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Weekend Drinking [23rd - 25th April 2021]

Starting off with a magnum of this delicious Bin 05.
Happy Friday !!


Not bad for starters😀

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Oooohhhhh, makes me want to take mine out of reserves. I’m trying to hold off for another year or two. How’s it tasting?


My weekend started last night when Mr.Leah finally got home.
We opened these two … well actually the white was already half consumed from earlier in the week .
I’m particularly partial to a white Bordeaux but I like them to be a bit heavier on the Semillon . The Guiraud needs to warm up a little to truly show itself off but a great wine at a great price … I have no idea where I got this but have purchased some EP from L&W last year .
The Tinel was well past it so I didn’t drink it , funnily enough I had coravined this very bottle a few months back and it was in much better shape . Not undrinkable by any means but without a doubt well past it’s hay day .


This evening’s potential options. The Chénas is certainly being broached but the whites are up for debate.

Personally, I would have been quite happy with just the Chénas but then my wife made it known she was hoping for a white. With a large(ish) TWS order pending delivery for next week we don’t have much in the house currently. However, she said she’d pick something up from Sainsbury’s Local on the way back home.

The last time she did that she returned holding a Sauvignon Blanc with Graham Norton’s face on it, so to avoid a repeat of that ‘incident’ I ran to M&S.


Started this yesterday and will crack on tonight:


First bottle a few months ago was a tiny bit disjointed but this is in a lovely place now. Cool sensation in the mouth, forest floor, red fruits, delicately framed tannins. Restrained but in no sense mean or underwhelming. Great wine.


Weekend will feature these two…

But first this curiosity…


Pizza Friday (kit form) and a grand accompaniment. Still on special offer at Waitrose if you’re in luck.


A simple wine this evening. Very fresh, medium+ acidity. Lots of lemon on the nose with notes of pineapple, pear and a touch of floral, plus hay. Same on palate. Finish only medium. Good summer drinking. Refreshing and only 10.5%abv. Very good balance.


All English line up tonight for saint George’s day. The Bacchus is from a vineyard a 5 minute drive away from me.


Starting with this in the sunshine after a busy week.


From a mixed case of Italian reds around Christmas.


Enjoying a sundowner with this…brewed down the road…

And later with some plaice this…


It’s a sunny spring day, it’s pizza night, so it’s the society’s Falanghina. I can see why it gets good reviews. More of an aperitif type wine perhaps, rather than something with heft for food. Melon on the nose, long saline finish. Screams “drink me on the patio on a sunny evening”.


Blimey you’re all way ahead of me already despite the hour’s advantage here. Late French lunch of pan-sautéed wild pigeon breasts (I vac-packed them before I left their Norfolk home last week - I mean on the local market back home they are £3 for 6, yet here in France they cost about the same as gold), mushroom / wine reduction sauce, Pommes Anna and leeks done in butter and orange, and to go with - a Prince Stirbey Negru de Dragasani rizerva 2017.

This wine was another travel-sourced souvenir; we “did” most of Romania in Sept 2019. (Eagle-eyed Chatterers may recognise the Stirbey label as TWS usually stocks their Novac Sec, which is a cross between N d G and Saperavi)

N d D is a very easy-drinking fruity forward wine, a bit like a S American malbec, with a toasty / nutty / fudgey finish - and this was perfect with the pigeon.

For interest 2 pics of our visit to Stirbey and the concurrent harvest of said Negru


Welcome home Mr. Leah

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A classy start to the weekend. Gin and Frazzles. Very nice gin. Dry with almost a tannin edge and quite woody flavours.


Having successfully assembled our new pop up bubble tent, in what could have easily turned into a scene from Mr Bean, but didn’t, it’s time to celebrate a meat feast Friday with fillet of venison. I’m going to try this 2015 Crozes-Hermitage by Rousset. This is new to me. I bought it when the Exhibition CH was out of stock. I’m sure I read that one of our fellow members said there was a lot of sediment, so I’ll decent with a filter. I will report in due course! :face_with_monocle:


It was a beautiful spring day here in SW Herts so felt compelled to eat and drink something vaguely appropriate…

…the wine chosen was a Burgergarten Muskateller 2017 from Muller-Catoir. Beautifully fragrant nose, pure grapey muscat fruit, floral / blossom notes, jasmine perhaps, lemon thyme, mint, I just can’t stop sniffing it. All of those notes, plus pineapple, are reflected on tasting. Mediumweight flavours are cut by fabulously fresh acidity, balance is as good as it gets, so pure, elegant and clean but with considerable depth of layered flavour too. The tingling fresh grape and floral finish goes on for an age. None of those OTT notes. like Eau de Cologne, you can sometimes get with muscat. A fabulous wine with the wow factor which caused a potty mouthed outburst when first tried !

I would agree with @NickFoster as to its qualities ( I can’t remember drinking a better example )

Dinner was scallops and griddled asparagus…

… and the wine was a perfect pairing ( despite the over beaten Hollandaise ).

Happy eating and drinking this weekend everyone.


One of the regulars tonight, and definitely an any night of the week wine for me

Actually 2017 but I feel that this wine probably doesn’t have enormous vintage variation, though I might easily be wrong. It’s just so easy and pleasant to drink. Maybe a bit more green apple to taste this time. Soft but strong comes to mind, even if it does make it sound rather like a well-known toilet paper. It’s much, much better than that!

Edit: the scallops look lush @Embee.