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Weekend drinking 21st-23rd Jan 2022

Saint Mont vignes retrouvees 2018

Lemon sherbet pineapple tang full flavoured refreshing lychee weird wonderful bone dry goodness knows which grapes


On the front label!

A favourite round here


Wine from Monticello in Virginia. Very elegant but ripe too. My better half offered to help me out by drinking it all - fat chance of that!


Very wacky label…what are the tannins like? Cabernet franc can be a bit green and stalky but seeing the word ripe suggests they may be less astringent

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Quite smooth. A long elevage before bottling (46 months) has softened the tannic edges I suspect.

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Kicking this weekend off with some Champagne :champagne::clinking_glasses: as it is celebrating time in this household.
Got my D3 final exam results today for my WSET Level 4 Diploma and I passed :partying_face::sweat_smile:

This is a 2014 base bought a couple of years ago from TWS. First glass was pure bliss. And I don’t have to worry about writing a tasting note on it.

Next up will be my first bottle of 6 of the Tunnel Roussanne 2017 and I have high hopes.

Have a great weekend all :+1::+1:


This here tonight and it’s disappearing all too quickly…

…a Frappato ‘Rina Russa’ 2019 from Santa Tresa. A ripe and fruity red berried nose. Light to medium bodied strawberry, redcurrant and rosehip flavours with refreshing acidity, zero tannins and good depth of flavour on tasting. Complex it isn’t, but that doesn’t matter, it’s all about the fruit. Small children would probably enjoy this, I know I am.

It was spot-on with dinner too…

…a Spanish inspired chicken and seafood rice dish. No way am I claiming it’s paella though !

All the very best for the weekend everyone, I hope you have a good one.

Edit - congratulations @winechief !


It says:
Gros Manseng (definitely a grape)
Petit courbu (possibly a grape, possible obscure dog breed)
Arrufiac (most like a small town in eastern Armenia)


I’m sure there are learned members of this forum who will enlighten us :wink:

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Open a Ferraton CH tonight

Super nose of brambles and French countryside. Brambles and ripe black fruit with something metallic. Really long and ripe finish. Tannins are evident but not intrusive.

The nose and finish are certainly the best characteristics of this at the moment and I suspect the palette will develop over time



Starting the weekend with a lamb shank accompanied by a Chanar Punco 2015, which is made from grapes grown at altitude (2000m) in the Calchaquies Valley which spans the provinces of Tucamen and Salta in northwest Argentina. The wines is a blend of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Opaque centre, deep red rim with purple hue. Intense nose. Ripe black plum, black currant, blackberry. Notes of ripe strawberry. Some old leather and vanilla. Rich palate. Firm tannins. Fresh acidity. Dry. Ripe black currant and blackberry. Leather. Slightly earthy. Some dark chocolate. Long finish.


Congrats @winechief .

Off the dry train tonight with this….although it does feel like a red night but it’s a summery meal…:thinking::thinking::thinking:

Apero and on

Still fresh but needs some warming as it’s garage cold :cold_face:


I’ve had some of that Saint Mont and think I still have one or two bottles. Liked it a lot. ( And those are definitely the grapes despite my lack of learning!)

Tonight a Valdesil Montenovo Godello 2019. I understand from some other posts on the forum that this is pretty low down their range, but to me it is certainly more substantial than some other Godellos I’ve had in the past. Very pale colour but seems sort of more viscous, with an initially almost resinous mouthfeel, which gradually turns into a pithy lemon flavour. Very good with a prawn stir-fry.



Many congratulations, @winechief

This evening I cooked a slightly tweaked Tom Kerridge recipe - pan-fried fillets of brill à la Grenobloise - croutons, crispy capers, lemon segments and a parsley sauce, with Little Gem. And am I the first Community member to report on this? TWS Exhibition Santorini Assyrtiko, 2020


At the list price of £14.50, this would be amazing value; at the introductory £13.25, doubly so. Lovely grapefruit zest and lime fruit; bracingly acidic but in no way harsh thanks to the fruit intensity; long and saline on the finish. I’m still young in my Assyrtiko journey, but to me this seems to have everything you’d want, in spades. @horsleym has dug out an absolute gem.

Happy Weekend!


Congratulations! Is that it or are there more modules to go?


Yay amazing well done ! No easy feat …. I’m not looking forward to May !:joy::see_no_evil:


I picked this up a few hours ago because the website has a fair too many gremlins preventing me from ordering.

Fortunately, one advantage of being local is that I can treat TWS as my local wine store (which it is). The difficulty is my son is usually in tow, and being 5 1/2, I’m paranoid that he’ll stick out an inquisitive hand and bring down a whole shelf!

My Vivino notes:

Colour: medium straw; green hues; clear; light viscosity.

Nose: med intensity; citrus (lemon), waxy apple, lime rind, and stone fruit. Saline aromas.

Palate: fresh, bright, crisp, med acidity, with citrus, touch of lime, with a hint of salinity. Not as pronounced as Albarino. Short finish.

Rating: 3.6 (a touch higher if drinking in Summer)

Your food pairing was impeccable, as always. One of my biggest stumbling blocks, because I grab something that sparks my curiosity but neglect to consider the food pairing.

I prefer Assyrtiko to Albarino because the latter has a little too much salinity, but Chablis has ruined my appreciation for non-Chablis white wine.


My 6 year old son once turned on a red wine tap at a local deli/ wine shop. It wasn’t positioned very well to be fair and just at 6 year olds hand height… I was busy ordering a coffee to go and didn’t see the floor or his red wine stained jeans until it was too late…
None of the staff had noticed… I didn’t bring their attention to it either… TBH… I’m just glad he didn’t stick his mouth under it given the height of it :rofl:.


Parents down tonight and a very long week, so some* of this:


With chicken wings and garlic bread. Brilliant Nigel Slater recipe. Wine is a simple pleasure Friday wine - everything you want in a slightly cool Beaujolais without having to think too much. We buy a couple of cases a year, and will continue doing so.

*exact quantity intentionally left blank…