Weekend Drinking 3rd - 5th Nov 2023

Happy Friday !
This a stunning Langhe, it has all of the Nebbiolo magic and pleasure in a very approachable package


D’arry’s original Grenache Shiraz McLaren Vale 2017. A Cotes du Down Under. Good depth of flavour, fruit forward but not jammy. Raspberry, white pepper, licquorice, nice acidity, herbal thyme-y finish.

Lovely, just lovely. Might be even better if I give it a chance to breathe


And a wonderful Friday to one and all, especially the wine drinkers amongst us.

I shall contine this post on another compter 'cos this one is missing letters!

So here we are on my laptop now, the main PC was struggling with internet connection - prob needs a wireless connection card thing that actually works. Technology eh?

This laptop is fine though. So lets get back to the wine: My favourite Beaujolais cru; Morgon, which can have a characteristic ‘bite’ - that’s my word, other writers are more lyrical.

I’d give this a 8/10 . In fact very excellent as a negotiant BJL and much better than Jadot et al, however it lacks that very particular ‘Morgon’ character which I’m looking for.


Gómez Cruzado - Predilecto 2021. A blend of Garnacha from Najerilla and Tempranillo from Montes Obarenes. More dense, darker and extracted than I expected. I’ll update here once it opens a bit.

Update: quite dark and fruity. Blackcurrant jam with spices - think allspice and pickling spice. Quite long and fruity, with lots of sweet tannin and moderate acidity.


Chianti Classico, Castellare, 2021

This is a recent gift, and very welcome this Friday evening, to accompany some pasta with a kind of ratatouille sauce. Has all the necessary acidity, spicy fruit and dry finish, looking forward to tucking in a bit later.


2015 Camensac, bought 3-4 years ago.

Still deep coloured, slightly mature garnet.

Quite tannic on opening, more so than the last couple of bottles. However it went pretty well with this.


Enjoying this slightly off dry Prüm Riesling. The fruit is richly ripe. Drinking it with pork chop, and veg casserole and 100gms of McCains gourmet oven chips. As you will see from the photo the food went down very well


Ooh, interesting to hear. I bought a bottle from TWS at about the same time (Aug 2020), but only the one so have been sitting on it. Was probably going to go for the 10 year rule (as I like the tertiary flavours), and it sounds like that might be about right for this one?



The steak looks the dogs…

I have a (some might say irrational) fondness for Camensac.

Rummaging through the garage came across some (very probably knackered) wine. Used to belong to my Le Mans mate. Probably bought in the late 1980’s…

Very likely DNPIM territory…



Right now I would let it sleep, 2 years won’t hurt it. I have a few more and you may see updates on how it is doing.


I think I’ll be cracking my bottle before the 47 year mark, but could be fascinating!


Never had a 70s Camensac, I started with the 1985 which was around £8 from Tesco. I went to the property and picked up some 1988s, but haven’t had many post 2000 vintage.

Pull the cork and give us a blow by blow description of how it goes.


A little buttery, green apple, citrus and a hint of smoke. Initial bit of petrol funk had me worried but all good now. :sweat_smile:


Sometimes a bottle of wine can have a back story.

From 1983 to 1993 I used to go to Le Mans for the 24 hour sports car race (essentially a British party organised by the French) with my mate Pete. We’d stock up on wine. As you did then…

Our first child was born on Le Mans weekend in 1994 so the trips stopped.

Pete passed 10+ years ago and I “inherited” his wine collection.

For a time it didn’t seem “right” to drink them.



Somewhere (I’d like think I know where) there’s a magnum of de Camensac 1970.

Bought for pennies in the last century.

This too could be DNPIM territory too



Big Burgundy vs the World in ours tomorrow, so we were seriously considering skipping wine this evening.
The thought lasted about 30 seconds…
So, here’s Full Stop Rock. A Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre from the stunningly beautiful vineyard of the Newton Johnson family in the Upper Hemel-en-Aarde, Walker Bay, South Africa.
Delicious red fruit, wild herbs, supple tannins and glowing spicy finish.
This valley might just be Heaven on Earth.

Happy and blessed friday / weekend to all :pray:


After an energy sapping day, this is proving to be an excellent muscle relaxant.

A Vina Morande ‘Terrarum’ Semillon 2022 ( made from the fruit of 100 year old vines ).

Green herbs, fresh flowers and citrus fruit on the nose with tangy citrus flavours and an oily texture on the fresh but deeply flavoured palate. A beautifully harmonious, satisfying and food friendly wine that over delivers in every department for the meagre price paid ( £7.50 on a 25% off six offer at Waitrose).

As they’ve got a similar offer on now, and I’m in need of an all purpose white, hopefully they’ll have six on the shelf tomorrow. :slightly_smiling_face:

All the best for the weekend everyone.



Agreed. Overdelivers.

Took a couple at the last Waitrose 25% off six.

Quite like semillons. Especially with wine friendly food

Have a good weekend.



Bottle from recent mixed case - Haut Batailley 2015. First time I have tried this - still have a lot of “value” Bordeaux from my first over exuberant EP foray back in 2005 - happily have “traded up” (in lower volumes) more recently.

This is truely fabulous - for me reminiscent of an aged Rioja but with more power and an offal / iron edge to it. Super smooth.

Just returned from a week near Bergerac - stuck to the local wines (as recommended/ sold to me by L’Art et le Vin Bergerac (highly recommended). This is clearly a significant cut above, but “la Gloire de mon Pere” was a clear highlight…


Especially with wine friendly food - er, not sure if deep fried, panko breaded, chicken falls into that category !

Have a good weekend yourself. By the way, I’m looking forward to reading more about the fascinating archaeological artefacts your garage holds too. :wink: