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Weekend drinking( 26-28th February 2021)

Ahhh, I’ve got such happy memories of this wine! We shared a bottle on my birthday in 2019, celebrated in a lovely little winstub in Strasbourg… I was pleasantly surprised with how good this wine was! In fact very similar notes to yours :grinning:


Wow, I’m sold !

Many thanks for the recommendation and the link, now bookmarked, I just need to make space in the freezer first,


A six of the 2013 was sufficient for me.
And my wagering activities ONLY revolve around subjects that I am reasonably familiar with.
So Politics, 6N’s, Cricket and NFL.
And it is purely for fun. :+1: :dragon:

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I had the sirloin, lamb rump, chicken and the sausages so far and I can honestly say it was fantastic ! You will thoroughly enjoy

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I too opened a bottle of the Chateau Trillol. Intrigued given all the notes on it this weekend. I have to say that it is exceptional value. The nose was fantastic. Wouldn’t have been out of place on a £25 bottle from Southern Rhone. It was all French countryside, herbs, oak and plum, black fruit, spice (cloves I think). A real big winter red.

First glass was a disappointment given the anticipation created by the nose. Lacked some depth and a bit thin/watery. This however resolved itself after an hour or so. It’s my own fault. I should have decanted for an hour. I do that, much to other peoples amusement, for all reds. My excuse this time was that after 4 hours in the garden and a 10k step walk in the morning I was ready for a glass.


I feel compelled to revisit my comments on the Dragon Hills Romanian Pinot Noir I opened last week:

For a wine that came in at about £10 I find it quite remarkable that it improved rather than faded over the five days it was open (half kept in a resealed half bottle and half in the eto). By the time I had my last glass last night it was fuller, rounder and altogether better balanced. It was actually a very nice glass of wine. Something I’ve not often said about a Pinot Noir!


Whilst thinking 2019 Burgundy EP, opened a couple of bottles of Burgundy over the weekend:

Both from TWS, and both fantastic! The Burguet Gevrey was everything you could want from red burgundy - lovely savoury palate, still has plenty of fruit, good structure, very well balanced acidity and tannin - a wine that you could easily sit and sip all evening by itself, or that will go perfectly with food - in this case with Venison steaks in a wild mushroom sauce.

The Chassagne was in a very good place. Double decanted before serving, and tried to prevent it getting too cold - lovely minerality, with some yellow fruit, a touch of butteriness, but remaining quite fresh.


Not everyone thought so, read a couple of the reviews! One of them either wasn’t drinking this wine, or needs to get down for a COVID test fast!

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Finished off a bottle of this which had been started on the Zoom tasting event with the winemaker.

It was a lot smoother this time, really clear fruit then some tannins. Much more to the palate than at the tasting, maybe didn’t have a chance to open out enough. It’s in a good place for drinking now, and went very well with venison steak on Sat night after the last of the Trillol, then grilled lamb chops with potatoes dauphinoise on Sunday. What I expect from Vacqueyras.


Thanks again. Not only does the food in the box sound delicious it seems to be great value for money too. I’d guess the large sirloin and ribeye steaks alone would cost around £35 in a supermarket.

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I suppose that’s why you called in a High Doctor :grin:

@GWills - from where did you get the famous Carole Meredith’s wine?

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Peter, they were an auction purchase in June 2018. I know that these wines are well regarded and should reward long term cellaring but I cannot seeing that as a remedy for the high acidity level which is a real shame.

:rofl: …and the Cheeseboard was much tastier than the stated Chessboard. :mag_right:


Last weekend was an accidental Rioja weekend.

Friday night my wife announced that she felt it might be a ‘more than 1 bottle evening’. She was right, we watched Hamilton on Disney+ and made good inroads into a magnum of the La Rioja Alta 874 2013

This was our second bottle and once again a letdown. Acidity seems way too high and puts the whole wine out of balance. On the whole it could be a nice drop but I just kept being drawn back to that acidity. Such a shame as I had hoped after some more time it might somehow find its way towards a better balance. Working out whether to gift or try and return the remaining 3 bottles to TWS.

Saturday our bubbled MIL came round and we opened a bottle of Crianza she got in a TWS mixed case. Fruity and jammy giving way to some big vanilla. Uncomplicated but better balanced than LRA804.


Hi Lorin
Can you describe the nature of the acidity in a bit more detail please? Was it a bit like vinegar?

LRA wines are traditionally high in acidity and volatile acidity. I often perceive them as akin to balsamic, but CT is awash with people noting ‘dill pickle’ (generally Americans - it’s just a frame of reference as to what their palates are used to).

It usually settles and beds in as they age (I have no experience of that bottling, but in general 7 years old for one of their wines is very young).


Ooh, tricky to put into words.

Definitely not like vinegar. It made the wine seem lighter and fresher than any Rioja I’m familiar with. It gave the lightest aftertaste of tartness, but most of all it just felt like it was selling out the length and roundness of the wine. Oak was also pretty lacking. It made the whole wine feel quite fine-boned and delicate. I looked back and these are almost the exact notes I gave for the last bottle I opened about 2 years ago.

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Thanks, tannatastic has probably hit the nail on the head with his comment above.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ve only had a few LRAs before and they were much older so maybe it’s worth hanging on for a few more years. TWS had drink dates of 2018-2025 so it is a gamble I guess.

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I don’t want to build your hopes up too much - the acidity pretty much always remains at or around ‘mouthwatering’ (which is my preferred style of wine) in many bottles :smiley:

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