Weekend Drinking 1st Sep-3rd Sep 2023

Kicking off early as I opened this for lunch. Wonderful colour with plenty of body and good acidity. I would definitely buy again if it was available. Pure pleasure
Happy Friday !


Top marks for doing Friday lunch well!


Sadly, this is the last one in the case. Really enjoyed it and may seek out further wines from the T.H series. Beautifully balanced now showing some tertiary flavours but still plenty of fruit comes from altitude so has a freshness and all the better at 13.5 degrees alcohol.


I’ve heard good things about the TH series. They all look interesting so I would like to work my way through the range!


Dalamara Naoussa Xinomavro 2021. Wowzers! Nose familiar yet not familiar - a lot going on - a kind of electric tension, it keep changing; it’s a bit leathery, very floral - violets… and lavender? umami … red berries … a touch of smoke. A good deal of dry tannin, quite nebbiolo-esque. Lovely acidity, almost VA, savoury, redcurrant and cherries. It’s tight - give this one patience as it takes its time to open out. Really wonderful stuff, so much depth. This will probably go way past 2030


I’ve tried their Pinot Noir (can’t remember the vintage) and enjoyed it very much.

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Went to say goodbye to my cat of fifteen years at the vets. Can’t really cook and wouldn’t want to associate any wine with the pain. We’ve all gone to the pub. Hard for my daughter.


Heartbreaking …. I miss having a cat … we had a monster brute farm saved called Jess … you could be stroking him and next minute fighting him off claws and teeth …he was huge


This is a quirky little wine. Not even sure where we bought it from, but there it was lurking in the back of the garage fridge.

It’s an orange wine from the North East of Italy, bordering Slovenia, which Cellar Tracker tells me is made with a varietal called Malvasia Istriana.

It tastes dry to me with citrus and red fruits like redcurrant or cranberry. Reviewers on CT say it has a saffron nose but I couldn’t get it. We drank with plaice and chips from the local chippy, extra vinegar.


Busy day, swimming (two visits), cycling, gym, wine shopping and eating well here in France :slight_smile:

Longer than expected visit to the Caves A local ahead bought plastic multi gallon flagon after flagon from the large metal tanks at the back of the shop. They filled to the brim the back of a small van. It took ages (one server) but I was mightily impressed. Does this stuff stay good in flagon? How long will this supply last? Is it an event? She had quite the smile on her face during it. An important purchase whatever it was.

Three local bottles bought and packed in the way only the French seem to do ready to take home.

Bordeaux Chateau Lilian Ladouys 2015 to unwind with which I bought piqued by @brod’s recent interest

Very nice £15 level Bordeaux. Could even do with some extra age still IMO

Cheers all!


@Brod not @Birgir !

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Apologies (corrected)

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By the sounds of it - and judging from the time of year - it’s likely destined for the large communal meal at the end of some village/town festival, so will probably not be destined for beyond this weekend :grinning:


Sorry to hear your news @Joni-B73F0

Tonight’s wine was textbook cab franc paired with haddock cooked with chorizo. I really like this producer, came across them for the first time when TWS did a museum release of their 2014 vintage which was absolutely singing. I opened it too late to add some to members reserves so when the latest release came out I bought a few to drink now and a case to reserves.

I am really enjoying Loire cab francs and if not mistaken so does @Inbar . Any recommendations that you have very welcome - thanks in advance!


What was in the steel tanks …. I doubt it would keep … could be bottling it or a large event catered for …?? Love this interaction


I think @Tannatastic is most probably right, end of summer village party or something like that. Looked like local wines at incredibly value prices with a bring your own container offering

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Greco di Tufo. Always enjoy this one.


This for us tonight. I picked it up randomly in Harvey Nichols in Leeds for £36. The guy assured me that it hadn’t been sitting on the shelf for 10 years! Diam 5 cork. Still exceptionally fresh for 9 years old. A little shy, but quite a tropical nose. Typical high acidity for an English wine. Good rather than great, but you wouldn’t have guessed this was 9 years old.


Highly recommended - both the Pinot Noir and the Cabernet. Great value and superb examples of wines from these grapes.


How good is the TH series? I often look at it but never buy as I’ve had no luck with Chilean international varieties so far.