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Weekday Wine 5th - 8th September 2022


One of these for us for the next few evenings this week - a 2018 Thymiopoulos Naoussa Xin.

This is I think the 3rd or 4th of these I’ve gone through now, and this is probably the best to date - in a very good place right from the off, though I’m sure lots to come yet of this bottle and of the others in the stash.

Quite sweet but not too much so, obvious but harmonious fruit kept in check with that nice Xin dryness, that slight tomato leaf thing, and the tannins behaving nicely - there & obvious most certainly, but quite calm for how they can be with some of these at such a relatively youthful age. For my tastes, all very nicely in balance, and hard to think of a better red wine for the money in my book and to my tastes, especially on this mellow slightly Autumnal evening.

Another 9 to go, probably at 1 or 2 a year.


Agree and would recommend the Dalamara


I’ve been umming & aarghing about the Dalamara as I’ve already got quite a lot of Xinomavro stashed away [by my standards anyway]. However, I can’t help but notice a lot of very favourable words about it and it’s still there some weeks now after appearing. What to do …

Is it in the same “relatively approachable” field as this one, would you say? I certainly like my tannins, but for instance found the Ktima Foundi a bit OTT for how I like my Xins.

I like the fact that wife enjoys this one too - she often finds many of the reds that I tend to enjoy rather too dry & ascetic for her tastes.


Last time I had it was over a year ago but from memory the Thymiopoulos is more approachable.
Tannins in the Dalamara are more evident however the whole package is one level above.
On my top 5 red wines of the year


A rare Monday bottle - the last of our 6 Mark Haisma Bogan in Bogandy 2019. Just very pleasurable drinking, the gamay-pinot noir blend works beautifully here, I wonder why it is not more common notwithstanding French traditionalism of course.


Anybody else a fan of million dollar Bogan on YouTube …???

Bourgogne Passetoutgrains is an AOC for red PN and Gamay blends (can also be rosé) and is fairly common. I think that Bogan is also that.


I did not know that - thank you

He sells as it as ‘Coteaux Bourgignons’ which Google tells me is a smartened-up name for Bourgogne Grand Ordinaire - don’t know if that is in effect the same or not

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Looks like I did not memorise the Bogan back label. I think Coteaux Bourgignons is a wider thing with more grapes and colours allowed.

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If I remember correctly from FWS, Couteaux Bourginons replaced Bourgogne Grand Ordinaire, as the name was deemed to be, well, a bit more ‘ordinaire’ than ‘Grand’.


Drank these in the last week. The 2010 panigon was nice and mature, but faded on day two. The 2013 amarone was the star of the three reds, really nice, nearly sweet taste, very intense, still going strong on the second day. I was disappointed by the 2016 taurasi, which initially I found unpleasantly acidic. It improved after some hours to something more integrated, but it lacked complexity, and it will not be a re-buy for me. The GC Kessler gewurztraminer is an all time favourite in our house, we can’t drink enough of this one, fantastic! This one was the 2016, but we also have already finished a case of the 2017s which were equally good.


Tuesday afternoon
500g Japanese wagyu steak and 2012 Bordeaux
I had worse days
Edit: the wine is gorgeous, cassis galore and incredibly smooth. Exceptional value!


Some very positive reviews can be seen here:

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I’ve never tried that one and I keep meaning to pick one (or several) up to give it a whirl!

First degustation of the holiday at a winery in the village we are staying in.
Domaine Sanac :: Les vins]

Very friendly welcome.

We tried their white cotes de rousillon, rosé, ‘portraits de femmes’ grenache/Mourvèdre blend, a Marcelan red, Muscat de Rivesaltes and their 2014 Rivesaltes Ambré. All good though mr Jay Kay not too keen on the white which I really liked :woman_shrugging: We both found the marcelan interesting as we had never tasted this (hybrid) grape before: lovely perfumed nose, light, smooth, a bit nothing really in the mouth. Good chugging wine for a bbq perhaps.

Their Grenache/Mourvèdre blend was better and the two sweet wines delightful, especially the Ambré. Sadly they had sold out of their vins de garde reds.


A much humbler affair than @Rafa’s exquisite display, with this charming Mencía:

Pago de Valdoneje Mencía, Bierzo 2020

This could be the lovechild of Cabernet Franc and Beaujolais - it’s a nice combo of juiciness and savouriness, so certainly ticks the midweek happy box for us.

The nose starts a bit smoky, then reveals its fruit - ripe berries, plums and a sort of cherry yoghurt thing (the husband said ‘blueberry fool’… I ain’t arguing!); there’s some violets and even a whiff of pencil shavings.

On the palate it is juicy and fun - with cherries and bramble notes, as well as blueberries. The wine is saved from being one-dimensional by its appetising savouriness, clove spice and gentle smokiness. Very good value for the price, and very much a Mencía, though certainly a mid-week uncomplicated example of the grape.

Confit duck in the oven for later - always a happy meal, whatever the day! :+1: :duck: :wine_glass:


Remarkable - I’ve just put some duck joints to salt & marinade for duck confit tomorrow.

Which leads me into a fresh bottle this evening, which will also do for tomorrow with the duck:


Young to middle aged and rather drinkable. Ripe plums & figs in abundance, no tannin to mention yet a welcome bitter finish - VERY Italian. £19.50 seems a bit steep however it’s definitely classy & whilst very enjoyable now, will add depth over a few more years? not that I will keep in any longer.

Punching above it’s weight for a Tuesday night.


Don’t hold back, it’s amazing value and superb quality

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You’re a better man than me - mine was shop bought :flushed:

Also on Italian wine tonight.


Got home from the gym with a bit of the post-exercise shakes, so quickly grabbed some left-overs from the fridge and this bottle which I think must have arrived as part of a mixed case. Certainly the first Frascati I’ve had for many years. Seems very light though 13.5% is not that low. Very fresh, delicate citric and flower flavours, and with quite a bitter lemon peel tingle. It’s a decent wine but not one that I’d expect to be looking for again.