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That does sound good, and very much to my taste, so thanks for the tip !

Try adding some preserved lemon, too - I do that sometimes, and it really makes a difference.


It’s the real deal - made in Tunisia from chillies, lemon, cumin and caraway seeds. Not the bland rubbish mainly made from pureed beetroot and carrots that many supermarkets sell at a far higher price.

It’s the one!

This one’s my favourite. Always have one in the fridge:



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I agree, the Belazu rose Harissa makes a great dip mixed into yoghurt, and good for a chicken marinade. For a cous-cous (French style) I reckon the Phare du Cap Bon has considerably more impact & doesnt loose its spice & heat for a long cook. And… that’s Sunday supper sorted !

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The same here along with their slightly milder Apricot Harissa.

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Harrisa is, as you say, truly versatile. I must give the Phare du Cap Bon a go! :+1:

One of my favourite uses for the Belazu one is mixing it into a bowl of giant couscous (aka Israeli couscous, or Maftoul) and adding Feta, black olives and roasted red peppers. Makes for a great side dish, or even just a light supper by itself.

Another great Belazu product is their date molasses (in Israel we call it Silan - which is actually the Arab word for it). Great on crumpets, but also excellent in salad dressings, stirred into yoghurts etc.