Weekend drinking 14-16 February 2020

Here goes the weekend

Blimey, this is amazing. Flowers and apricots. Still young and probably in need of a few more years, but terrific right now. Liberated from Marks & Spencers for a good price, just five more to go. Heaven.



A bit of a head cold, but this was nice with a simple bit of pasta and salad.

Afterwards as its Valentines we are sipping this which is delightful, all apricots and herbs.

Lyriakis Liastos 2015



After all the posts on Cornas earlier this week I thought given the lack of love for Vincent Paris’s wines I should broach this:

Nothing like as bad as I feared (though admittedly not in the top league of northern Rhône Syrah). Spicy/smokey nose with just a hint of meatiness. Nice dark fruit, a hint of chocolate and ripe but grippy tannin (which would probably resolve into better balance with a few more years). Good but not as complex as the best, maybe more more St Jo than Cornas.


The Lyrarakis wine you linked sounds fab !

I bought a couple of bottles of their Voila Assyrtiko 2018 last week but unfortunately there’s no mention of it on their website that I could find.

More soon on that one !


I opened this one today. Wonderful mature wine, still drinking very well.


I finished my six pack of the same wine last year, couldn’t agree more. I only wish I had more.

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Trying a bottle of this for the first time, from TWS bin ends. First surprise is the clarity and amazingly light colour. It almost matches some of the darker rosé wines. To me the nose is a mixture of cherry and bacon! To drink it’s very dry, about half the way to mouth puckering. Cherry, earth, perhaps slightly medicinal. Sounds rather unpleasant but despite the strange description it’s rather enjoyable and very interesting. An unusual wine.


I have a half case of the 2009 which I haven’t broached yet. Looking forward to it.

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My last of 6 bottles of this and enjoyed every one! Need to try some of the 2015 now.


2013 vintage of this tonight.

With steamed halibut (Mrs C) and steamed monkfish (me), saffron sauce, jasmine rice and stir fried Chinese vegetables.

This is the first time for a long while that I’ve had that kerosene and lime hit straightaway.

Two years since I’ve tasted this and the extra bottle age has definitely helped. Superb, with a long lingering bone dry finish.



I was worried that this would be getting a bit long in the tooth but it’s aged nicely, a bit more savoury now, more herbal on the finish, but still nicely balanced. Has that cola nut overtone which seems to go with all wines grown in volcanic soils.


Great start to the weekend with my current favourite aperitif.

*50ml Tanquerray Sevilla Gin
*50ml Aperol
*Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic



I am TOTALLY coming to yours for dinner !! :yum::yum:

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Think this is bottle 4 of 12. Ticks all the mid-price left-bank claret boxes. Yum :+1:


Last night, Bollinger La Grande Année Rose 2007 at a hotel. Curious offer, buy one, get the room, a 3 course meal and breakfast free. My note:

Light salmon/copper colour. Brief mousse before the wine settled into a sustained fine perle. Chilled to around 12c. Nose, earthy, savoury notes with fresh red fruit, trace of the bakery. In the mouth we had good red fruit, strawberry, cherry. Seemed like a low sugar wine where the fruit was the star. Very well balanced acidity, some biscuit notes at the back. Still fresh and very, very easy to drink even though it gave me a lot to think about. Probably the best vintage rosé I’ve had.


The Liberator, Episode 18 “p.s. I love you”. Bought for the name. A petit syrah from South Africa which is warm, fruity, baked red plum and spice. Somewhat in the Primitivo mould. Short but sweet and fitting for the occassion. Cheers all.


When I first saw the photo, I thought why is there a pimento stuffed silverskin onion in that? :smile:


Drinking this tonight - something to do with the date!

Had time for a few notes: Light yellow, gold. Fine mousse. Persistent. Clean nose. Intense. Brioche. Mature ripe fruit. Lemon, grapefruit. Clean palate. Dry. High acidity. Rich. Biscuity. Delicious. Long finish. Lovely champagne that clearly includes a good portion of aged wine.


I have this too, ready to drink or do you think it will improve with a bit more time?

Both Mrs A and I have a stinking cold tonight, so I made stir-fried bacon and bamboo plus cabbage and salted chilli (both Fuschia Dunlop recipes) and we drank this with it - could only occasionally get a hint of tropical aroma, but at least we can still enjoy the medium sweetness, the viscosity and the bitter finish.


Here is the bacon and bamboo recipe - it’s very easy and insanely tasty.



Fell asleep with half a glass left and after a few hours in the glass it now smells and tastes very earthy. I don’t really know, but without much reason to say this, no, I don’t think it will get better. I have another bottle and I won’t be trying to keep it for any length of time.