’Aussieres Corbieres 2007. A blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, and Carignan. Ostensibly quite different but actually surprisingly similar. Not overtly as fruity, and much smoother, but a good follow on.

Football - why do we bother?