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Weekend Drinking [16-19 Sept 22]

Bit late to start no?

On our way to the Apollo to see Olafur Arnalds but first a veal lasagne from the freezer and this white Rhone from 2016

Only halfway through the case which is my error as it’s getting on a bit. Less body and texture and maybe complexity as before, but still some lovely beeswax and lemon pith. Good wine.

Hope everyone is opening something nice over the weekend for HM Elizabeth II…


On the roof terrace in Jerez. A palomino Espumoso, Methode Ancestral, from Cadiz.

Not cloudy, just cold haze, attractive fruit/sour flavors.


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Daughter has finally started sleeping through the night this week after 8 months. Fingers crossed it continues.

Have a week off work now after just two days off in the last 3 months. So this to celebrate. Have a case of the 2019 but wanted to see where this was at.

It’s lovey! Was surprised at how approachable it was. Bit of barnyard funk on opening, but it’s settled and is so delicious. Smokey, some black fruit, a bit fatty. Just what I want in a good CH - and this is up there.

Happy Friday all. Enjoy your weekends whatever you are doing



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Lovely photo - very evocative; I can feel the late summer heat and cool wine…

This evening, I cooked scallops and prawns, with a potato cake, seared Little Gem, and a seafood, grape and verjus sauce. We drank a wine which we bought for a tasting of Rhône whites earlier in the year, but ended up not using - Christophe Pichon Condrieu, 2017.


Much as we decided at the time of the tasting, Northern Rhône whites tend to have more oak than we really go for. TWS says “oak used but not v. noticeable” - I’d like to know how much oak it needs to become “noticeable” :wink: . But the food rather tamed that, and we found it was definitely a wine to drink with something savoury rather than on its own. Full and rounded, peachy and apricot fruit (though as previously noted, rather hidden by the oak), and undoubtedly well made - but I’m not going to be rebuying any new vintage. But that’s more about our tastes, than about the quality of the wine.

Have a good weekend!


I’ve opened one of these for this evening - a 2019 Gumpoldskirchner Tradition from Johanneshof Reinisch. Enjoyed with a slightly spicy noodle dish I knocked up.

This is absolutely scrumptious stuff - a really harmonious and spot-on ying-yang of rich honeyed fruit & citrus acidity, but surprisingly crisp, light & lifted with it [relative to the richness and unctuousness of the fruit]. A slight lick of spice to further lift it.

Yum yum and then some; I could drink this all night, but there’s already not much left :~}


I’m with you! :+1: A regular feature in our wine rack - I tried a few other Gumpoldskirchener examples now, but Reinisch is the one I seem to go back to.
Their varietal Rotgipfler, not to mention the pricy but awesome Rotgipfler ‘Satzing’ (2016 is the one to look out for) are also happiness inducing wines :relieved:

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Sounds delicious. Are they Caesar’s Mushrooms? Amanita caesarea - Wikipedia

They were (delicious), and the Wiki link does resemble them, we asked the guy what they were called and he said something like ovita but that was in Slavonic so can’t be sure. A bag of a dozen were €10. The fact that we’re still not unwell this morning is reassuring …

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Last night’s local Wine Society fine wine tasting


How were they?


Having old friends for dinner tonight - pate, salmon, cheese and tiramisu with a Greek sparkler Debina and an Edna Valley pinot noir. Table looking good with the family silver on it!




Oh, so jealous. Love the place and VinoVertis is spot on re your snap!

James, from left to right: approachable/closed and disappointing/very fine and drinking well/unremarkable/ very fine and will be tremendous in 5-10 years.

I believe our member got them all from Laithwaites. I’m never convinced with their wines although number 3 and number 5 were very good indeed.


This was an excellent example of a second wine in a very good vintage!