Weekend Drinking [29-31 Jan 21]

Closed the deal. I don’t know what’s for dinner yet, but I know what I’m drinking…


Have opened a bottle of the 2012 Paul Jaboulet Aîné St. Joseph Domaine de la Croix des Vignes, for research purposes as the 2019 is in the current Rhone EP offer. According to the drinking window quoted for the 2019, this one should be in the middle of its drinking window. In the glass it is dark purple colour, with no obvious signs of ageing, 30 minutes after opening on the nose not very much going on, slight smells of berry fruits, on the palate fresh acidity, well integrated tannins, berry fruits, good complexity, decent length finish. Will I order the 2019? I don’t think so as based on the 2012 it is a nice wine but for £30dp I think I can get better value.


The beef stew has been maturing since Wednesday, the wine for somewhat longer. I’m a bit nervous though as it’s been in the cupboard for six years now under less than ideal conditions…

…the Lytton Springs, from the same case, was fine but that was back in Feb 2019. Fingers crossed !


Fish tonight, so opening a bottle of this from the mixed case offered before Christmas.



I didn’t want to think too hard tonight!

So I will be slurping this in about 30 mins.

Have a great weekend folks.


Long afternoon helping at our local vaccine clinic and a bit weary. Heat and eat Supermarket curry and naan bread later on with beer rather than wine.

Tomorrow evening we shall be a bit more with it we hope as the clinic is in the morning. So we are planning on opening a Gomez Cruzado Blanco 2017 for a glass each with an insalata tricolore and a possibly past it La Rosine 2011
https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/HistoricProductDetail.aspx?pd=ZRH32261 (drink by 2018) to go with a chicken and chorizo casserole.


I reckon it’ll be fine, but interested to hear. I’m down to my last two of a 2013 Zin mixed 6. Fantastic stuff, but now a bit too spendy for me.


From a visit to the cave in 2016. On holiday nearby.

Lovely wine, integrated, mature, complex. Wish I’d bought more.


A fishy Friday, here, so going with my Federation Standard white Burgundy. Was wondering if I should have gone with the last Pouilly-Fuissé EP offer. :thinking: Does anyone have some good recommendations for a white Burgundy on The List? :face_with_monocle:



Kind of wine that makes me want to sing The Jabberwocky.


Stupidly long day at work so finishing off a bottle that was going through the coravin

Now to work out what to eat and what else to drink


The same for me I’m afraid. You were right about it being fine thankfully :yum:

Not the prettiest bit of plating up but dinner was tasty…

…as for the wine. Medium to full ruby, no browning. Fragrant and perfumed nose, berries of all colours, plums, spice and violets when first opened but now developing a more savoury edge, with air, too. The same again on tasting, ripe and intense flavours, but as always with Ridge, nothing heavy, OTT or jammy, Fresh as a daisy acidity and ripe resolved tannins provide the necessary structure and perfect balance. Lovely weight of flavour that, like the nose is becoming increasingly savoury with air, and a long finish that begs another glass. A wonderful wine.

Happy drinking everyone and have a great weekend !

Oh, forgot to say I used Mavrodaphne of Patras as the wine in the stew. It worked really well too.


Not for those who like subtle Chardonnay but for me, hits the spot. Loads of character, texture and oak…but the fruit is shining through. Plenty of life left in this one yet. Shows what Hardy’s can do.


Couple of glasses of this tonight. I was expecting it to be big with raspy tannins but it’s surprisingly light on its feet. Slightly meaty, iron-y finish. Would be interested to see where this goes with some age. Not sure it has the structure of a Bandol at a similar price but nice to try something different.


Tonight opened

The oak immediately to the fore in what I call the classic Rioja style. Lots of red fruit - cherry, cranberry and some leather. Lovely soft tannins and a real pleasure to drink.


Had to be Beaujolais tonight and refiling the racks post move turned this up.

Initial bubblegum nose gives way to strawberry and cherry. Also notes of forest floor. Nice soft tannins.


No surprises here. Sour cherries, touch of black pepper, grippy tannin, medium bodied. Does what it says on the label really.

Prefer it to the Burlotto Dolcetto from last year.


To accompany the seafood banquet meal box from Trisha. Too much food in that particular meal option to be honest but visited their restaurant in Mumbai last time England were playing there and it’s a pretty good copy.


Been exploring Chenin which has not been a go to grape for us and although at the low end of the price scale what a revelation.

The Schist has been aperativos through the week and we got half way down the Zalze with dinner. Former from TWS and the latter a special to try from Waitrose. Both good fruity and dryish , the Schist slightly more drier on the finish which goes to the reorder bucket.

It’s also very well priced and for us a change to Sauvignon / Picpoul.


Also wandering down the Spice Route tonight after opening a bottle a few hours ago


The TWS drink date was to 2019 but this is far from decline and I have one other bottle which I feel no urgent need to drink.

Dark, almost blackish purple, with no signs of any fade at all. The cork was in fine condition and the aroma from the bottle amazing. Black fruit, chocolate, treacle, tobacco, and, and … The taste too is rich, deep, smooth and lingering. This is super wine!