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Weekend Drinking [27-30 Sept 2019]


Gone 9pm and still no weekend drinking thread? Better kick one off!

Paella tonight, with Mittnatcht Frères Muscat 2016.

Fruity, fresh, grapes, ripe cox apples, apricots even, dry, minty on the finish, and everything you’d look for in a muscat. Happy weekend!


Tried this tonight with lasagne. Not really anything good to say about the wine, my view is that this is not ready to drink yet. I did think that Nebbiolo could be drunk young.


Two friends popped over this evening so Btwn feeding various people’s kids and my own I opened these two … A Beaujolais evening for sure . Adult company is welcomed, Mr Leah has been away 5 weeks and the fleet is a chief down so he may get home for a week in 10 days, but then probably back away again til Christmas… :neutral_face:… talked the hindlegs off my friends :rofl:


Following Wednesday’s TWS delivery, I have reinstated Pays de Caux, Mougeres as my fridge door white !!! Fresh citrusy, crisp…reasonsble length for ths price…

Weekend drinking thread [20-22 Sept 2019]

Carrying on with the Gato Gordo Godello tonight, this time with sea bass and beluga lentils. Seems much more lemony now; not sure if this the evolution of the wine, or because of the different food. Still very nice to drink and it won’t survive to see a third evening. All things must pass!


After rather more thinking than usual about wine last night I fancied an uncomplicated red - Lidl wine tour Julienas.

Actually fairly pleasantly surprised with this. Juicy red berries, fresh acidity and smooth, fine tannins. Not gonna set the world alight, but for the £6/7 I paid for this, very happy indeed.


I can’t really call myself a big fan of Malbec but having bought the Exhibition Reds case recently I opened this to have with sirloin steak and peppercorn sauce.

It was absolutely delicious. Raspberries, cherries and redcurrants, something a bit floral as well. Acidity and tannin in balance with the fruit. Just a very enjoyable and easy to drink wine. To the extent that I just drank it all. I’ll buy it again and save it for the next steak night.


Bloody hell. We all have crosses to bear, but respect to you and your family for that kind of resilience. Drink well. Cheers :clinking_glasses:


@szaki1974 this is ready but will keep. With a bit of air it has really strong chocolate and earthy spice notes over fig and plum primary fruit flavours - it then did that Mourvèdre thing and went a bit flat but came round again towards the end of the night and became a bit more black fruit oriented. The oak is well integrated and whilst it is full and long it never feels like hard going. Very much in the spirit of Gigondas, Rasteau etc as opposed to CNDP and a real treat


Thus was lovely last night - apparently a Chenin blend with Viognier and Rousanne the non-Chenin grapes seem to have tamed its more acidic side. As it warmed up the barrel fermented note got a little too prominent for me but ten minutes in the fridge sorted that. I haven’t had a dud yet with South African white wines over £10.


Angludet 2005 last night, weirdly not a patch on the previous bottle, so hopefully showing a bit more on day 2


Was at some work training near Barcelona the last 4 days. Best selection of cheaper wines at a work do ever. This one stood out, just delicious.


Tonight we will be opening a bottle of £15 Morrison’s 2015 The Best Chablis Premier Cru. Made by the Chablis coop. The 2013 scored a Platinum at this year’s DWWA awards. Be interesting to see what it is like.


This evening I’m making a birthday dinner for one of my (many) brothers-in-law; planning to start with a Crémant de Luxembourg – this one is a really lovely example I got from Majestic; not unlike a good Crémant d’Alsace, and similar in its blend of grapes (Auxerrois, Riesling, Pinot blanc). The plan is to have this with some figs baked with goat’s cheese and honey.

The main is going to be an Oxtail stew, so after umming and ahing decided to go for a 2016 Bandol from Domaine Bunan. I bought this about a year and a half ago from M&S for £15, and hope it complements the stew. Hope it’s not too young, but will give it a good decant for sure. Really looking forward to drinking it!

The BiL is bringing Port – not sure which, but he’s got good taste, so this will accompany the cheese and crackers. I made some cheese cake too, but the other half thinks this is going into Jewish Mother territory and completely OTT. So we might skip that. :roll_eyes:

Have a good Saturday, one and all! :clinking_glasses: :grinning:


My mother self-identifies as a Jewish Mother - in deed if not in lineage!


Ha ha! Well, in his (hilarious) book ‘How to be a Jewish Mother’, Dan Greenburg confirms your mum’s feelings: “There is more to being a Jewish mother than being Jewish and a mother (On the other hand, you don’t have to be either Jewish or a mother to be a Jewish mother. An Irish waitress or an Italian barber could also be a Jewish mother)”… :grin: :+1:


Decanted for later, here’s hoping it’s better than last nights wine.


Ah! So she’s not just imagining it! :laughing:


Someone round tonight so sipping this beauty…

Subtle Viognier, lovely purity of fruit and varietal character. Not as intense as top Condrieu, but well balanced.

Later roast root veg with this great value orange wine:


Friday night was a modest offering and a return to an old favourite

Easy drinking and a pleasant way to start the weekend.

Timing of the Rugby World Cup is confusing me. My pavlovian response when rugby is on TV is to reach for a drink. Bit tricky at 8.15am! Still, even in the absence of a drink, enjoyed the Japan v Ireland match this morning. Really did not see that coming.

Rugby out if the way, waited for a slightly more decent hour to open this

Bit of a gnarly old beast but definitely approachable now. Decanted off a heavy sediment. Quite medicinal on the nose. To keep the rugby theme going, reminiscent of the pervading pre match changing room smell of deep heat/liniment.

Plenty of alcohol here (very precisely listed at 14.7%) and it is noticeable. Warming. Tannins softening with age but still the unmistakable Tempranillo “joy” of chewing on a WS cardboard carton. However, there is balance here. Stewed plums, Liquorice, cloves, dark chocolate. Mmmmm.

Wonderful long finish as as this resolves beautifully leaving me with a very contented smile.

Paired this afternoon with Tyrells Mature Cheddar & Chive crisps. :smile: