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Weekend drinking (5th- 7th March 2021)

Not sure if I’ve done this right but there does not appear to be a weekend thread yet.

Decanted this for later tonight. You can’t go wrong giving a Fontodi 5 hours!

Happy weekend everyone!


Happy to see you kicking off the weekend early :smiley:

Probably because it’s only lunchtime!

(Excellent choice of wine)


But I’ve finished for the day…does that not qualify? :joy:

(Btw, the ‘todi’ is starting to waft out of the top of the decanter but Lady Brentw1 says that I have to go with her to buy a pot! Apparently this is a big pot that requires manual labour to get in the car. In other words she wants me to be a Donkey for the next hour!).


I’ll be joining you on the Fontodi with the remaining half of Flaccianello 2010. Started it last night with some Bocca Di Lupo at home. Quite the birthday treat!


I absolutely love that wine. So much so that I bought 3x12 of the 2016…

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I’d very much like to read your thoughts on this one.

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Just to put this ‘pot’ into perspective!

Brent “Where would you like your new pot?”

Lady Brent “I’m not sure, let’s plant it and then we can move it around”

Brent “”Where would you like your new pot, because once it’s filled it’s never moving again”

(That’s the Fontodi bottle btw)


next to a Jeroboam :slight_smile:


looks like thirsty work!


I had it last Saturday, so apologies for weighing in. I would caveat the below with the fact that it’s not nearly ready…I just wanted to check in on its journey.

Big, big oak. Big tannins. Giovanni Manetti certainly made a great Bordeaux in Tuscany that year! I joke. Look, it’s a great wine, the quality of the dark blue fruit is beyond question, I love Flaccianello, but it’s not recognisably Sangiovese. The 2010 doesn’t have the roasting cherries on a church pew and Tuscan dust perfume. It’s more saturated with coffee grounds, cocoa and some mint.

I’m not sure lovers of the bright and tangy, cherry-pip scented Chianti would enjoy this, but it’s great with beef. It’s a product of the vintage and a sign of the (then) times.


Another Victoria Torres Pecis wine but this time an Orange one. Macerated on skins, natural yeasts 10 months on lees in chestnut barrels
Blend of mainly Listran Bianco, with some Gual, Sabro, Viajariego and Malvasia.
It tastes like a very well aged tawny port. Apricot, but some tight bitternesson the finish. Not my style.


Much more conventional is this Arnaud Margaine 1er cru Brut champagne.
90% Chardonnay 10% PN. Based on eastern slopes of Montagne de Reims lots of clay and limestone in a chalky area. But it contains 60% reserve wines from 2016 back to 2011. Partial MLF, disgorged August 2019.
Lots of body, lovely lemon and other citrus fruit. Long elegant finish. You really get touches of pastry and brioche.


Very standard Friday night for us with the house white here

But for tomorrow with a lamb shoulder lined up we have the following options:

Any suggestions as to what might go best?

Oh and happy Friday all


Shoulder of lamb is quite fatty so if it were me I would opt for the Rhone, it may have a touch more acidity than the others. Second option would be the st Estephe.


Tonight a Madiran, a Chateau Barrejat Tradition 2012 I found festering in the cheaper drinking wine rack. We normally have a spirit on a Friday and forego any wine in the interests of a clear head on a Saturday morning.

But we really fancy a glass of wine this evening so will give it a go after decanting half into a spare half bottle to stop any temptation to finish the bottle​:smiley::wine_glass:

Mind now turning to tomorrow and what to drink with homemade smoked mackerel pate (Vinho verde?) followed by moussaka. Hugh Johnson suggests amongst others a Corbieres, which we have (Ollieux Romanis, d’Aussieres). But then I thought Fitou isn’t that far away and we have a Jones 2012 available. Mmmm🤔


Fancied a fresh and fruity start to the weekend and this fitted the bill nicely.

It hardly touched the sides! :grinning:

Still fancying something fairly easy and quaffable for the evening thought I’d crack open this taken from my TWS delivery this week.

Popped and poured. No messing. In like Flynn!

Followed by crushing disappointment. Which is the realisation that the Society is now out of stock of what is an excellent wine. Followed by the further realisation that I bought just a single bottle.

Having got over that disappointment now looking forward to the next few hours of savouring this fantastic value wine.

Great start to the weekend. Plus its a long one as I’ve Monday off. :wine_glass: :wine_glass: :beer: :grinning:


Great notes - thank you - and I’m relieved not to be the only one for whom good Chianti tastes like Essence of Catholicism.

I now remember having had Flaccianello and Vigna del Sorbo in quick succession, last year. Neither was ready (2014 Flaccianello and 2015 VdS) but the VdS was a much more typical Sangiovese (as well as being delicious even in its infancy).

Once again, I now find that I’m terribly thirsty…


Got home tonight and Mrs B had to go out for a walk with a friend armed with tins of pink gin. Home-schooling and working from home don’t mix, it seems.

Decided to arm myself as well

Reinforced negroni doing the trick. Kids nowhere near bedtime, but not killing each other at least.


We had the Birichino last night. Nose of lychee, rose and lime. Almost Gewürztraminer like. But the palate was dry, crisp, mineral with lime and short finish. Good stuff.

The Pennautier is an old favourite tonight and being consumed with steak fajitas.