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Weekend Drinking 15th - 17th May, 2020

And off we go, White Burgundy will be my focus this weekend, that is rare enough!


I have a Pays Nantes Folle Blanc in the fridge for later. Brain went shuck it, so I’ve just had some oysters (and a load of other seafood) delivered.

If you don’t hear from me ever again, I’ve done myself a mischief trying to open them.


I’m looking forward to these. Found a Boerwurst for BBQ and a side of salmon coming out the smoker tomorrow.


Ooh from where?? I have some muscadet that needs drinking :wink:



Apparently chainmail gloves and / or gauntlets are available for the clumsy shuckers amongst us! :open_mouth: :blush: :wink:
Maybe these products may save us from losing a valuable, contributing Member! :wink:


Wright Brothers trade, who are currently doing London only, sorry. They only started last week, so previous orders have been from https://simplyoysters.com/ who are also great, and deliver nation wide.

I’ve not tried them since quarantine started, so not sure what they’re like now, but previously they were great.


Great thanks @strawpig, I’ve been looking for a fish delivery service for a few days now ! Will try these :muscle:.

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Leah, I may be mistaken, but are you based in the North East? If so, Hodgson’s of Hartlepool (fish supplier to many top restaurants in the North) have a delivery service.


We’re going for a Riesling taste-off tonight. Tasmania vs Rheinegau


Clean, pure, slightly sweet, good aperitif.


I remember when weekends were much further apart and Saturdays seemed to take forever to arrive.

Now weekends seem to be neighbours. So, back to the thread. This is what we are having this weekend.

Friday 15 May
with penne, cherry tomato & basil sauce with crispy grilled aubergine slices and mixed salad
2018 Casa Vinicola The Wine Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Italy, Abruzzio)
bought from TWS.


Saturday 16 May
with Waitrose southern fried chicken goujons, boiled potatoes and home made spicy baked beans
2016 Del Gatto Estates Pinotage Odyssey (Canada, Ontario, Prince Edward County VQA)
Bought from winery

Sunday 17 May

N.V. Pongrácz Methode Cap Classique Cuvée Brut (South Africa, Western Cape)
Bought from Amazon.

with roast beef, roast parsnip and potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding, steamed cauliflower, carrots, & broccoli, and gravy
2013 Ernie Els Proprietor’s Blend (South Africa, Stellenbosch)
Bought from winery.

We have TWS Montepulciano every time we have pasta, which is most weeks.

Pongracz comes in a lovely shaped bottle that won’t fit in racks or stack on its side. In the Cape we buy half-bottles for aperitifs from the winery. Unfortunately this year the winery restaurant was closed and will reopen as a pizza and Italian, something which there is no lack of in the Cape. Shame, we enjoyed going there. Every table is set with Champagne glasses because the wine list has about 15 sparkling wines and only one token still red and white wine from another winery. Luckily we can get bottles here from Amazon.

Another disappointment this year was the Ernie Els winery was still closed, sadly they are changing the tasting room and installing a new gourmet restaurant with a ‘name’ chef. The 2013 Proprietors Blend blend of 4 Bdx varieties plus Shiraz.
(later edit: I found a note from when I bought the wine : it’s actually Cab + Shiraz and 4 other Bdx varieties - 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Shiraz, 5% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc, 5% Malbec, 5% Petit Verdot)


Quite right. We should do all we can to keep our members from being maimed


Not letting me buy oysters in the first place would be a start.

I have a long tradition of injuring myself in odd ways at around the same time as I’ve done something dangerous. I once drunkenly sabred a bottle of fizz with a kitchen knife, no problem, then shredded my hand cleaning up afterwards. I’ll let you know what the oyster shucking equivalent is shortly.


Maybe oysters are NOT so dangerous in themselves, it might be over enthusiastic Shuckers inadvertently maiming themselves!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :wink: :+1:

You are not alone, in the self-maiming department!! :open_mouth:
I worked with a lad, who amputated the middle 3 fingers on one hand (down to the first joint), whilst over-enthusiastically cutting a board on a circular saw bench. It must be said that a surgeon could not have done such a tidy job! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: The very thought brought a tear :cry: to my eye!! :wink:


Spent one valentine’s evening many years ago - probably the last time I celebrated it :roll_eyes: - cursing with my hand under a freezing cold tap


Probably (hopefully?) the last winter warmer of the season. Warming, ripe fruit and clear oak notes. Not as obviously alcohol dominated as the last bottle we had. Probably not for keeping much longer (slightly sawdusty note on the aroma but no sign on the palate).


Continuing my year of aged nv boizel halves. This month celebrating two much loved women - my granny died today and my wife’s yesterday, for both of us the last grandparent. Remembering all the happy times together.

Wine developing nicely, smelt of toffee apples.


We’re kicking off the weekend with some Loire fizz. Simple but effective, bright, lemon sherbet, pear. Good vfm.


I’m truly sorry to hear that, I hope the two of you are doing ok and are looking back on all the fond memories