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Weekend Drinking 22nd-24th October 2021

Enjoyed the game pie so much thought I’d give the chestnut and mushroom lasagne a go this weekend. High hopes for the Coffele Soave with it too!


We made this last night (for the second time) - it’s a new favourite! Delicious and different. Enjoy both food and wine! :+1: :grinning:


Hi everyone from Budapest; we arrived this afternoon - there’s a super-convenient campsite near the city centre - easily cyclable from here; I hope anyway. We’ll find out tomorrow ! Pro-tem it’s TOH’s turn for camper van cuisine and I have no idea what she’s preparing - the general low-level muttering doesn’t afford many clues. But it’s like a masterchef Invention challenge - cook something from the bits and pieces in the fridge; like it or lump it.

Wine-wise I’ve hedged my bets so the à la carte des vins there’s a choice. This Polish white we tried and bought yesterday is astonishingly pleasant - barrel fermented blend of seyval, hibernal and sibera (yes I had to look up the last of that three - sibera is aka GM6493, a Czech hybrid; zyara several x muscat ottonel - and a parent of solaris)

I digress.

And my cycle ride around to the local COOP for some parsley and cream allowed me to divert to the wine aisle and of course; when in Hungary… this label will bring back memories for several readers I expect …


How strange. I first tried this producer’s wines a few years ago - the 2007 riserva - and loved them. The ones I’ve had since then have only been ok, though, and seemed a bit OTT with too much rich, leathery stuff going on. It left me wondering whether the 07 was just especially good (the write up suggested it might be).

This 2011 (not the riserva) is really going down well, though. The difference is a spine of acidity and freshness, with lots of sweet fruit. It’s all much more in balance and has turned the remaining bottles from “I’d better drink those sometime” into “huzzah!”

But then I also wonder whether it was just a matter of the bottle having had a little more time to come together.

It’s nebbiolo - who knows? :upside_down_face:


Last night on the moor before we drive east tomorrow after one more trek up Bellevor Tor with 4 Legs. Kicking off with this…

Mrs adb is enjoying a drop of SA Chenin from the Schist……


A museum release from the Dão tonight, kindly gifted to me by a Portuguese friend who runs a restaurant in the Algarve. Bottle says 1997 and a blend of Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro-Preto and Jaen, coming in at a very refreshing 12.5% (those were the days!). Comté tart fresh out the oven to be served for a pre-rugby lunch with pickled quince and cep tomorrow.

Still a remarkably lustrous ruby red. Smoked meats, Earl Grey tea, ripe red berries and mellow spice billowing from the glass. Silky, tannins resolved, immensely savoury. Wow, I wasn’t expecting this! Who needs Hermitage?


Have mentioned on the Burgundy Believers thread finding a half dozen of these from an early visit to the site a couple of weeks ago whilst looking for the 2019 Aligotés

Sylvain Pataille Bourgogne Aligoté 2017 https://www.thewinesociety.com/product/domaine-sylvain-pataille-bourgogne-aligote-2017

This is delicious and wasted on a kir imho

Tight, floral (but not overly so), honey, no oak, hint of kaffir lime. Mid weight on the palate, lovely grip round the mouth, mouthwatering. Intense honey flavour at first, almost like a lockets lozenge! A really delicious glass of wine. 12.5%, this won’t last long. I’ll keep browsing for those 19s!

Wishing all an excellent weekend


A quick report on Friday’s pleasures. Sadly last bottle of the Volpaia.

Edit - should have said that the red went with melanzane -more haste etc.


I believe the vernacular for this is “doing a Taffy!”

Have a good weekend folks!



A Taffy is Bollinger + KFC if I recall correctly… :face_with_monocle:


The suspense is killing me….


Internet challenged in our remote location sorry about that…


I do like to see Champagne in a proper wine glass. None of this flute nonsense!


Did not go with that duck at all, but we drank Dogliani, Luigi Einaudi 2020 this evening.

Gorgeous bright red colour. Bags and bags of cherry and herbs on the nose with a serious amount of pepper joining when drunk (think cherry halls soothers levels of cherry and menthol and pepper). Bags of lovely acidity and a little bit of tannin. I think it’ll be nicer still next year. This is a lot of wine for £11.50.


Here Here @Nfrost00

I had consumed a glass of excellent Pecorino and could not be bothered to go and get a Champagne glass. Mine are Riedel btw and they are absolutely fantastic with vintage fizz in particular.


Anyway, now re-purposed the original glass yet again!

Well it is a Friday night!



On the back of the thoughts of @lapin_rouge about this - the Exhibition Saint-Aubin Blanc 2019 - I’ve opened a bottle tonight, with a view to having a few glasses over the next few nights to get a proper feel for it.

Yeah right! It is, as has been more eloquently said than here, very nice indeed, and I suspect will struggle to last until tomorrow on this showing! Such a rich & unctuous drop - nice fruit, a bit of that greengage thing I like in a Chardonnay, fresh & airy, with a beautiful broad & deep taste & texture, and a tickle of oak to seal the deal.

It has coped remarkably well with a “do your job husband, and finish off all those left-over bits & pieces in the fridge” dinner. And although I suspect its natural food-companion would be more towards a creamy gratin-style dish to really bring out its depths and allow it to shine from its heart, that for me is sometimes the true mark of a quality wine :~}


Home made pizza (chorizo and nduja) with a rather tasty Rosso di Montalcino from TWS.

May be a little extravagant for pizza wine but an indulgence as the remaing house guests were not drinking tonight.


From Wednesday to Friday we had these 2.
The Portuguese is a real stunner, worth twice the price. It was the only bottle I had but throughly enjoyed.
The English Bacchus was a pleasant surprise. Nose of tangerine and pomegranate , very pretty. Palate was initially a bit meh but after a while it got a bid more body and zing. Satisfying wine and I would buy again if it wasn’t sold out. Paired with homemade gravlax and dill mayo
Happy weekend!



Sorted early AM….

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