Weekend drinking(3rd-5thFeb) 2023

My wife’s birthday today so a Michel Mailliard L’Oger 2007 for her on our motor home travels , now at Cabo de Gata, Almeria. 100% Chardonnay, golden ,

tiny streams of fizz, not overly bready but with a lemon edged orchard fruitiness that calls you back mercilessly for a second glass. Not that we are fighting the urge!


Cabo de Gata, been a few years since I was there, but lovely spot.


We too. Well not since 2017. Still beautiful contrast between the hills and the sea, lovely walking for us and Lucca! A water dog that’s still a little foxed by salt water!

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We were there in 2015 I think, maybe '16. Just up the coast at the HPB site near Mojacar but only a short drive down to there.

Big undertow off a couple of the beaches if you are swimming, though might be a bit cool at the moment.

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My post Dry January treat tonight. Recent purchase from auction, stored at TWS and in immaculate condition on opening…

My love for aged Gigondas increases. Slight browning in the glass, but remarkably bright and fresh for the age (my first bottle of Les Racines, but I’ve been led to believe that it is a very slow burner), it shows a slight funk and garrigue on the nose, and a deep and sweet varnish and blackcurrant note. This continues on the palette, where there are bitter notes of dark chocolate, sweet but burnt fruit at the back of tongue. It is still quite fresh and light though, and is nowhere near the end yet. First of five, very much looking forward to the rest! A terrific bottle.

Happy Friday everyone!


Semeli Nemea Agiorgitiko Reserve. Hello. Some crunchy fruit and a half. Tons of energy, super lively, good tannin.


To kick things off ( although it may need merging, mind ) this weekend here…

…a Rias Baixas ‘Albarino D Fefinanes’ 2021, Palacio de Fefinanes.

At 12.5% ABV one can’t help but think this might be brisker and leaner than previous vintages tried in recent years, and it is. White flowers, orchard fruit and a salty, sea breeze, character on the super fresh nose. Similar notes on the bracingly fresh and invigorating palate, but with good depth of flavour all the same, and a strong lees and mineral character on the refreshingly lengthy finish. A lovely example of its type and very good value too ( on a 25% off a mixed six offer from Waitrose ).

It was spot-on with tonight’s, simple, griddled sardines (x4), tomato salad and flatbread dinner too. Needless to say, I’m a happy-chappy right now :smiley:

So, what’s in your glass this weekend ?


Great wine…I got mine from Decantalo this year as significantly cheaper than WS (to be fair, other Spanish were cheaper at WS). I agree it’s a bit racier and in my view more refreshing. I have 4 left…


Finished off a bottle of this tonight with cottage pie. Coravined about a month or so ago.

Initial impression…lot of oak still on nose, but in a good way. Dense colour, not bright. Mineral notes on palate, more Left Bank than Right. Very fine tannin still there, big deposit at bottom. Lacks the fleshiness expected, but has some balance and good with food.

Overall, wouldn’t have this as a Pomerol blind, but a very pleasant wine, which softened a bit with time in glass.


A spot of completely unnecessary but oh so lovely indulgence here ce soir - a 2019 Schloss Gobelsburg Grüner Veltliner, Ried Lamm 1ÖTW.

Why? Well - I was doing some stuff in the garden this arvo, and - whisper it quietly - Spring is coming. Really; it is. As very much a non-winter person, I like seeing the end coming forth. Does my head does winter on this sceptred isle.

This truly is a truly beautiful wine - I did a simple P&P on this one to see how she goes, and I can certainly say she goes well. Very well. A strong note of butterscotch straight from the off, mellowing to a lovely early-summer honeysuckle after a few minutes. A lovely rich creamy body and viscosity, slightly oily, buttery, a lick of light fresh honey, and plenty of minerality and tang to create a wonderful harmonious balance. A finish that goes on and on, and leaves one licking one’s lips with carefree joyfulness.

This really is an absolute beauty :~}


Yes, not swimming temperature yet but a canny 17! We’ll live with it!


This is a wine I could drink forever and never get bored of ! :star_struck:

Tonight’s tipple over here after a hellish afternoon manhandling 2 kids about, one who has a gift for the “lip” and another who should have probably gone to bed at 2pm given his cranky ness levels ! Fortunately now both in bed with stern warnings about lives not worth living if they dare get up :joy::woman_facepalming:t3:….

I buy a case every year to put away …. It never gets put away ! Maybe I need to buy 2 ! Delicious :yum:!


My commiserating, it’s a long time since I was there, but I remember it well. Enjoy the peace of It’s passing!

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I could not agree more! This was my favourite white wine that I tasted last year. Really is terrific :heart_eyes:

One question I have though is that I bought 2020 and 2021 en primeur the last two years, usually at the end of January. There is no sign of it this year, and it’s also not on the calendar coming up. Anyone any idea? Maybe one for @Freddy


Last one of this vintage. Absolutely love this wine. Have some 18s and 19s left with 20s due to land soon. I don’t care what they cost in the next EP I’m getting some.


Happy Birthday to your wife, @Luccasman :cake:

This evening, I cooked griddled scallops, prawn and courgettes, with an aubergine, roasted garlic and baharat purée, a red pepper and tahini sauce, and rosemary foccacia. We drank Bruno Sorg, Riesling Grand Cru Florimont, 2016.

Very pure, and a great cross between intense lime juice and zest, and a stony salinity. Always lighter and airier than Sorg’s other Grand Cru Riesling from the Pfersigberg, and we prefer it. It drinks really well young, old, or at its current crossover point where it perhaps has the perfect balance between fruit and savouriness.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Thank you , it’s a joy she’s here after recent horrors. And wow, that looks fantastic!


I’ve been wondering the same myself; last year the EP confirmation was 17 Feb and the previous year it was 01 Feb. With my work now PT around childcare, this is probably the only EP I’m interested in this year.


I think I might have spied somewhere (not that I can remember where) that there was going to be a general Austrian EP this year, so perhaps it will be wrapped in that? Unless I’ve just made it up…

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My thoughts entirely, and regretfully I seem to have finished the 2017 case last year. It was slow to mature but my goodness hit it’s stride in 2022. Since then I’ve tried for the e.p. but it seems other member’s also like it :frowning:

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