Weekend Drinking (20th-22nd January 2023)

It’s the weekend folks.

Due to the Barolo EP thread, I’m drinking a very budget version of Barolo - Aldi’s own Winemaker’s Lot Barbaresco 2018. It’s quite nice. Definitely light in colour and somewhat light in flavour. It’s red apple, cherry pips, slight anise, bracing acidity. Surprisingly long finish. No tar and roses, and no great fireworks, but it’s doing its job nicely.

EDIT and addition: After an extra hour (three hours after cork-pop o’clock) it has put on more weight than a glutton at christmas. Much more substantial. Not too different, maybe something savoury and smoky in there, but the volume has been massively turned up. A stonking bargain at about £10, IIRC


For us, with a starter of mushroom-stuffed piquillo peppers and a main of Galician bean stew


This is cracking! I have long admired the Comando G wines, although this one hasn’t quite done it for me in the past. However, today this is very much piqueing my interest. There’s a bit of meaty funk and red fruit here. Quite high acidity. Just up my street! Hopefully will go well with the pork chops that have been marinating in the fridge all afternoon. We’ve had a run of pretty ropey red wines over the week just gone, but this is a welcome return to form. Having said that, the funk quotient makes it the kind of wine that perhaps you’d think twice before taking home to meet your parents. Just keep it to yourself, is my advice. 2014 vintage, BTW


Thai takeaway for dinner tonight. So bought this from BBR earlier this week for tonight.

A perfect match!
A delicious Riesling. An amazing nose of the typical petrol and kerosene that you get in an aged Riesling. A fresh zingy palette full of citrus and green fruit flavour. A toasty brioche not, very complex and a very good finish.

Will be buying more of this when in the shop next!


Piedra Sassi, from Lomboc, CA.

A Syrah in the mold of northern Rhone wine. 13.5% abv and well-balanced. This bottle is from the 2015 vintage, so is drinking very well. Smooth as velvet. I love the earthy overtones that mingle so well with this Sta Rita Hills fruit from the Sebastiano Vineyard. Excellent quality reflected on what’s inside the bottle.

Congratulations again to @Sarah.


Technically my birthday weekend (it’s actually Monday, but obviously can’t wait until next weekend) and duck breast for dinner, so a rare venture into burgundy;

Haven’t tasted it yet but lovely nose. Looking forward to this. Oh and goodbye dry jan!

Edit: This is great. Richer than expected, lovely mix of red and a little back fruit - cranberry, raspberry and a little back cherry. Beginning to show some hints of development. Bracing acidity cuts to cut through duck and a rich sauce. A rare accessible red burg that actually delivers on some of the unique qualities of the region.


Homework for the Barolo EP.

Ciabatta Breton Roggeri 2010. This is my last of 6 and predictably the best. Fennel and more than a hint of creosote on the nose which may not be to everyone’s taste but floats my boat. Tannins remain firm and grainy and pretty much unchanged from my first bottle 4 years back. The wine has added weight since my last bottle and finishes with a real hit of liquorice. Not the most subtle or beguiling Barolo but at the end of full on week, just what the doctor ordered.


Tataki tuna this evening, with wilted siu tong choi, saffron and garlic mash, soft boiled egg, and an anchovy butter sauce. We drank Ernst Popp, Silvaner Julius-Echter-Berg Spätlese Trocken, 2020, bought at the Vinothek in Iphöfen in the summer.

It’s a cracking wine - intense, racy, green apple acidity, with the spätlese grapes giving extra depth and structure, while staying absolutely dry. Some characteristic bitterness on the finish, allied with an edge of salinity, and excellent length. I was very happy with the food match.

Have a good weekend, everyone. We’re gearing up for some Chinese New Year food :yum:


Just came back from a Chinese meal with a lager. Had some Hunan beef, twice cooked Szechuan pork and whole seabass braised with mushrooms and pork. Very nice. Back early so I opened this Morgon from Lidl…

Slightly sour fruity nose… but it’s surprisingly nice. Some strawberry and blueberry, hint of something spicy and sweet veering towards vanilla but very subtle. Mouthfeel is surprisingly full, with some grainy tannin that quickly fades to the background. I’m not a fan of Gamay usually but this has some weight and breadth to it without being heavy or cloying.


Without wishing to be a kill joy (or is it killjoy?) But as lovely as this wine is, it isn’t Meursault as I remember it from the 80s.
Don’t get me wrong, it has lovely acidity, but the slightly lemon and pineapple flavours are not what Meursault is about.
It is taut, and very structured. But Meursault is nuts, butter,fat, and richness. Not a near miss between Chassagne and Puligny.
Any offers on my memory playing tricks on me?


What are you guys cooking up for CNY, @robertd?

We’ve got two families joining us this year and it’ll all be quite kids-oriented as usual, but I’m not sure yet what we’re cooking ourselves; it’s always a bring-&-eat session the way we do it.

Regardless - 恭喜发财 to you & family.


And to wrap up the evening…


Spectacularly good 2005 Bordeaux tonight - Chateau Mont-Perat, Premiers Cotes de Bordeaux “this unheralded terroir is part of the new territories that remain to be discovered in Bordeaux”

Smelt fantastic from opening, decanted half an hour before we made a start. Extremely pure and smooth, no noticeable tannins, lovely flavours of sour(ish) raspberries / hedgerow / redcurrant.

Ready to accompany bavette / frites / creamed chard. Time to eat.


I’m with one of these for this evening - a 2021 Rainer Wess Tres Compañeros Gemischter Satz, Kremstal; and holy moly, is this good or is this good :~}

Really quite assertive and almost brash, and absolutely delicious with it, as per the WS-blurb - slightly spicy, orange skin, tangerine, slight honey, quite weighty, almost a tiny bit of spritz; and, unusually for a white wine, absolutely held its own with a Korean bibimbap and in fact complemented it really nicely. Wow! Really really impressive wine.


Dammit, this weekend is my last HOORAH!! for 4 months, so hopefully the last few wines will not disappoint. So lets start off simple and build on this over the weekend.

Pazo Blanco, Ribeiro 2021

Horrible cliche but ‘simplicity at its best’. An really ordinary wine, a no brainer if you like, but none the less it’s fresh and oddly appealing. For the life of me I can’t figure out the grape variety, TWS says Teixadura, their website says Torrentes & Palomino. From the exotic, sweet and floral notes on the nose I’m leaning towards the latter but what do I know. Either way, at £7.95 (now OOS) this was a steal.

A Friday evening quaffer (hate that word) disappearing all too quickly.



This is a bit different. Super-tight diam cork which yielded after a brave fight. Very pale red, almost transparent. Feels like it’s fizzy though isn’t fizzy at all. Bright, fruity freshness. More of a summer red perhaps with cold poached salmon.


Sounds like a good weekend, @crocos. We have two children home, and will be cooking fish, prawns and a goose leg tomorrow. Mrs Robertd’s sister and family are coming on Sunday, and flushed with my bao success of last weekend, we’re attempting dim sum. Triumph or disaster beckons…

恭喜發財 to you and yours, too.


Friday night was venison chilli night with garlic bread so we had a bottle of TWS own French Syrah - very pleasantly quaffable with some peppery notes - to go with some wild boar pate o n biscuits as a starter.


A couple of friends joined us for a private milestone celebration last night, starting with a bottle of Franciacorta, Castello Bonomi “Cru Perdu” vintage 2017. This is a 70 / 30 Chard / PN left on lees for over 4 years. Fresh, fruity and tingly acid but could have had more autolytic flavours.

To go with the meal of pan fried dorade fresh from San Sebastien with a coconut, lime and ginger curry sauce, veg, and repurposed left over potatoes, once again inspired by Tam Currin’s pairing advice, this full bodied rosé from mainland Greece, the Sterea Ellas province north of Attica.

It’s a 50 / 50 white-red co-ferment (as opposed to a traditional rosé); Malagousia & Syrah / Grenache. Very reminiscent of a Tavel, arguably fuller-bodied even with good structure and a pleasant tingly spritz. It needed to stand up to the flavoursome and spicy meal.

Both wines were travel souvenir cellar door purchases


Beyerskloof Pinotage 2020

Korean barbecue chicken for Friday dinner, so something fairly simple to go with it. Did the job well enough, and at £6.50 a bottle it’s difficult to find much fault with this.