Weekend Drinking 17-19 November 2023

I feel like I’m back on dry land after a few decidedly iffy bottles. I try to experiment but I think I will have to accept that I like what I like and that’s that.

A bit commercial but a nice vintage, big but not cumbersome, very primary still but delicious to drink now. A serious wine that doesn’t take itself too seriously.


Sunday lunch…say no more. Perfect, with some trad roast beef.

Have a good week folks.


Fingers crossed for your Cahors. The Mendel was from TWS, surprised it has sold through, I thought / hoped it was an unappealing oddity (for everyone else)


Do you have a recommendation for a decent source please? Ocado and Waitrose do not seem to be stocking this at the moment.

Edit: a quick look at the taste awards show Tesco sell a 3 star taste awards option. https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/292611026

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Lovely produce. Scary prices.

I have a (perhaps faulty) memory of Lidl selling tins during a “French Week” maybe 5-6 years ago when my son was at UEA…

Occasionally make my own version.

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What a great way to enjoy yourselves whilst your partners are away running marathons. Often find myself in a similar situation here and usually it’s just a mad rush of homework, drop offs and manning the crowd control water cannons :rofl:

Sorry to hear the Cornas wasn’t showing its best too. Same wine for me was showing great this weekend. I’d have thought it would have been a good food match too. Unusually for Rhone it showed better for me first day than second too. Bit of inter bottle variation :man_shrugging:t2:

Plenty of other treats for you that evening to enjoy though!


Yes, that was the rest of the weekend described perfectly!

Turns out is was not exactly your typical half marathon. Like the marathon du Medoc there were some tasting stations, but the last 1.5km were more like a festival with food and drink stalls lining the course, they obviously had to visit each one!

Times were affected, however, they only managed 4 3/4 hours for 21km.

This random bottle came back for me. Suspect a naturalish Beaujolais, looking forward to trying


Sorry, purchased in France. Will look at the Tesco one though.

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Something that might work. Not tinned though…

Added. Mixed recent reviews?


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Check out Donald Russell on line - we pick up 10 legs at a time , individually packed, imported from France and when on sale it’s about 5£ a piece delivered.

Very good and less fat than the tins.


This weekend we went for the last bottle from a “damaged label” mixed case, purchased some time ago. Crozes-Hermitage, Domaine Ferraton Pere et Fils, La Matiniere 2017, a bit of a change from our usual fare!

The nose started with a slight farmyard aroma that disappeared quickly enough, but left a slight sharpness. Garnet in the glass, with no signs of bricking given it youth. The palate was more welcoming with lots of raspberry, and a slight sharpness countered by a subtle sweetness towards the end.

Very pleasant


We had a bottle of the Delas Domaine de Grands Chemins 2015 on Friday night as well.

Would describe it as rich and thickly textured like other recent southern sector Crozes Hermitage I’ve had - but it has some Brett which just gives it that little bit more intrigue. To me it’s like the 2015 Thalabert but a little less polished - which is a positive thing to me, but possibly not for everyone.


Had a 2019 Le Riche Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon on Saturday. £49 and still in stock. Slightly surprisingly as it seems like this is a bit of a cult wine.

I’m not sure quite to make of it. It’s certainly a very good wine. On first opening, the nose, the weight and refinement of fruit on the palate and the very impressive length made me think it was going to be an outstanding wine.

However, when opened for 2 days it just didn’t quite hit the promised heights.

It’s still very impressive and I think at £49 it is worth it.

Has anyone else tried this?