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Weekend drinking 21st-23rd Jan 2022


One of these for me this evening - a 2020 Roero Arneis Bric Ceniciurio, Pittatore Sacchetto Fiorella.

I was really looking forwards to this, having not had an Arneis in some old time now. And I can’t say I’m not somewhat enjoying it. However, a bit more “in your face” than I was anticipating / wrong food with it, and I found it almost slightly abrasive and overpowering; it’s quite a spicy one. As a wine, it’s obviously well-made and made with love etc, but packs more of a punch than I was in the mood for this evening.

I shall return to it manana with a different dinner to accompany, and leave my remaining bottles to calm down a bit I reckon - there’s definitely a lovely wine in there I think, despite what I say here.


They also make another vacqeyras called Arabesque and if you liked the variations I’d recommend giving the arabesque a try.

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Their Pur Blanc bottling could also be classified as an offensive weapon. It’s on the to drink list so will do the same, to compare, when it eventually gets broached.

This here tonight with a previously frozen, vaguely Moroccan style, goat and butter bean casserole and flatbreads…

…an Alicante ‘El Veneno’ 2017 from Pepe Mendoza. 100% monastrell, 50% whole bunch, matured in 500 litre Allier oak barrels. After being previously impressed by the same producer’s Muscat ‘Pureza’ expectations were high.

If it is poison it’s certainly a delicious one. A bright, medium to full, crimson colour. Ripe plum and berry fruit, lavender and Asian spices on the fragrant nose. Similar and intense fruit notes on tasting which, although ripe, are by no means heavy or jammy thanks to its fresh acidic lift and gentle tannic structure. The oak input provides a subtle spicy sheen to the bright fruit flavours and there’s good length on the finish. Worth every penny of the £22 paid.

As always, have a good week everyone, I hope life treats you well.


I’d back that El Chapparal, a terrific buy from Majestic and then it went missing , fortunately has returned to list.


We had a beautiful couple of hours walking yesterday between the gloom. Came home and had abruzzi lamb from the slow cooker. It is a very simple device, I think it was the princely sum of £12 from tescos about 10 years ago but is just great for this time of year.

With the lamb, this…

Now unfortunately OOS but as with the cooker a wine just right for the moment. Loads of fruit flavours, plums, blueberries, blackberries but not too sweet and a base of savouriness.

One of my wine resolutions for 2022 has to be to continue to branch out and try as many new varieties as possible. There is so much good wine out there…

Happy Sunday……


With the 2019 Ridge Zinfandels having finally arrived, I thought I’d open one from the cellar. I cooked ribeye steaks with polenta chips, grilled romanesco cabbage with garlic and chilli, smoky tomato sauce, and black garlic mayonnaise, and we drank Ridge Lytton Springs, 2015.


(N.B. Link to 2019, we were drinking 2015)

The first of the 2015s that we’ve drunk, absolutely hitting its stride, and I think will get even better. I’m 100% with @peterm - blends are better than pure zinfandels. Dark and light fruit in harmony; a spine of acidity to remove any hint of jamminess; tannins that were very present but well integrated; herbs and cigar-box goodness to add a savoury twist. Quite tight but still good on first opening, it really benefited from an hour or so to stretch its legs.

Hope everyone has a good week.


I had a bottle of the Mule Blanche a few weeks ago that was badly oxidised- very strong sherry nose and taste. It ended up going down the sink.

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First of these tonight:


Just into it’s drinking window and a test in advance of EP. Slightly too young, a touch stalky, will aim to have the remaining 5 at six-monthly intervals. Still, for the price, a very agreeable Bourgogne and one that made us forget for another few hours that it’s Monday tomorrow.


@horsleym thanks for the reply - much appreciated. Though I’ve now put a mixed case into storage with other stuff - using the slots I’d have used for this Greek wine for other stuff, as it said “sold out”. Grrr. Slightly frustrating. Not your fault at all - you’re the buyer - and it’s really kind of you to reply here. But why would it say sold out when it isn’t?

Agree this is such a lovely wine, and a very good example of Teroldego. Their ‘Nerofino’ (a blend of Teroldego/Lagrein) is also highly recommend.

The ‘16 did, for my taste. Lots of enjoyment there, for such a small bottle.

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Have you tried any from Big drop brewery

They’ve been getting me through dry jan

The whole ‘out of stock’ / ‘due in’ debate has been had on a different thread. It’s being looked into so I won’t go into it again.

It normally takes a few days for orders to be transferred into Members’ Reserves as deliveries typically take priority so if you drop Member Services a ring they could put the order on hold until the Exhibition Santorini arrives - the date of which i’ll try and keep you updated.

Glad it seems to be going down well - I’m very pleased with it and can’t think of many better value wines going atm considering the recent rise in cost of Santorini wines.


A small step towards wine goals 2022 with this Austrian red, Pitti, Pittnauer, , which we had on Friday night. Medium bodied, red cherries, quite easy going at 12.5%, not a long finish. Good for an easy drinking red at the end of a week. Will buy again.


Same here, a half case of 2016 bought EP. I kept hoping it might be an odd bottle, or it was just personal taste. I don’t like to be negative about any wine, but this was undoubtedly my worst purchase of the last few years by a good margin. (Of course in retrospect I realise I should have invoked the Society’s returns policy…)

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FYI should be back in stock and available for sale later today.


Only the galactic milk stout (duh… finally realised why it is called ga-LACTIC) - which was a bit sweet and underwhelming, although I guess that is a milk stout for you. Reminded me of ‘Mackeson’ if that still exists. Only one week to go !

Hi @horsleym

Due apologies for a potentially sensitive question - but I don’t suppose you’re able to tell us if this wine is a one-off situation for the 2020 vintage, or if this will in fact be a regular WS Exhibition offering in the future?

Both of these were excellent. First time tasting the Rapsani with some leftover decanted off to retry tomorrow. The Oak Valley is a regular rebuy when in stock.


It appears to be in stock now: Teroldego Rotaliano Riserva, Castel Firmian 2018