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Weekend Drinking [05-07 Feb 21] Or *WET FEB*


We’re getting ready for a lockdown party to celebrate the end of Dry January. We have a joint of Sirloin on the bone from Waitrose and other bits and pieces. Mother-in-law is bubbled and will be staying over so we are cooking up a storm and trying to have some fun with it.

This morning I stood up 3 wines as I forgot to earlier in the week. I’ll see who has settled best in time for dinner and decant ~2 hours before we serve the beef:

I was originally planning on the Hermitage for tonight, but having only taken delivery just before Christmas the sediment is still all over the place. I stood it up this morning but I’m doubtful that it will clear in time.

First backup is the '11 Pomerol. This has been on its back since we moved into our house in 2016. Wines from the cellar which have been down for this long have most of the sediment nicely ‘caked’ onto the back and are normally a very clear pour.

Backup is the '08 Weinert Cab. These don’t ever drop much in the way of sediment, but often need a few hours to show nicely so will have to open it early if we go down this route.


I love the Weinert, if you do end up opening the Hermitage over the weekend let us know how it is as I have a bottle waiting it’s chance :+1:.
Oh and welcome back to the dark side :laughing:.


Foundry will be drunk tonight. I have a zoom call with friends tomorrow as it is one of their birthdays - tends to get a bit out of hand so I won’t be drinking anything too interesting (maybe just a few beers) - but Sunday will be the Cote Rotie or Bordeaux - depends on food


We had this at Christmas, was delicious


Would be interested to know how the burgaud is - I have a few of those and wondering how they’re doing.

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Will be sure to let you know David :+1:t2:

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Excited to drink my first bottle of LdH Gravonia tonight - it’s been high on my wish list for ages… on opening it just now, and of course having a tiny taste, I’m amazed how similar it smells and tastes to LdH Cubillo! Terroir/winery influence even bigger than the colour and variety of the grape?!


Just popped an M&S Ridgeview Marksman, because it was on offer at only £15. It’s really sweet and fruity but after reading the thread on wine pages I keep trying to decide if its suffered from lightstrike or not. Doesn’t taste of wool or cabbage. Or does it?

Just an everyday Rhone tonight, prob with a Chinese takeaway:


Not with much enthusiasm as it is very ordinary, dull even. Much reduced pre-Christmas which makes me wonder. The current price (£44) is ludicrous.


What Espresso machine you got? I’ve got a Londinium I (original version) here.

Looking good for the weekend


Quick Mill Verona from Milan. Eureka Speciality Atom 65 grinder.


This is more like it, a 100% Grenache from Turner Pageot, in the Spanish Gredos style, a mile away from a CdP. Light, savoury, aromatic, complex. From Leon Stolarski.


I am ashamed to say I know nothing about this grower other than to say he makes classic Barolo. Intense aromas of red fruit, charred wood, Big ripe tannins that grip the inside of your cheeks like a prop forward in a set scrum. high acidity, packed fruit.


I have the Baratz encore burr grinder…superb. the small De Longhi espresso machine is poor. Milk frother is temperamental. Not good.
I Buy Onyx Lab coffee beans. V. expensive but divine.


Kicking things off with this cremant from a mystery case. Great stuff actually - impressively long finish, good with epoisses!


Really enjoying a glass of this. Probably the lightest and most delicate Chilean PN I’ve had. Plenty of flavour though. Cherries and strawberries with something more savoury underneath. Lots of complexity for this price. Excellent!


Sometimes you have to remind yourself that there are simple pleasures still to be had in the wine world… I doubt prices in Marcillac will ever spike, or there be a gold rush like I just witnessed after an email about Barbaresco :grinning:

With Haggis, neeps and tatties (and recommended to pair by Rose Murray Brown MW, no less).


Just opened a 2017 Barbaresco from WS.

Two more tucked away for a few years but I couldn’t resist the impulse to open one. Apparently the vineyard is in a Unesco World Heritage site, and on this evidence that’s only right and proper. A rich and fruity, if for me unclassifiable, nose, not too much tannin bite on the palate - I wish I could keep in my mouth for ever - and a smooth follow-through. Holds togethrer well - just lovely.