Weekday wine 27 Feb - 3 March 2023

I think the coast is clear to kick this off this week

Opened a few bottles from my holiday souvenirs stash after arriving back here in France, to share with ToH and her brother last night

All Italian it turns out; just a co-incidence though.

The Cascina Chicco brut zero is actually a blanc de noirs from Nebbiolo. Searingly acidic and dry, could have done with a touch of dosage imo

The Pellaverga from the “other” Burlotto in Verduno - GC / Massara. Lovely peppery light bodied red with chicken pie made with wild garlic pesto. This was my favourite on the night. Sadly just 2 left…

The fuller bodied delicious Raboso was brought out for the cheese. ToH likes red with cheese, I don’t think to works that well and would prefer a Vin Jaune or a rich Chardonnay but I was outvoted.


This was a good match for a grilled squid starter and a duck main and (for me) a line fish main rather than the Beaumont one which was OOS.


2019 Bourgueil mi-pente
Initial thoughts: This is cracking stuff! Quite Musary in some ways - the “earthy” Cab Franc aromas are beginning to sing here, although it’s still somewhat young.


I thought pelaverga was a name bad enough for a Spanish speaker and now I see there’s a Raboso too :rofl:


Domaine Pichard Cuvee Vigneau 2004. Dusty, earthy nose of dried plums, a little leathery. Still some big chalky and drying tannins here with a good acidity. Not as expressive as my last bottle a few months ago… but still interesting. Definitely a food wine!


My, what a delicious Pinot Noir this is! :heart_eyes:

Pinot Noir, Weingut Becker, Pfalz 2018

An excellent entry level Pinot, and we love everything about it! The colour is a pale cerise, the nose is delightful melange of kirsch, dank forest floor, woodsmoke, Christmas spices and rose petals. The palate is an enchanting mix of sleek and succulent fruit (ripe cherries, red plums, mulberries), spice and smoke, all supported by a bright acidity and mellow tannins. Good finish too, which leaves a warm spicy aftertaste. Autumnal and super enjoyable - German Pinot Noir is a lovely thing! :ok_hand:

I have a single bottle of his more expensive ‘Schweigener’ Spätburgunder in the wine fridge - but I think I will leave that one alone for a wee bit longer.

Happy Tuesday! :clinking_glasses:


And… this time I shall linky or re-post in the correct thread (it’s been a difficult Tuesday)


It is indeed - I’ve just about finished the bottles I brought back from my trip to Luneberg Heath last year. It’s remarkable how P.N. is expressed quite differantly compared to (for instance) Burgundy, Alsace or N.Z. - perhaps the clones, maybe terroir or vinification to local taste?

Would be nice to see more of it here, there must be so many nuances and variations which we do not get to try.


Funny you say that! This one from Becker is actually quite Alsatian in its expression - reminiscent at least of the Alsatian examples I tried so far. I suppose the location might explain it in this case - and interestingly Weingut Becker has vineyards on both sides of the German/French border - but maybe it’s just a coincidence.

Couldn’t agree more! :+1: I love ones from Baden too, and currently we only have Martin Wassmer’s wine from that location (I think!). I know occasionally Pinots from the Ahr (e.g. Stodden, Meyer Näkel) appear on the list too.


I found the Schweigener much heavier and oakier than any Alsatian ones I’ve had, though. Really enjoyed it, full and powerful, but thought I’d need more time to tame it.


Château Montrose 2002

I think this was about £35 and bought when Tesco was selling off it’s fine wine range. Not a great year, and I doubt that it was kindly stored in Tesco. I have always found the 2002 a rather gloomy vintage for Bordeaux, thin and green. But this is very nice, clean and correct, still some fruit, and while not that complicated or long it is very pleasant. Very dark. I bet it will be nice with my dinner. I’m not sure I would be so pleased had I paid the £100ish they are asking on wine searcher.


Was that around 2008 or 2009? I remember getting a stash of Musar for £10-15 a bottle

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I think it was your review of it that made me want to hold on to mine a little longer.

This entry level one is unoaked and super delicious now, though! :grin:

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I think so. If I could move for the weight of terriers I could go and look for the Taylor’s 85 that I bought at the same time (they get a luggage label with when and where I purchased them).

2017 Motecucco Sangiovese Riserva, Basile Ad Agio

Tuscan Sangiovese Riserva. A little bit of out of kilter. Initially struck by fairly high levels of acidity. Fair nose, some good focus on the mid palette, perhaps needs more time in the cellar and decanter. 2017 not the easiest of vintages for Tuscan producers. Montecucco a new DOCG for me too. Mid Montalcino and Scansano. Probably a good hunting ground for some good value reds.

Vagabond takeout. Can’t face a Paddington supermarket miniature glass of red, so got something decent to enjoy at home too after a long work day trip to LN from Wales here.


Well done, great idea

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They do discount somewhat competitively too for takeout. £44 became £28 takeaway. The takeaway price isn’t going to threaten scoring #1 on any @strawpig spreadsheet :rofl: but not bad for Paddington



Just on the third bottle, I think, of six that I bought last summer. Not the third tonight I hasten to add, but the third since last summer. This bottle was opened on Sunday evening. It seems to me each bottle is better than the previous one and although the TWS window ends this year I doubt I will finish the rest this year.
Today it is quite rich, with noticeable oak, oaky apples, and cider flavours. It is creamy, with very little acidity, and a very full and long-lasting finish. Happy with this wine.


That’s what Paddington supermarket craft beer is for!


This is (was) still going strong on day 3

The Society’s Exhibition Soave 2021

Lemony, slightly textural, great minerality / acidity (delete as appropriate). Just as good as the 2020, which I really enjoyed. Had opened out a bit by day 2 so don’t guzzle it all on opening just yet.