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Weekend drinking 14-16 February 2020


Thanks, I’ll put it on the ‘hit list’ then!


We have had this personalised bottle of Sparkling Rose sitting in the kitchen cupboard since our engagement in 2013. Decided to pop the Cork yesterday rather than just stare at it till eternity (also to make space for the Pol Roger Vintage mixed case that is sitting in my TWS reserves). To be honest I was prepared for the worst, but was pleasantly surprised. There is some fizz left, but the underlying wine is quite drinkable with a slight hint of oxidation that actually added to rather than taken away from the enjoyment.

A bit of internet trawling (not trolling) reveals that it is a Grenache and Gamay blend bottled by an outfit who specialise in fizz (including Champagne).

Complemented our slightly conservative cheeseboard nicely.


Very happy to have kicked off the weekend with another Foundry Roussanne. Simply the best value wine I have tasted for many a moon.

Followed this up with a Martin Wassmer Spatburgunder.

I know that this is well regarded around these parts but I found the initial attack and acidity a little much. It did seem to settle down after an hour or two and hoping when I re-visit the wine today that it will be more to my taste.


Would never have thought to pair sparkling rose with a cheeses. Looks inspired (as does you cheese board).


Preparing as well as possible for the storm. Last week power went off for the whole of Sunday, so expecting worse this weekend. Log burner lit, two open fires lit, candles ready. Will finish yesterday’s 2006 Bourgneuf first and then follow with my final bottle of 2002 Angludet. Sometimes I am really pleased that Mrs Jos only drinks white wine!


Haven’t tried the 2017 of the Wassmer - the 2015 was a fairly ripe example, with if anything sweet fruit dominating and relatively low acidity for a PN. 2016 has a little less fruit and more acidity, perhaps more typical for a PN from a relatively cool location.


Champagne as an aperitif and with Coquilles St Jacques. Zero dosage but enough fruit to compensate for the lack of sugar. Both really enjoyed. Last bottle from my mix 6 growers case. Would definitely buy again.
The Coonawarra, drinking very nicely. Could easily last to its 20th birthday. A solar vintage. Bottle 5 of 6. With lamb rack, dauphinoise and asparagus.
Tonight it’s pizza huddled on the sofa with this.
My 1st of 12 so keen to road test to gauge when I should look to drink the rest.

Tomorrow night, it’s more lamb. This time roasted, at the in laws and I’m taking these


North Brewing Sputnik.


Two very contrasting experiences with dinner last night. The Chablis was, in a word, disappointing. Tart with no great bouquet or structure. Duff bottle? I hope so as there are 5 more in the cellar.

The Barbera Aves by contrast was stunning - with the added weight of the 2017 vintage. Thick, tarry fruit with nicely ripe tannins. Perfect with a medium rare rib eye. Burlotto really make some cracking wine beyond Barolo.


Cracking beer, you at one their bars by any chance?


This later on with a slow cooked venison shank

We have half a bottle of fizz from last night to finish first so just pondering which cocktail to go for🤔


I have one 2009 of this left. Probably time to broach it, but WS windows are notoriously short, and 09 was a pretty good vintage.


We have 6 more of this vintage to go after this bottle. It is wine we have really enjoyed without it being too stellar or demanding. Beautifully smooth with great fruit flavours.


The 2001 was still going strong when we drank the last bottle around 2016. I bought the 2016 EP and won’t be surprised if it lasts even longer…


Yes, I 've only just finished the 07 recently. The WS windows are too short for many of these wines.

In fact main problem is drinking them too early. The owners recommend waiting 5 years for it, more in a good vintage. Sweet spot is often 8-10 years.


That fits with my experience. The 2016 will be staying in reserves until at least 2023 or 2024.


Just finishing the last glass of the '09 Chasse Spleen I opened on Monday. A week in the eto and there’s no hint of tiredness; if anything it has improved with every glass; definitely mellowed out, velvety smooth with a lovely finish. Bodes well for keeping the other two bottles I have of this vintage for a few more years.


The last bottle is always the best! Well not always with White Burgundy but it is true in this case. Everything you could ask for in a mature Meursault, honeyed lemon, a hint if butteriness and a nutty character. Rich lemon zest finish. It reminds me of what we miss these days through having to commit to drinking them earlier than we used to…


We started the evening with a smashing Vouvray Brut ‘La Dilettante’ made by Catherine and Pierre Breton:

Why I don’t drink more sparkling Vouvray is beyond me. It will be rectified, though – especially as we shall be visiting the Loire in April. This is a flavoursome sparkling wine, with delicate mousse, and notes of honey, orchard fruit, a touch of freshly baked pastry and lemon pie on both nose on palate. Creamy, but zesty with a long tingling and mineral-y finish, it isn’t particularly cheap but worth every penny. If I remember correctly, @bargainbob enjoyed it recently too…?

This was followed by a 2017 Montsant, from Capçanes Mas Collet, another Spanish wine which invited the ‘how much?!’ exclamation:

What a lovely wine! Spicy (cinnamon, clove) and fruity (plum, blackcurrant, prune, cherries), but without compromising structure and interest. Dusty tannins and medium acidity frame it nicely, and we both felt this could easily improve further with a few more years in bottle. A real bargain for £9.95! You really do get more bang for your buck with Montsant.

Happy weekend! :wine_glass: :slightly_smiling_face:


Continuing head cold means more spicy chinese with this good value Kabinett, anything too fancy would be lost on me, but this seems up to the same quality as the last few vintages: