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Weekend Drinking [05-07 Feb 21] Or *WET FEB*

Weekend line up, the Riesling with salt and pepper chicken tonight and the Burgundy’s with Simon Rogan at home on Saturday


Hmm. My first premoxed German. Thought they were indestructible. Second thoughts required. Pity.


Broke my last good pair of glasses, so opened something I thought would cheer me up. Delightful with a lentil cottage pie. Lovely perfume, brick red, berry fruits and stones. Think I preferred the Cottanera but this is very good too.


Happy Friday !
The Barolo needs no introduction and I think this is the last bottle of this case. Very elegant and with plenty of finesse. Pretty wine


On this tonight and it’s disappearing fast - been one of those weeks.

Easy to like but I would usually prefer a bit more ‘fatness’ in my Northern Rhône whites.


Starting with this tonight:

I had forgotten how good this was. Mrs Tim tends to have a glass of TWS Cava as an aperitif (whilst I have a beer), and has tonight sharply questioned why this isn’t the house fizz. I originally claimed the £2.50 price difference, but actually it’s now halved as the Samur hasn’t suffered in the recent uplifts. I am duly chastised.


I was given this Chateauneuf du Pape from Usseglio by a french friend. Whilst very firm when opened, it developed beautifully and accompanied our rump steak perfectly.

Deep red centre, almost opaque. Red rim. Fine legs. Medium plus nose. Black fruit, black currant, blueberry, blackberry. Hints of vanilla and smoke. Full palate, firm tannins, fresh acidity. Tannins a little overwhelming when opened but ripe fruit was hiding in the background. Developed rich black fruit characteristics. Hints of white pepper. Earthy. Long finish. Still very young - shame I only had one bottle!


It’s great stuff. The Saumur Rose is also brilliant.


Tonight we’ve had our usual saumur fizzy Friday aperitif then with dinner we’re having a glass of this. It’s pretty cheap and so not expecting too much but I find the vanilla too heavy handed, nice cherries and acidity though.


I love Usseglio and have some of this in the cellar, looks like it might be time to open one after reading your notes. Their old vine Grenache and the Part Des Anges cuvees are also wonderful.


Seems to be a few Italian wines cracked open these evening.

Happy to add this into the mix.

A recent TWS purchase and a bit of a crowd pleaser. At least it would be if we were allowed a crowd!

I will always love the grainy tannins associated with Sangiovese and this wine delivers that with generous red berry and rather juicy fruit.

At £20 a bottle, it is locking horns with some pretty decent chianti but I think offers something different and is rather fun.


Same here @Leah. Fabulous wine, well worth the splash-out.


Bottle #2 a bit of a disappointment - not awful but rather dull. Anyone else tried this? Diam closure, otherwise I would have suspected cork taint as the aromatics seem very muted. Decent palate but no fireworks.


This evening, I cooked some bream, with courgette tagliatelle, toasted hazelnuts and a hazelnut, grapefruit and mint dressing. We drank the second of the bottles of Scheurebe from the 2018 Hans Wirsching Iphofer Kronsberg mixed case, the discovery of which was one of our highlights of last year.

These are lovely wines, and I will certainly be re-buying if/when the new vintage is offered. There’s a slight sweetness to the citrus fruit - more grapefruit than lemon, which picked out the sauce - but it’s not at all heavy, and has a lightness of touch, without losing substance or length. Easy to drink with or without food, and very good.

Happy Weekend!


Nice take away Goan Curry from Sam’s in Hammersmith and a lovely glass of lLes Deux Albion Chateau St Cosmé.


Gone for the Bogle Merlot 2017:

Quite pale in colour. Sweet and jammy, but some liquorice and vanilla as well. Spicy and hot, which might be the 14.5% alcohol.

I mean, it’s all right, I guess. A bit smooth-but-dull. Like Radio 2 in a bottle. But some people like that thing.

Might go better with a tomato based dish.


Lovely mature bottle of fizz followed by a S.A. pleasure (much enjoyed) with grilled sea bass and green beans.


I opened one of these on Christmas Eve with roast beef and yes unfortunately it was far too young. Not a very enjoyable experience.

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One more vote @Leah I had a bottle last month and it was gorgeous!


Was it the 2018? If so, sounds very different from our experience about a month ago! Bottle variation, maybe? My notes here.