Weekend drinking 17th-19th September

As per the label with fish ( plaice and lemon butter sauce) , and it was delicious….

As per @Tom_R bring on the 2020.


Cheverny Enclos du Petit Chien. Mostly Sauvignon Blanc with a dash of Chardonnay. This little dog has a big bark! It has that zing from the Sauvignon, but not over the top, and some body and pear and apple flavours from the Chardonnay. Under a tenner from TWS, and great stuff. One to re-buy


Last night we had this with chicken ‘flatties’ marinated in coriander chilli and ginger

Very complete and balanced, glad it wasn’t bone dry with what we were drinking it with…this was probably the best of the DC wines we’ve had.

Tonight, later than usual after a long day umpiring on the last day of an extended season here, we had this with lobster with chilli and lime butter for me and grilled sole for Mrs C with oven wedges and green beans…

2012 vintage. I have been underwhelmed by a number of Chapoutier wines, but this was good, and has improved since previous bottle. It was more lifted, less blowsy, and had the body to go with pretty robust flavours in the lobster with flavoured butters. Long nutty finish. Still sipping the last glass.

We don’t have lobster with this every weekend…just came together and was a lovely treat after a challenging day umpiring…player behaviour at times isn’t good…but they don’t do it twice with me!


What can I say? This needs more bottle age, I think. The tannins are “dusty” and the fruit is of high-quality, so I am sure it will become more harmonious as time goes by. At its best, it is a thing of (relatively affordable) beauty.


On Friday we enjoyed an improvised Thai meal with this as an aperitif:



Nice yeasty bruised apple flavours and a saline finish. Great value fizzy Chenin good late summer aperitif.

Then with a galangal infused tofu and vegetable rice dish this wonderful dry Muscat:


I think this is a good as dry expressions of the grape get, it has that wonderful slightly “spearminty” finish combined with a melange of tropical fruit flavours. More refreshing acidity than you get with most Alsace versions. Wish I had bought more!

Then over Friday and Saturday this spicy mature Riesling:


Rich, complex and mature, less distinguished than the Hermannshöhle or Oberhäuser Brücke, but spicier and slightly cheaper. Never been let down by a Donnhoff and this is in a great place. Bought from DBM Bristol, out of stock for which my wallet is thankful.

Tonight we are having a veggie hotpot with a much loved rustic favourite:


Thought we’d enjoy some nice stuff this weekend before (hopefully) my other half goes in for surgery to fix her heart valve on Tuesday. Hopeful and slightly nervous about the whole thing, but should mean she is back to her old self by 2022.


What a great selection of wines, @NickFoster! :ok_hand:
Fingers crossed for your partner’s operation and wishing her a speedy recovery :pray:

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Ended up opening this as an aperitif as we prepped dinner.
Was good but maybe not as good as I previously remember the 2015.
Definitely doesn’t want to be served too cold.
See how it performs on day 2…

Update on the Pangea - wow, was pretty impressed (and I had high expectations)
Exotic spice perfume was the main thing that really stood out to me. Could have sniffed it for ages. Dark chocolate, game, cured meat and the myriad of dark fruits but didn’t seem as fruit forward as say an Aussie would be. My only bottle unfortunately but glad to have the experience.

Now… what to have with today’s rosbif?


Friday - our usual dinner, plaice, pots and peas (for Mrs M) & runner beans from the garden (for me), plus mixed salad with a large amount of cherry tomatoes from the garden. And to drink? You guessed it: Mrs M’s favourite.

2019 Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc Private Bin (New Zealand, South Island, Marlborough)

This is the penultimate bottle, but we have our eldest and his partner staying next Friday and they’ve requested a Nando’s or possibly a Honest Burger takeaway so we won’t be having our last bottle of VM this coming week, and ‘the word on the street’ is that Sainsbury are having their 25% off deal starting 23 September so we’ll be stocking up on VM then.

Saturday our usual l chicken, new pots and spicy beans and

2015 Kanonkop Pinotage The Society’s Exhibition (South Africa, Stellenbosch)

our penultimate bottle of a dozen bought in 2018. I left behind a fair amount of grainy sediment when I decanted it. My, it is delicious.

Sunday I don’t know what we’ll be drinking as we are invited to dinner by our friends. On past experience, we’ll start with a Champagne aperitif, have red with dinner and a sticky afterwards. Then sober up on the long walk home…




Had lunch at Andrew Edmunds yesterday. Was recommended to me a lot by many friends and finally got round to going there.
A lovely restaurant in soho that I’m sure many people on here know due to its some what famously well priced wine list.
Due to the weather being so lovely yesterday we opted to sit outside.
To start I had crab with toasted focaccia which was divine.

Paired beautifully with a bottle of this…

A lovely white burgundy. Great acidity with flavours of apple, citrus, nectarine and a hint of oak. Great wine which I’m going to be buying some bottles of for at home!

For main I had Neck fillet of lamb with celeriac and pickled walnuts. Lamb was cooked perfectly and marinaded in garlic and herbs.

Treated myself to a half bottle of Vina Ardanza 2001 reserva.

This went fantastically with the lamb. A fully mature Rioja lovely mature flavours of dried fruits, leather, prunes and tobacco. Lovely complexity and intensity of flavours.

For desert I had cheese and a glass of fonseca 1992.

What would people recommend to drink with tonight dinner of beef stroganoff?


My preference is always a red with some acidity (to match the sour cream element) - I usually opt for a Blaufränkisch/ Kékfrankos or something from Northern Italy.


I’m tempted to go for this https://www.thewinesociety.com/product/familia-deicas-gran-bodegon-2010
Bought it a few months back, never had a wine from Uruguay wonder if this would match? Keep looking for and excuse to open it!

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This was a stand out at non society tasting yesterday.
Buttery apples, lovely texture. Swoonsome and delicious. I’d say the oak is more noticeable than the description on the site. Particularly on the long finish. At 16 quid it’s a steal.


I should think something like this which I’ve opened and decanted this morning for a late lunch of generic homemade beef stew (from Norfolk Wagyu Wagyu Beef — Worstead Estate - yum) and fresh garden veg - french beans, spuds, sweetcorn.

It has a nice cooked cherry-with-savoury-earthy edges, a little antique drawer, medium bodied but no loss of potency. It fits the various drinking windows suggested by JR’s reviews. Like Burgundy, Barolo is heavenly when it’s nice.


Later with a roasted Guinea Fowl
Time to get the old imbibers out…again :+1:


Long weekend at center parcs Sherwood forest combined with a family wedding at a nearby venue. We’ve been enjoying these over the weekend. Really enjoyed the priorat which is quite restrained and floral. This came from the Spanish mystery reds case. Very different from the typical alcoholic fruit bombs from that region. The Ayala is lovely and was courtesy of Waitrose sale. The viognier was quite subdued on day one. Hopefully more open this evening.


This weekends selection.

Barbera as good as ever.
Pinot Noir not sure what to make of this. Tried straight out of the bottle and non descript, aerated a glass and much better but not fantastic.
The CDR frankly don’t see the point to this wine. Unfortunately I have 5 more.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


What vintage is the Roches Neuves and what did you think?

I’m a fan of the wines especially the memoires

Arrrrrgh. Corked. :cry: :cry: