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Weekend drinking 18-20 Jan 19


Probably as well I don’t have one now… :wink: . I can think of a few who might be in my line of fire…a sawn off version might take them all out at once…


Concur. Easy to get hold of, and delightfully easy to cook. Lower in fat than beef, and even the potentially tough cubed meat works well in the slow cooker…where I also cook partridge, pheasant, mallard, pigeon, hare and rabbit.


Can someone please suggest a suitable wine to go with our local specialty…Squirrel.


I was wondering what had happened to squirrel on your original list of game…same as partridge maybe? A nice red Burgundy, New World Pinot or a Northern Rhone red maybe? New World might be appropriate since the pesky greys came from there! Oregon Pinot Noir maybe?


Perhaps a nutty sherry?


This guide might be handy… :wink:



Just opened a bottle of the Ostoros PN, must find a squirrel very soon…


Having read that I hope I get wiped out.


How is it ? Haven’t tried it yet .


I think you will be surprised. It is great for under £7…


I don’t think I will , I had fully expected it to be really good but wanted to hear what you thought before I stuck a couple cases in reserves ! Thanks again Akos :+1:, you’re like a personal wine tester for me :slightly_smiling_face:


They’ll be all the vogue in the wake of the catastrophe that is to come. The squirrels, that is, not the Romanian Pinot, which will no longer be such a cheapie :slight_smile:

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