Weekend Drinking (27th-29th January 2023)

It is very easy to think highly of my very dear friend Daniel Jarry when drinking this masterpiece. Sante Daniel!


Lovely colour.

Gosh, Graham, 1990 demi sec…how is the sweetness holding up after 23 years? It tends to drift downwards with time.

Got my eye on this for the weekend, a couple of recent WS events/publications having heightened my interest in Nebbiolo again……


Thanks to @UisceBeatha for flagging the Harvey Nics sale.

The best £7.50 bottle I’ve had in a while😀

(and that is not to damn with faint praise)


Altos de Valdoso Crianza 2016. Bit too muscular for me. Deep dark red colour. Quite fruit driven with blackcurrants and tarter blackberries, some clove from oak. Hints of chocolate and leather. Lingering tannin. Acidity a bit low compared to the Robles that I’ve had previously. Could do with a fat juicy burger.


Opened this not realising I was opening a dessert wine, wanted something crisp and fresh so grabbed the first Loire Chenin my hand came across. Although not what I had in mind, no point in not giving it a go and what a lovely wine it is.

Coteaux du Layon Saint Aubin, Domaine Cady 2018

A deep golden yellow, with a rich nose of citrus curd, marzipan, honey and warm bread. The zesty acidity brings that vital energy and lift, avoiding any cloying heavy feel with a lovely funky botrytis finish.

Happy days, great balance between acidity and sweet rich fruit. A Sauterne lookalike, but at a bargain price. Can only imagine this will continue to develop for another few years.

Chenin is so versatile, I think this is my first sweet one, another winner; a grape that rarely fails to deliver in all its guises.

Happ Friday all!


Easy drinking Nebbiolo, nicely balanced with cherry perfume.

Could have been from a VCP a few years ago, can’t remember!


I got 6 of them from the Small Wonders VCP in March ‘20……

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Sounds right, your records are better than mine!

The fishmonger had some lovely, fresh red mullet this morning, which I just had to buy. I served the fillets and livers with courgette spaghetti and tomatoes, and a red wine sauce. We drank Christian Barthel Pinot Noir Vieilles Vignes, 2019.

Fruity, and perfect with the food when served lightly chilled. This is from Albé which has some of the highest altitude vineyards in Alsace, but is situated in a south facing amphitheatre on schist soils. The result is a wine which is fresh and ripe red fruited, but with edges of liquorice and aniseed, and enough tannin to grip the finish.

Happy Weekend!


I’ve opened one of these for a taster ce soir and for seeing how she goes over the next few evenings - a 2021 Feudi San G Serrocielo.

This is a 100% Falanghina, quite dry & zesty with a nice minerally backdrop. Lots of fresh tasty fruit, but sharp and focused with it. Energetic & fun.

This is one of those wines with a lot of emotion and memories for me, as a wine I used to enjoy a lot on work trips to South Italy some years back. I used to love drinking one of these over a Frittura Mista on hot evenings after work. I’ve long wanted to try one again, and finally got a bottle with a Svinando order a few weeks back.

A very happy evening to be back with it again; given it can be a bit pricey here, it’s probably not one to chase down unless you’re a Falanghina fan. But a lovely cheerful Summery drop, that’s for sure, and in my imagination I’m sat again at a Calabrian place by the beach with a warm Southern Italian breeze in my face and slightly oily salty lemony fingers. Yum :~}


That looks & sounds excellent, @robertd

If I had to choose one fish for my last meal, red mullet would be the one - so sweet & textured and just utterly gorgeous.

When I was in Greece, you could find these so easily or catch them yourself - enjoyed deep-fried whole just with a dusting of flour, served with lemon and a twizzle of salt. Bliss :~}

Increasingly rare & expensive these days though, sadly. Or certainly in Greece at any rate. Ho-hum.


I agree - I was just saying to Mrs Robertd how it’s my favourite fish, but doesn’t appear on the fishmonger’s slab that often, nowadays. A unique flavour, and a lovely texture too. Just a shame about the number of pin bones :laughing:




Part of the HN haul. 2010 so great to have something pre aged. Avoiding the massive quantum of uncertainty waiting 20 years for a wine to be ready :slight_smile: what will happen during that time?

This will be mostly consumed tomorrow so no decant.

Light attractive nose. With Rhone it can sometimes be full on. A sweetness of fruit and pepperiness. 2010 was considered 10/10 from TWS.

On the palate rounded, gentle, balanced and highly enjoyable. No sharp elbows, overwhelming tannins. Just great in the “drinking window” pleasure & enjoyment. A huge finish

Photo including the new windows that were very much dominating our week (aside from a LN visit)

Have a good weekend all!


Fortnum and Mason Brut Reserve Champagne (Louis Roederer)

Good value, relatively, during a sale. Sorta like the regular Roederer, airy and gentle, I think of Chardonnay, but doubtless it will turn out to be mainly Pinot. Very good.

As an aside I saw that Bollinger had £10 off in Waitrose, now down to £44 a bottle, making it exactly double the price I paid not much more than a year ago in Sainsburys. O tempora! O mores!


Early glass of Exhibition Margaret River Chardonnay, which I thought was lovely, and good value at £13.50 I paid for it, a reduced intro price I think. Well judged oak. Slightly reductive. Lemon curd. Very drinkable.

Then our last bottle of Bohorquez 2010, a reminder before deciding whether to go for 2017, this seemed richer and possibly sweeter than I remembered it. Nice tobacco nose. Bought EP in 2019, also good value at about £20 DP plus a couple of years’ storage.

Went very well with venison stew and a potato/celeriac gratin.


Continuing to try bottles from a mixed auction case of old wines that arrived in December. This time Chateau Chalon Vin Jaune de grande Garde 1996.

The first Vin Jaune I have tried, so wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Orange gold on opening and slightly pungent. I wondered at first if it might be corked before remembering that these are effectively sherry-like in style, aged under a yeast layer in barrel.

Once the initial nose had blown off this was very good. Still sharply acidic, but depth of flavour and lovely length. Paired with some Comte and Gruyère - something to put against that acidity worked well.

Another win for wine in the ‘wine or vinegar?’ game…


A '96 Chateau Chalon would be a pretty safe bet. They keep for decades without problems, being part-oxidised they are very stable. Perfect with Comté and walnuts. Once open it will fine for several weeks in the fridge.

Here are some C-Cs in Jean Bourdy’s cellar…