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Weekend drinking [27 - 29 Nov 2020]

Looks like nobody has done the honours, so will repost this one I opened earlier from the Sensational Shiraz thread:

We’ve ordered in some brisket & pulled pork from Smokestack for this evening so needed something robust to go with it. Won’t be eating for a while yet but will return with notes at some point.

In the mean time one (or two) of these to keep me going:


I just cracked open a Canon de Brem 2005, which after just 30 minutes of decanting is delicious. Beef lasagna tonight, a rare treat in this largely vegetarian household. Meanwhile my beloved is on the final glass or so Bougrier Muscadet 2019 which was opened on Wednesday. I’ve also just started slicing into a very definitely not vegetarian paleta iberica, complete with hoof, which looks rather fearsome on our kitchen counter. I guess it’s the time of year when our diet changes a bit.


Potel Volnay VV 2003 tonight.

Attractive strawberry fruit on the nose and the same with spice (peppery edge reminiscent of syrah) on the palate, still plenty of tannin but with much brisker acidity than you might expect from a hot vintage. It strikes me that Potel is almost always (Potel and Bellene I mean) utterly dependable. I’ve not yet had a duff one!


Spooky coincidence. The weekend here has also kicked off with an IPA and then a Shiraz!

Deya beers always deliver. :grinning:

The wine is from a recent TWS delivery and its more than acceptable. In fact it stands good comparison to last week’s Guigal CdR ‘15. Somewhat softer and more fruit forward but a lovely way to ease into the weekend.


A hit, and a miss - both from Hofstätter The red Lagrein is … how do I say this… to my mind the region really does not have the climate to make red wine, or maybe this isnt a good example.

The white is a revelation - in a class of its own with the balance& spice of a grand cru Alsace Pinot Blanc, and the cut of a Chablis - and a definite re-order, it really is very good indeed.


That Pinot Bianco is going straight on the wishlist.


Continuing the German theme again this weekend, third Friday in a row with Riesling…

This is probably the best yet, very fresh. I think I prefer the drier style.


It’s been a long week and I fancied one of these to get me though bath and stories.

Ventured into civilisation briefly last weekend and found the market on. Went out for potatoes and came home with a pomelo and some gin (sooo home counties). Took pity on the poor chap who makes gin in a shed down the road, he was shivering so much I had to watch his stall while he grabbed a coat from his car. He left me with samples, which obviously did the trick. It’s a bit heavy on the botanicals for a G&T, but works quite nicely in a negroni.
Happy weekend everybody.


I added this to the Smokestack order:

It says 3 servings, but I reckon I could just stick a straw in and pretend to Mrs H that it’s a Capri-Sun, after all, I don’t need to cook…


Chenin Blanc tonight, very citrus heavy and maybe a touch too acidic. Have a great weekend everyone. :smiley: :+1:


Looks amazing. If it’s cold enough, cover it in tin foil and get your straw out Definitely an XL Capri Sun


Cuvee William Deutz 2002

A champagne full of contradictions. Pale gold, a 2002 which is Lovely and fresh with no signs of ageing at all. Well structured yet light and easy to drink. Such a broad palate of caramel, nougat with citrus too. Last try was lockdown number one in May ! Getting better every time. Enjoying with some aged Comte, Cantal and Black Bomber, pairing beautifully listening to Lianne La Havas, Green and Gold in the background !


Pizza night. This is reliable as ever, bone dry, good grip and a touch of pepper.


We were having spicy food tonight (the other half thought it too spicy, but I developed some sort of dust-allergy-rhinitis thing over lockdown, and frankly I like the respite, so I take the brickbats and carry on :smiley:), and perusing through the garage, my eyes alighted on this…

And remembering fondly @Leah’s minor meltdown over receipt of her bottle, thought ‘, ah yes, that’ll do’ (In fairness, and I only checked after opening it does say suitable with all spicy food).

What can I say - slightly sweet, and perfectly harmless. It was very spicy food, and it went well with it :smiley:


One of my favourite beers from their core range, normally 2 x 4 packs for £10 at the super markets.

Yes - Morrisons, I usually get a pack of the stronger Faith hazy pale as well, it’s a regular purchase.

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Started the evening off with a beer from NorthernMonk. Lovely beer.

Then a 2015 Signature Malbec from Susana Balbo, quite a bit of dark fruit, but very refined on the palate. Absolutely delicious.

Happy Friday everyone!


Hope everyone has had a good week and has good plans for the weekend despite lockdown measures of various kinds. We started with negronis and a Zoom catch up with friends who we miss terribly.

Then on to a mystery case Exhibition Sancerre with fish and chips. The nose and palate are vegetal rather than floral - green pepper, grass, asparagus, various herbs and a juicy, saline quality that keeps on rolling. Cannot complain for £6.25 a bottle.

So confess - who is putting up Christmas decorations this weekend and who is waiting till December?


Straya! :australia:

Unashamedly new world but certainly no worse for it.
There is actually still plenty of cut and tension that keeps things fresh.
Think this will last another 5-10 years and is still to take on that honeyed, nutty, nougat character I really dig with top Chardy.


Christmas decorations put up today. Outside lights to put up tomorrow. Tonight we are drinking

Double decanted for about an hour. Fabulous stuff, full of dark red fruit, vanilla.