Weekend Drinking [23rd - 25th April 2021]

Are you sure? :rofl::rofl:

Edit: Really looking forward to hearing what you think about the Crozes, I’ve got one waiting for me

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Was gifted a miniature blood orange gin, so decided to put it to good use

Not sure if it’s the gin, the gin talking, or my expert cocktailing skills, but it’s very tasty and just what the doctor ordered


Love a good negroni


German Pinot from Baden. Top class. Based around volcanic soils near the Kaiserstuhl this pinot noir has charred wood wrapped around raspberry and strawberry ripe fruit. A hint of tertiary flavours of game but still lots of development potential. Lovely silky texture. Its ripeness tops a lot of Burgundy at the same IB price. £100 for 6.


I started on one of these this evening; [EDIT - a Le Faite Blanc AOC Saint Mont Producteurs Plaimont 2016 END EDIT]. Not very often I go “wow” on first sip 30 seconds after opening, but this was one of them - rich, dense-thick viscousy, oily, saline but fruity, pink grapefruit rind but kind of lychee-ish with it, and somehow a hint of almost Turkish Delight / rose water on the end but with the acid very much still there to stop any cloyingness. And it’s only got better since. Very very lovely stuff, and very “different”. Even wife likes it - very unusual with a white wine. Probably best with food I’d say, but what a treat it is.


Fabulous Scallops and sides , very seasonal…sensational with the wine I’m sure!!

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@crocos it looks like a Plaimont wine? If so their quality and consistency has been nothing short of outstanding for the last 25 years and ore.

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Yes - please tell us what it is


It’s Mrs Robertd’s birthday weekend (yesterday, in fact), so I wanted to open something special. For her actual birthday, she requested a dish that in normal times you’d find a version of in every winstub and restaurant in Alsace at this time of year - white asparagus and ham. Having hunted down some white asparagus (not the freshest, but still tasty and at 50% discount), I served it with hollandaise, and Bruno Sorg Muscat, Grand Cru Pfersigberg 2015.

As expected a great match for the food - the herbal notes are starting to predominate over the floral ones, but it’s not lost any finesse, and still has great depth and length. Two bottles of this left, with 2017 to follow.

This evening, given some nice-looking tuna at the fishmonger, I cooked tuna niçoise, and opened something special that we tasted almost exactly two years at the domaine, in a tasting of wines from years ending “9” - Louis Sipp Riesling Réserve Personelle, 1999.

The food was good, the wine was great, but in truth, it wasn’t my finest wine matching hour - the food wanted something lighter, and the wine something richer, and that was probably predictable. Never mind - we ended up drinking a lot of the wine after the food, and it was every bit as good as remembered. My notes say that it was on the verge of being Vendange Tardive but not declared, and that’s very apparent - it’s got the balance of piercing acidity, confit lemon and dried apricot edge that riesling VT brings. 22 years old, but still incredibly vibrant, and a real treat to have been able to try and buy it. We’re visiting my sister-in-law for lunch in the garden tomorrow (real people :smiley:), and then I’m planning a day’s cooking on Sunday. I will have to try extra-hard to get the wine matching right. Happy Weekend!


Second bottle of this SA Malbec. Ruby red and black fruits, plum, cherry and a touch of smoke. Very warm smell and 14.5%. Then vanilla, dark chocolate, cherries and some liquorice. Nice Friday wine.


Apologies! Yes - it’s a Le Faite Blanc AOC Saint Mont Producteurs Plaimont 2016.


It is normally an assemblage of Gros Manseng, Petit Manseng and Petit Courbu that is decided on by a ‘celebrity’ panel (ISTR) a year after harvest. I think a couple of Englishmen have been involved in the process over the years (Spurrier, and that Ollie Smith is it?) as well as Gerard Bassett (apparently it was a favourite of his).

I believe it’s one of the wines that prompted Andrew Jefford to declare the Plaimont wines as offering the greatest complexity/€ in France.


My first bottle of Crystallum. One glass in and wondering why on earth I have not tried this before.

Simply scrummy.

Another fantastic South African wine.


Interesting to read this. I can’t actually remember now how I first came across these or what prompted me to buy a case of 6 - somewhat unusual for me until recently - but I’m certainly very glad I did so. Just so delicious and captivating, pure & simple to say. It may well have been from a post on here, as this has become my discovery source for many lovely wines. As a relative novice outside of my familiar places - Greece & South Italy - I find the comments and evaluations on here very interesting & useful, I must say. Or perhaps I should say very dangerous. I shudder when I think how many hours I spend researching wines I see commented on on here! I find the focus on the enjoyment factor folk find in their wines on here much more rewarding & interesting to feed my curiosities than the more “intellectual” approach to wines you can find elsewhere. I certainly do enjoy developing some formal knowledge of course and discovering my benchmarks with different varieties & places etc, but ultimately wine’s about simple enjoyment for me.


Happy birthday to Mrs Robertd! :tada:
Fantastic food and wines, as always :+1::grinning:

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Not bad at all if you allow enough time to open up. A fair amount of sediment although it’s only 4 years old


Is this something that TWS stocks? Or from elsewhere?

Last night was steak night, accompanied by:

One of our go to wines of the last few years, but as the reviews show it’s a marmite wine. Needs to breathe for at least an hour before drinking, and really needs food to show at it’s best.


Thanks for this - that’s on my wishlist and now, in my mind, closer to the top than it was before! Especially after a slightly underwhelming experience with this over the last couple of nights:

It gets good reviews on this forum and it was perfectly pleasant but I wasn’t wowed - the fruit seemed a bit dull, the wine a bit flabby. It didn’t compare well to the Domaine Mazilly Hautes Cotes de Beaune we had a week or so back. It didn’t seem corked, but I’ve got a couple more bottles to try, so I’ll reserve judgement for now.

Then we were eating frittata with purple sprouting and slightly spicy potato wedges, but I fancied red, so we opened one of these.

Slightly chilled, this was good fun, quaffing wine, nothing complex. Perfect when that’s what you need.



I really like the 2015 of the Koyle pinot noir and I’m pleased to still have 5 bottles of it in my cellar. I tried the 2016 and didn’t like it at all. I haven’t got the 2017 yet, and see it is now out of stock. If it comes back I will certainly try a bottle.

Pinot noir for me is hit and miss, for example, I do not like the Otago exhibition NZ pinot noir:

However I loved the Bellavoine (out of stock):

What a great value for money wine!