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Weekend Drinking [16-19 Sept 22]

Happy Birthday @JayKay!

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Satisfied a bout of Pinot Noir craving with a sip (first a sip) of ‘Nightjar’ Clayhill Vineyard Pinot Noir, Blackbook 2018. Bought from TWS, first of 3 bottles. It is drinking very nicely, I am pleasantly surprised. It has a hint of ripe stalkiness, not unattractive and the hallmarks of a good cold climate PN. Crunchy red fruit, acidity and general pinotness. Happy to have more.

This and yesterday’s Barolo are looking forward to the first BBQ at the new house this evening.


Sorry I can’t agree about the above. The one I had was beyond disappointing (sorry is that another one for Pedants corner etc?)

You don’t have to be sorry. What was it that put you off?

Happy Birthday! Always good to spend it near some vines….

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Wine of the year so far. This is so odd but absolutely attention grabbing.

Domaine Pavillon de Chavannes, Côte de Brouilly Cuvée des Ambassades 2018

I think I like it because it is so different from any other Beaujolais I have ever had. It’s all savoury and herbal (rhubarb, dandelion, grilled meat, peppercorn, tree bark), no fruit, well judged acidity with no tannic influence. It just works perfectly.

Would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced anything similar.

Currently OOS but if any TWS buyers read this thread please try and get it back.


Visiting parents, the possibility of testing the “do we drink wine [much] too old” question was hinted at but then left unsatisfied… very disappointing.

So instead of a 15+ year old bottle of Ruinart - gifted to them when we got married and badly stored ever since - we got to “enjoy” some pretty poor supermarket wine (South African red, very much bought at a cheap price point, but enjoyed by our hosts).

The 2010 Vina Ardanza we took with us remained unopened - so hoping for better (and a lot more interesting) next time we visit.

Attempted visit to riverside pub was also dashed as the road flooded. Grrr.


Some wines of our weekends in Ceret……

The Chapoutier was the stand out


Friday - had lunch in local pub/restaurant with our grandson Jack and his parents. Jack has reached 6 months of age and when I held him I was made aware of how much heavier he was than when we last saw him just a 6 weeks ago.

Mrs M wanted a savvie, and as there was no New Zealand savvie listed she chose this

NV Seapoint Sauvignon Blanc (South Africa, Western Cape)
which turned out to be a bulk-shipped South African without vintage or identity.

We wanted to give Jack the crocheted puppy we’d bought at a sheep-shearing fair in Fort Medoc on our Bordeaux river cruise last month.

He seemed to like it.

Saturday Our wine tasting club had a tasting of Moldovan wines presented by Irina of MoldovaWine.co.uk who, with her sister and brother-in-law, select and import these wines from her home country. Apart from one 100% Pinot Noir all the wines were from grape varieties originating from Moldova and Georgia on their own or in blends with international varieties. This was our first white:

2021 Novak Winery Alb de Onitcani (Moldova)

Very distinctive floral taste

Sunday - the aperitif was

N.V. Asquith Gardens (England)

This traditional method English sparkling wine was so cheap I wasn’t sure about it, but I needn’t have worried. Good fizz, tastes like it has a majority of black grape in it, very appetising. Now I wish I’d got more.

I’ve only got one 2015 vintage left, which is just perfect now, but with the roast lamb I decided to move on to the 2016s.

2016 Château Tour St Bonnet (Bordeaux, Médoc)

Lovely, opens up after decanting.

(Seapoint from Prae Wood Arms, Novak from Moldova Wines, Asquith from ASDA, Ch Tour St Bonnet from TWS)


it could always have been a bad bottle but to my senses it tastes very flat and lifeless. For want of a worse expression a boring bottle!


A curious tale of two wines for us today - a 2015 Vallone Castel Serranova; and a 2015 Savoir-Faire d’Autrefois Mourvèdre. With a roast single rib of beef & red wine sauce, yorkies & roasties etc.

The main wine was supposed to be the former; but in truth this is past its best really. Excellent in its prime, and still perfectly okay; but a bit of a veil over it with this bottle and not much going on. Rather bricking etc too. Shame.

The Mourvèdre on the other hand - golly gosh. I only opened this one to make the red wine sauce, having also recently found it squirreled away among the stored paving stones in our garage, along with the 2008 Averys Pioneer Range McLaren Vale Shiraz which we had last weekend.

I was similarly confident this too would have roasted to death over the summers in the garage etc, but blow me down for the second weekend in a row - also absolutely singing. A lovely balance of dark fruit & tannins, still fresh, and in a lovely spot.

I used to buy a lot of these as I enjoy my Mourvdres, and it was always a really good wine for the price I felt. I can vaguely remember some years ago buying some to hide away for a while to see what might become of them with some bottle-age. Well … it seems it’s also a very - with a nod to the pedantry thread - resilient wine for the price too.


When were you in Céret? We were close from 3-17 September and actually visited for a day during that time. The Museum of Modern Art is fascinating.

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Thanks @VinoVeritas ! :blush:

Open for drinking for sure, looking forward to trying the next bottle in a few years.

We pulled out this morning, what a lovely place , we we were staying with friends who were renting a place there. Yes we did the museum on Sunday…enjoyed a lot of it especially Picassos pottery. I think you can see why the artists gathered down that way as the light of the morning and evening was quite special.


Bit late to get to this but a couple of good bottles this weekend.

Argueso 1822 fino. Complex with quite pronounced flor flavours. £10 for a half bottle, pretty good value.

Delas Francois de Tournon St Joseph 2016. A good bottle but still quite oaky. Check again in a year’s time.

And a bottle of Nyetimber taken to new neighbours for housewarming drinks which got a bit out of hand - no other notes…


@gabehiggins - just in case you’ve not spotted it - back in stock [though it’s the 2021 vintage].

Not tried this wine myself [any vintage], but it is one I keep looking at & into; and your description has further piqued my interest!

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It’s good Beaujolais, relatively low risk

if you like the style also worth checking out wines by Chateau Thivin, also stocked by TWS from time to time. A little more powerful and age-worthy, but equally delicious.