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Weekday wine 19-22 September 2022

You may be in luck @Inbar for some more 2019 if you are quick…


Cheers, @winechief! :+1: added to my basket :grinning: just need to quickly finalise my order now…!

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You might want to check with member services; the link says 2018 as does the bottle label on the wine page and the reviews section of the pages says " 2018 vintage reviews There are no reviews for this product. Be the first to write a review." And the downloaded pdf has 2019 in the title and “vintage: 2018” in the details. So whether you end up with '18 or '19 might be questionable!

Is it just me or are the wine page details getting more sloppy these days? Recently I’ve seen the latest St Joseph Reflet labelled on the page as Les Reflets, an Ermitage Rouge labelled as Ermite Rouge (Ermite is the name of the wine/plot) and numerous others. It really plays havoc with searching sometimes!


A fun evening yesterday, with the Brighton & Hove wine appreciation group. The theme was ‘Is it worth the extra cost’, and we had 4 pairs of wines to compare and contrast. Tasting was blind - well, except for us two pourers (though we took turns).

The pairs were:

Chenin Blanc:

Ken Forrester Reserve Collection Chenin Blanc 2020
Domaine des Baumard, Savennières , Clos St Yves 2018


Viognier Grès du Trias, Coteaux de l’Ardèche, Vignerons Ardéchois 2020
Condrieu, Cave Merlin 2019


d’Arenberg The Footbolt McLaren Vale Shiraz 2019
Saint-Joseph Rouge, Domaine du Tunnel 2016


Valpolicella blend

‘No.1’ Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore, Azienda Agricola Fratelli Recchia, 2019
Alpha Zeta, Amarone della Valpolicella, 2018

It was good fun discussing the wines without knowing what they were, and to try and guess from their attributes which they were. Obviously, not all pairs were in the same style necessarily, but we tried to simplify it to a single grape (bar the Valpolicella) and a relatively similar climate (not 100%, granted).

My favourite wine of the evening was the Condrieu - everything I want from a Viognier - it was most people’s favourite of the Viognier pair. I do love the Grès du Trias, and we buy it regularly, but the Condrieu was just special: a wine of heft and substance, with wonderful peachy, honeyed and floral nose and palate - a wine to savour with rich food (roast goose came to mind).

The Syrah/Shiraz pair was a fascinating comparison, with the Footbolt MacLaren Vale beating the St Joseph hands down - it was only another person and myself who preferred the St Jo :flushed:.

To be fair to the St Joseph, I don’t think we gave it a chance to shine; it wasn’t decanted prior to the tasting and barely had time to breath, poor thing. I loved its savouriness, spiciness and leanness, but must admit the Footbolt was more enjoyable and approachable.

As for the last pair, well… of course the Amarone won… :smile: Port-like, deep, smooth and brooding, with good concentration of fruit - all that was missing was a fireplace. Great wine, though I buy the Waitrose Ripasso regularly and feel it’s a more day-to-day wine. I couldn’t drink the Amarone too regularly.

Oh, forgot the first pair - again, the cheaper wine won with only a couple people (I think) preferring the Savennières. But again, a bit like the St Jo, it was clearly a very well made wine, with depth and interest and a fascinating savouriness, which needed more time and didn’t really have the chance to show its true beauty. The Forrester was a cracking Chenin Blanc, mind you.

A lovely evening all in all, and was really nice to meet @m4rk in person! :grin:


It is rather odd! Alex’s link was for the 2018, I think, but in my basket it’s definitely the 2019 which is showing as ‘low stock’.

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I’m a fan as well, have a couple of bottles left from a case bought c. 7 years ago. I was pretty sure they did offer at some point relatively recently… and a bit of Googling brings up an expired listing:

No idea when it was, but I can’t remember seeing any other Glaetzer wines so it may just have been a few they had left over.

Edit: There was a post about this from Freddy here - the date on the thread says Jan 31: Australian wines - #42 by Freddy

March of this year according to ‘My wines’. Think it was a large parcel though and not just a few odds and ends.

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It’s worse than that: the link says 2018, the page title says 2019 and the details are for 2108.

And the 2019 is out of stock!

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Monday - ever since lockdown we’ve had an Indian supermarket ready meal in the freezer, and it needs eating very few months, so tonight was one. So with Chicken Jalfreezi, Chicken Shashlik, Vegetable Masala and Naan bread we had

2020 False Bay Pinotage The Last of the First Schapenberg Single Vineyard (South Africa, Stellenbosch)

Light bodied, pale colour. Mrs M liked it but not me…

Tuesday Mrs M was playing online bridge so we had an early dinner of puttenesca sauce and penne with a mixed salad and no-brainer™

2020 Casa Vinicola Roxan The Wine Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Italy, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo)

Wednesday Grilled Cumberland sausages with roasted wedges of Jack Hawkins tomatoes, liberally dotted with garlic cloves, dribbled with EVOO and dusted with mixed Southern French herbs and black pepper on slices of toasted home-made multi-seeded bread and

2020 The Wine Society Portuguese Red (Portugal, Vinho Regional Península de Setúbal)
which is Castelão blended with a little Alicante Bouschet, beautiful wine and unbelievable value at £5.95.

Thursday We went to The Imperial War Museum in the afternoon, and when it closed walked across Westminster Bride to catch the tube to St Johns Wood to dine at my favourite restaurant - Oslo Court. After a glass of Champagne aperitif, we had

2014 Bodegas Trus Reserva (Spain, Ribera del Duero)

(Trus from Oslo Court, rest from TWS)

@wine.arbitrageur - I’m a bit confused. Your post praises Rustenberg but the bottle shown is Newton Johnson.

@Inbar - I loved Mares de Luz when Quentin Sadler included it in a tasting he presented to our wine club, and I was delighted to find it stocked by TWS so I bought. It is a lovely wine


Your post praises Rustenberg but the bottle shown is Newton Johnson.

Ah yes, I can see how that might happen. I was just using Rustenberg Chardonnay as a stylistic reference and how this seemed to be for me with amplified enjoyment but similarly styled expression. Great fruit, creaminess and balance.

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My Amon-Ra came from WS as part of a mixed case of Australian ‘First Growths’ in April 2010


That’s a while ago :joy::+1:

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