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Weekend Drinking 15th - 17th May, 2020

I survived! 12 oysters and all my blood still where it should be!

The wine was like drinking a slightly appley rock pool, in the best possible way. Searingly acidic, minerals, iodine and green apples. Exactly what I needed.


First bottle from my mystery case opened.

12 months in American and French oak followed by nearly 10 years in bottle.

The colour is typical Rioja, the nose typical Rioja (ahhhhhh I’m back in Haro with every smell) and on the palate typical Rioja. Just what I needed after a very long week at work.


Wine free night for a big change…Exmouth Gold Pale Ale with Scampi and Fries…trying to recreate the pub supper…so went with a beer.
Nice for a change…back to normal tomorrow I think …:thinking:


What is this thing you speak of?

To be honest not sure if it’s my dyslexia or my wine consumption but I read this as free wine night and got excited


Very sorry to read your news. Quite right to celebrate the good times and treasure the memories.


Yes, what a dreadful time for both of you - so unfortunate to happen so close to each other. Just echoing @Winestwit - hope the champagne can bring out the happiness and good times.

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You BEAUTY!!! Thank you SOOO much @jcintheboro!!!


@tom, I am so very sorry ! What a horrible time this is for you both. Sending you both love xx


So sorry to hear that, Tom, and at a time when it’s so much harder to connect with family. I hope you can hold on to the good memories together.

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Proving once again that Alsace wine works well with fish, tonight :wink:

I baked some turbot, and served with braised Little Gem lettuce, clams, and a lemon and tarragon butter sauce made with riesling, fish stock, and the juice from the clams.

We drank Louis Sipp Riesling Hagel 2013 (which I didn’t cook with). It’s bone dry, with quite a mineral and petrolic hit to start; but then lots of lemon and lime fruit became apparent quite quickly, and a long finish. Funny, because often I find it the other way round - you get the citrus first, with the mineral side developing later.

The vineyard is on steep granite slopes on the edge of the forest, resulting in a cooler microclimate which keeps the wine lighter. Being next to the trees also has its disadvantages, though. The Sipps told us the story that one year (2012, I think), everything was set fair for the harvest, until at almost the last minute wild boar came down from the forest and ate all the grapes, so no Hagel that year. Winemaking truly is at the mercy of nature.


Late finish to a short work week tonight; took Monday and Tuesday off, and paid for it… so I’ve just dug this out of the Troll cave:

Second of three from Ridgeview Crown Jewells Case (bought 2018)

Thinking of you and yours @Tom, with deepest sympathy and best wishes.


Barthod Bourgogne Rouge 2017 - really hit the spot tonight. Needed 30-60 minutes open to really get going but it was a cracking BR in the classic mould. Raspberry fruited with a bit of plum, and a very acidic backbone that is sometimes exactly what you want rather than a deeper fruited, less hard-edged village or premier cru. Some might say this is too expensive at £25 DP, I think it is well worth it for the pleasure it gives (if you like the style of course).

I think we enjoyed it even more because of a disastrous bottle yesterday evening. Chandon de Briailles Serpentieres 2017 . It started off a bit soapy and rubbery on the nose and thinking it was reduction I let it air in the glass. Similar on the palate it wasn’t very pleasant with a cideriness on the finish too. Over the course of a few hours it got worse and became very rubbery and cidery. Left a glass until this morning and it was still the same. I assume it must be a sort of permanent reduction.


Sorry for your loss

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Coume del mas Schistes rouge 2017 this evening to accompany homemade quesadillas and collapsing in front of a movie - a perfect Friday night!

Wine is 100% Grenache noir and is delicious. Lots of cherry, plum and softened tannins, this is deceptively easy drinking :wine_glass:


Carried it all the way back from SW France and now wishing I’d bought more :cry:


Tonight, I’ve been having this:

I had a few bottles of this last year and found it a bit tight and stand-offish. Like a fool, I wondered if it was the vintage, as 2014 is said to be a weaker one.

Wrong. I’d been too impatient. Just a year on, maybe less, this is like a different wine. Off come the edges and out come the tertiary wonders - it’s lovely.

A valuable lesson for Mr Impatient, then: don’t rush the Barolo. Now I’m hoping I have one or two more of these squirrelled away somewhere.


Very sorry Indeed to read your post Tom. My condolences to you and your wife. Nice that you are celebrating their lives with something special.


We brought a bottle of the same wine back with us from a holiday down that way too a few years back. Probably an earlier vintage. I had it in my hand last weekend but decided on a Domaine Madeloc Magenca instead. So still got it waiting for us. Glad to read your report. We bought it at a great little wine festival that we saw advertised locally. We were the only Brits there, had a great time. Also bought ( and have already enjoyed) one of their whites.

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@Inbar - I have finally got around to opening the Marselan from Uruguay. This one comes from Canelones, which is about 40 minutes from the centre of Montevideo. Bodega Varela Zarranz was established in 1888, hence the name of this limited production wine - 2486 bottles were made according to the back label. After fermentation in an open oak barrica, this wine spent 6 months in barrel. Reportedly 13.8% vol.

For us this would make a great pasta wine with that hint of black cherry bitterness as well as plum. We really enjoyed this - it was a fascinating wine to taste. My notes were: Opaque centre, purple rim. Medium, full nose. Enticing - plum and black currants. Hints of strawberry. Vanilla and black cherry. Dry palate. Medium acidity. Soft tannins. Really interesting - just like nose. Rounded and balanced. Ripe fruit. Fig. Prunes. Stewed plums. Long finish. Slightly annoying wax capsule, which was difficult to remove.



I just caught up with your heart breaking post. :cry:

May I offer you and your better half, my sincere commiserations at this most difficult of times.
Many here, I am sure have suffered a similar loss, and I hope that the fellowship that we all receive through this Community might provide some distracting support; when we need it most. :cry:


Very sorry to hear your news this morning. Please accept our heartfelt condolences.