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Weekend drinking 18-20 Jan 19


Well, someone’s got to do it!
Finally getting round to trying Thymiopoulos Xinamavro; Trilofos Naoussa 2015. That’s the M&S one.
Amused by the back label - yes, I do read them all -
FOOD Venison or beef steaks
Suitable for vegans

Probably there are many like that but I hadn’t noticed it before. Appearance is similar to a pinot noir and it’s fuller flavoured than the colour might lead you to believe. The label says blackberries, damsons, spice. I think I’d go more with blackberries, spice, and sugar, perhaps that soft brown sugar that I haven’t had for years and can’t remember the name of. Overall it’s just a bit too sweet for me and I doubt I’ll buy it again. Not unpleasant but a little too much.


Starting the weekend with this.

Finding it a little acidic, although I have decanted. Shall wait a while in the hope that it mellows in the next hour or so.


The M&S Xinomavro is not nearly as good as the WS offerings by the same producer:

Have bought a few of the M&S Xinomavro when they are on clearance. Thinking the fact its a supermarket wine means its a bit “dumbed down”.


Continuing with my dry January however my wife is drinking this and very nice it is.


Starting the weekend with this Merlot/Cabernet/Syrah blend from the Cotes de Thongue…

Very pleasant, easy drinking red. Plenty of black fruits, plum and liquorice.


These tonight


FINALLY getting around to trying this after @robert_mcintosh and @Bargainbob recommended a previous vintage way back in this Italian whites topic.

They are spot on! Creamy and complex and fragrant and lovely. Thanks guys!


I do love that wine - WAY too long since I tried it

glad you liked it


Tonight we had a Waitrose recipe card pasta meal involving Brussels sprouts, lardons, onions and garlic, cream. It was very nice and we followed the recommendation of a Sauvignon Blanc. Not bad at all. It was a very subtle Marlborough wine from Naked Wines given to us by some neighbours in return for wood for their wood burning stove.

Tomorrow we are finishing off the SB with a goats cheese and beetroot salad, followed beef carbonnades. The suggestions are for low tannin reds (or beer) so toying with an old favourite

Sunday we are off to a 2005 Graves wine tasting meal. The wines promise to be spectacular. We are lucky to have been invited :grinning: Hope our wine tasting palates are up to it :grimacing:


Whatever i try, like and buy during one of my regular pilgrimages to Wimbledon wine cellars tomorrow will be my choice of weekend drinking. Feeling like a nice Pinot noir, or maybe even a nice Barolo.

Nothing tonight as I’m working the night shift driving trains and testing new European in cab signalling systems in and around London Bridge.

For those of you starting tonight-enjoy whatever you’re having.



A glass or two of this for me tonight:


Isn’t that Cornas far too young?


I think most producers say to drink within a few months of release or leave for 7 -8. And 16s have this reputation for approachability


Chinese tonight. Steamed bream with ginger and spring onion, and salt and pepper squid. Drank an Hugel Estate Gewurztraminer 2012, and very nice too.

Quite a subdued nose, and much more on the peppery side than the fruity side when drinking. Made it match well with the food, as it comes through a lot drier than a lot of gewurz, although it does have enough tropical fruit to let you know what you’re drinking.

Gearing up for tasting our way through the Château Fontesteau vertical tomorrow…


A glass or two of Contino Reserva 2012. This is really ripe, with new oak and a touch of nail polish. Bit too young but very good.


Something for the weekend…



Hmmm. Bit of cherryade and Calpol on the nose. On the palate, this develops into cola cubes, Fox’s glacier mints and glyphosate. It has a mercifully short finish.


:rofl: Sounds delicious!


That’s what I thought. But the owner was adamant, so i took his word.

Yes it’s young but drinking really well now. Absolutely delicious.


Just opened this ready for this evening

Anyone tried this and what did you think?


Not proud me, in Morrisons scanning their rather meagre offering of reds when somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind a little chink of light as something reminded me of a review of their bottom shelf, you know the one where little old ladies reach for the 3.75 Hock, that one.

Nothing to lose other than £4.75 and what better way to end my week of forced abstinence than finding a genuine bargain, I drink a lot of Malbec, not all good, but they are improving so did not hold out much for this but lo and behold it was excellent, put this in a bottle with a flash label and no problem getting a tenner for it, #smug face