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Weekend drinking 18-20 Jan 19


Some nice bottles being enjoyed this weekend. @japcraw - good to see that if you’re bailing on dry Jan you’re bailing hard!! :rofl:

This for me over the weekend

Exhibition Napa Zin (Frogs Leap), 2015. £16

Nose is quite woody with a touch of varnish. Typical blueberry running through the nose and palate. Last night it felt a bit closed. Not much change tonight. Perhaps even a little green. Teally not bad by any stretch but not quite what I was expecting for a wine I’d describe as mid point rather than budget. Let’s see what tomorrow brings

Cooked up a beautiful* BBQd beer can chicken with parsnip and walnut salad which this would have been a disaster with, so started with a nice bottle of Tribute beforehand

*I can say that as MrsP helped :wink:


On the rebottled second half of a 2015 Wassmer Spatburgunder. I expected this to go a bit sour with air but it has actually lost some of the harsher cherry notes and has a freshness tonight which is very pleasing. Not complex but good stuff.


One of my WS favourites - lovely easy drinking wine


A pair of Navarra Garnacha here this evening

The Lupier more dense with black cherries, some floral, mainly violet notes and a touch of liquorice.

The Zorzal a little lighter. More sour/tart cherry and herbaceous.

Both lovely.


A Grenache based weekend has consisted of these:
Friday night with Asian style salmon then Bird Box on Netflix :grimacing::scream:
Turning a nice orange now. This is bottle 4 of 6. Bought on offer from M&S. My first real foray into orange wine. Some nice oxidative notes without losing freshness of fruit. Good. Will get the other 2 drunk by end of summer I think.

Grenache blends for the reds.
This last night
Bottle 1 of 6. Wouldn’t be out of place in a line-up of decent southern Rhone crus. Lovely. Great concentrated fruit with silky tannins.

This tonight
Bottle 1 of 3. High expectations!


I drank a bottle of the Outer Limits 2010 about four years after vintage , it was very good as you say , but going by Cellartracker experiences it is not a keeper, I think this is where Cellartracker comes in really useful as you would not get that sort of information elsewhere.


By a coincicidence, today’s lunchtime offering is a 1998 Martillac.

Not sure why but one of my favourite labels. Not exactly a design icon but hey ho.


This is still the fantastic cherry pie that I remember from a bottle last May that triggered a reserves purchase. Still at least 3-4 years in it.

£11.5 per bottle it was.


Yes, and its big brother is even better! Save that for February Gordon!


Which ones that Mark?


Going to check in on this today alongside roast leg of lamb


£34 from TWS about 5 years ago. A decent wine, and not quite the fruit bomb you might expect but, still, rather one-dimensional and, in the end, overpriced.


Hard to argue with the TWS tasting note here. Abundance of blackberries and some mint. There is a bit of tobacco/smoke on the decent length finish. Think this will be going strong for a good few years yet.


Stir fry night, so some nice racy and in this case peachy Riesling Kabinett. Good value as a bin end and I’m sure I’ll pick up some of the 2017 in due course.


Third night drinking this:

First couple of nights it was nice enough, but today (on the last glass, predictably) it has really opened up. Liquorice, spice and plums with a streak of acidity. I guess I should have decanted for longer on day one. Or maybe it just needs more time in bottle? (I haven’t had aglianico before, so not quite sure). Either way, a very pleasant surprise for Sunday evening.


So a few days ago I opened the Arbin Savoie ‘Avalanche’ Mondeuse mentioned in my Chamonix post:

and very interesting it was/is. Apparently some say it is the same as the large berried Gros Syrah, others that it is one of the parents of Syrah. Both claims disputed I believe.

Either way I can see why such a claim might be made for this sadly dwindling Savoie grape. The best description I can make is that it’s like a light Rhone Syrah. Lighter, yes, but if anything more peppery than any Syrah I have yet tried. Little tannin and plenty of fruit but dominatong was the pepper. Possibly a little too dominating for some but I’m loving it.

A successful opening to my Savoie exploration!


…the beginning of savoir(sic) faire perhaps?


Took this to lunch today

My word I enjoyed it. I have to admit to becoming a little numb to most reds over recent weeks; after a couple of cracking Christmas wines I’ve not found much to float my boat

First sip of this transported me to a dusty cellar in the Rhône and just warmed my heart. Absolutely right up my street and will only soften and improve with time. Case going into reserves


Meerlust Rubicon 2008 tonight. South Africa never ceases to amaze when it comes to QPR.


A great white from Spain. A bit like Alberino and Macon crossed with a herb tea. The grape is albino real from somewhere near Madrid.

Now onto the imperial 2007 reserva left from yesterday. Classic stuff and still a baby.