Weekend drinking 16-18 Dec 2022

On the strength of Wetzer’s Furmint Somló I had last year, I thought I’d try this, the Spern Steiner Kékfrankos 2018. Excellent, really lovely and interesting. It’s a delightful dark ruby/purple and very perfumed nose of violets, cherries,plums, herbs, sweet spice, a touch gamey. Very rich plum and herbs flavours, good balance of acid and tannin, savoury as well. Touch of sweetness. Finish hangs around quite a while. It has a freshness and joyfulness about it, not too serious. Excellent


Been very curious about all the mixed reactions so opening this. Costumbres 2020 by Vinos en Voz Baja. Fairly muted nose of blueberries and violets, might take a while to open up. Fairly dark in the glass for Garnacha. Robust in the mouth, surprisingly tannic. More in common with Garnacha from Aragón than those from Navarra or Gredos?


Also opened this I agree tannic but I found the nose to be very inviting. Strawberries, herby. I am enjoying it.


After the disappointing Minimalist syrah last weekend a real treat. Mature, savory, nuanced. A pleasure to drink.

Gaillard Cote Rotie 2016.


Yes, has that sweet strawberry note you so often get with Garnacha. Kind of more structured, fuller and less focused on aroma than some others. Some herb & spice going on.

Just got this into the decanter to go with steak and ale pie. Craved some claret tonight, this was from a recent order and smells brilliant. Giving a 30 minute decant and look forward to having a this!


2018 Xanadu. Lovely winter wine, herbs on the nose, full bodied and plenty of dark fruit on the palate.
Happy weekend everyone!


I too have a bottle of this, but not for opening this weekend.

The reason for posting is that I was organising my fridge yesterday and noticed this

The level looks fine but has someone sneaked a sip with a Coravin?


This is ageing very well and I’m sure will continue to improve, I just need to keep my hands off the last couple of bottles.

TWS have the 2021 in stock, price has gone up a fair bit since I bought this case!


Moved on to some pretty cool climate Syrah from Elgin: Solace by Iona. Cranberry tartness, red fruits, black pepper and dry ginger. Very drinkable. Easy entry :rofl:


Hope it’s a keeper have a 6 pack in reserves! What do you think @RJackson ?


After a few wineless days

I think this was probably one of my last Majestic purchases and I keep thinking I should venture back again soon.

Darker colour than I expected. Powerful cherry/cherry cola aroma with a sort of dark chocolate background. Similar flavours with a gently dry tannic touch. Thoroughly decent wine.


To mark the start of two weeks of vinous hedonism here ( er, In my defence, there are a couple of historical reasons for doing so )…

…a Felton Road ‘Block 5’ Pinot Noir 2014.

A medium ruby, fading to garnet, with a watery rim in the glass. Fragrant and floral with aromas of violets, red cherry, bramble berry and redcurrant fruit, cinnamon and sandalwood, and a savoury mossy / damp soil quality on the nose. All those notes carryover onto the supple textured, smoky and deeply savoury, medium bodied palate Fruit flavours blossom in intensity on the taste buds after tasting and then seem to fan out on the finish. Fresh acidity and firmly ripe tannins provide the structure for further development should one wish.

Dinner was, duck breast, parmentier potatoes, etc…

…hardly a sophisticated plate of food but I was happy with how it tasted and it was a decent match to the wine too.


And just when I thought it couldn’t get any colder… the boiler has gone and broken :roll_eyes:

I feel like a Baldrick speech on Blackadder coming on, but have you ever tried to get hold of a plumber when literally every boiler on earth is also breaking, it’s a weekend and it’s coming up to Christmas?

So, to try to pretend it’s summer in the Med (surrounded by Halogen heaters, under a blanket and wearing my bob hat) we’re having fresh grilled Sardines (a thousand thank yous Morrisons for having them) with Chermouleh and this little number…

Bought in Argostoli earlier this year, I can almost feel the sea spray coming up off the bay as the wind whips in (and frankly, I’m sticking to that!). A lovely entry-level Santorini, which in plain speak means it’s never going to be cheap, but you know what you’re getting, a sort of lean muscularity, concentrated-but-lipsmacking. I’ll be honest, this acted as cannon fodder lest I crack a more expensive version :grinning:

And then to follow (maybe to up the blood temperature?)…

Which surprisingly split the room. I admit to having been underwhelmed by pretty much every other previous Planeta wine I’ve had, but I’m really enjoying this - plenty of florals and aromatics, a decent level of concentration, I think this is a really well judged wine. My partner doesn’t. In this instance, I’m afraid she doesn’t know what she’s talking about!

Happy weekend everyone, may your boilers stay whole :smiley:


Mrs Robertd requested that I cook grilled squid with lemongrass and chilli, and fregola risotto. But the packet of fregola that I thought was in the cupboard wasn’t, and my normal source didn’t have any :frowning: . Fortunately not really a problem (and very much a First World one anyway) as I managed to buy some giant couscous which was an excellent stand-in in terms of texture, if not having quite the same nutty taste. We drank a bottle of Marcel Deiss Zellenberg, 2018.

Ripe citrus fruit, a touch of spice, smoke and honey, a little residual sugar to fill the mouth, and a good acidity on the finish. Just the ticket.

Have a good pre-Christmas weekend!


Alfred Gratien Brut Millesimé 2002. Bottle opened with a phut, . Short fizz. Gold colour and worried that this was past it. Nose of marmalade, touch of truffle oatmeal and apple. In the mouth, no more than a tingly petillance. This had great intensity, Seville orange marmalade, pineapple and red apple. Earthy undernotes along with the oats. Came over as off dry in a Vouvray style. Nuts and cream to follow. Finished long and clean. My best (and inevitably last) of a six pack from back in the day. Didn’t last long. Wow.


Has your boiler condensation drain pipe blocked with ice …. It’s an inch wide pipe exiting the outside wall near boiler …I’ve had this happen and it shuts the boiler down …. Hot water to unblock does the trick ….


This 2013 Barbera d’asti at Osteria Ovada just off the Finchley Road between West and Non-West Hampstead. From the owner’s vineyard.

Quite unique restaurant. Very unprepossessing from the outside. Very cozy and friendly inside, the sort of place where all the guests are or have become friends of the owner, who wanders around offering jokes and later grappa. Careful home cooking is prepped by an Italian mamma who tells you what’s on the menu and watches eagerly from the kitchen to see if you’re enjoying it. Never saw a written menu or wine list anywhere. Big plate of antipasti with excellent mortadella and prosciutto as well as various tasty vegetable things; linguine ai frutti di mare; osso buco; a (shared) tiramisu; and so we rolled home. No 2-hour slots, we were there nearly four hours.

My friend and I both thought the house manager said the Barbera was only bottled last month - seems highly unlikely, can this be true? It was very good. Not sure I’ve had Bd’A with that much age before.


Ah, if only life were so simple…I’m afraid our boiler is a little more knackered than that (however, spending an evening up a ladder in the freezing cold doing just that, in the vain hoped that would solve it, were dashed over the phone by a plumber saying ‘the problems you’re describing aren’t the condenser’). :roll_eyes:


Savage white 2021 . 30%Sauvignon Blanc 70%Semillon. Passion fruit, saline, grapefruit pith, salty finish, great focus and nuances.
After a week without any wine, this is a real treat to palate and soul.