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Weekend Drinking 17-19August



Hey, it’s 1500 hrs on a Friday and I can’t see a weekend drinking thread yet.

So here goes…


I’m having my girlfriend’s parents round for meatloaf tomorrow and not sure what I’m going to open yet. In the running are…

  • 2015 Norman Hardie Pinot Noir Unfiltered
  • 2016 Felton Road PN Bannockburn
  • 2010 Domaine Jean Chauvenet Nuits St. Georges
  • 2010 Jean-Marc Vincent Santenay 1er Cru Passetemps

EDIT: Another wine has been shortlisted!

  • Jean Claude Lapalu Cote de Brouilly 2016


Possibly nothing tonight and Saturday we’re around friends for a murder mystery. Invite says bring fizz and the hostess is a complete fizz head, anything however bad as long as it’s bubbly. But sod it I’m taking a red for me to drink. Their house is a desert for the vin rouge drinker.


Just snaffled 2/3 of a bottle of Cornish Point 2017 from the tasting room … #perks


This ‘tasting room’ sounds like a magical place


Here’s a small part of it …


It’s Friday and all you do is tease…

…although the 2016 J Burrier Saint Amour just got opened chez moi :slight_smile:


If you enjoy the Norman Hardie it may be a difficult to find another bottle. Most places including TWS have stopped selling his wine after the “allegations”!


If I were her parents, I’d say that you, sir, are a keeper!


“What are your intentions towards my daughter?
… and by the way, what’s your wine collection like??” :joy:


Bila-Haut; is this going on the list? I found it a bit, er, gritty! I can cope with sediment but it had the taste and texture of fermented hedge.


I don’t know how well you know them, how many times you have met them etc but the Norman Hardie will make a great talking point. There was an article I read a few weeks ago detailing his behaviour that was quite extraordinary. I’ll try and find it.

It’s no wonder his wine has been taken off the list.


Now found it … https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-canadian-winemaker-norman-hardie-accused-of-sexual-misconduct/


This for me tonight with fish pie :ok_hand:


All of these are yet to be tasted - many will not pass the test.


This is a lovely Marssane! Good choice! :+1: The 2016 Bernard Series Viognier is also a delight, but we preferred the 2015 Marssane. Enjoy! :grinning:


That Felton Rd will be great now but would reward another few years cellaring. The producer ‘unofficially’ reckons about 5 years for the Bannockburn


You lucky wotsit :wink:


Looks like you have a lot of work to do - I’ll pop over and give you guys a hand. Free of charge. :slight_smile:


It’s disappointing to read accounts like that, though I don’t doubt them. The food, wine & hospitality industries can be horrible places.

In other news, this Beaujolais is delicious! That’s twice Burrier has really impressed me, glad I’ve got another one of his in the rack to get to in maybe a year or so.