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Weekday wine 19-22 September 2022

Still in Milan. Amazing wine lists in the restaurants and only about 50% markup. Montevertine 2015 sangiovese is drinking very well!


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Two more from Corredera in Jerez;

Pure palomino wine is commonplace now in Jerez and this was pretty good at €10 without having the intensity of some others. The vermut was very good - they also make an excellent manzanilla - like a souped-up Campari - with more herbs and a good sweet/sour balance.


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Last night I opened a bottle of Les Eclats de Branas Grand-Poujeaux, Moulis 2007.

This is the second wine of Ch Branas Grand-Poujeaux and another great example of these fully mature but reasonably priced Bordeaux that TWS has managed to offer recently. At 2007 this is indeed fully mature (I wonder why it didn’t get the TWS ‘museum release’ badge when other much younger ones seem to get it!) and if you lean towards those tertiary Bordeaux flavours as I do this is a wonderful glass of wine.

Deep colour with some bricking. Lots of cigar box and pencil shavings on the nose. Little fruit left but marvellously full mature palate. The tannins are still quite grippy but smoothly so with a smoky tariness that I love, and a very long finish. A great bottle of Bordeaux for what is really a give away price; £18 for an 15-year-old claret! I’m sorely tempted to get another but I’m not sure how much longer you could leave this; another year maybe?


I thought the ‘Museum’ label indicated wine that TWS has aged themselves, while this one looks like it might have been an acquired ‘parcel’. However, there are examples that also seem to contradict this eg this one which I doubt they’ve been sitting on for 50 years!


Yes that one does seem a little less likely! :rofl:

To be honest I don’t take a great deal of notice of these various tags as the, potentially, most useful one, the ‘new’ tag, seems to be applied on a rather inconsistent basis!


To start the week this one here
Picked up this afternoon and in the decanter for around 2h now




Bernard Levin used to promote the idea, apparently first suggested by H L Mencken, of a typeface that sloped to the left, as opposed to italics which slope to the right. It would be called ‘ironics’.

See also Poe’s Law.


Lovely autumnal evening out there, and in here some chicken in sumac and pomegranate molasses is roasting away - a dish that always makes me happy. To accompany, a smashing Monastrell/Giró blend from Pepe Mendoza:

Pepe Mendoza Mares de Luz Monastrell-Giró, Alicante 2019

A third bottle in so many months - this is such a gorgeous wine, and possibly one of the best WS value for money reds. Shame it’s OOS now - hope a new vintage comes along! :pray:

Similar notes to ones I posted previously, except this time there’s some mocha/coffee notes I didn’t notice before. But the gist is still the same - how can such a vibrant and fresh wine come from such a hot place as Alicante?

Nose and palate were very much in agreement, with notes of blueberries, hedgerow berries and cherries, wrapped in smokiness, clove, dark chocolate/mocha and a wonderful orange peel note. Some liquorice there too, I think. Balanced composition, with nothing out kilter and a perfect interplay of acidity and tannins, the low yields come across in concentration and density of fruit, which is nevertheless never cooked or over-ripe.

If I have one criticism is that the bottle is unnecessarily heavy. But other than that - this is 10 out of 10 here this evening! :ok_hand: :heart_eyes:


My other half just finished a collection of his called The Vintage Mencken. To say he was laughing his head off in bed reading it is an understatement. I seriously considered moving away for a while…! :crazy_face:

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Rather than branding everyone a “snowflake” (whatever that means) you could just assume that many people don’t obviously know you’re being ironic. More so if this is the third occasion. Very hard to tell sarcasm/irony with simply typed dialogue. So yes much as you might hate emojis they do serve a purpose. :kissing:


Dom Perignon 2002.

Note the coupe. Yah boo sucks! Actually I have reverted to the Zalto universal now. A really interesting wine. A very fine mousse, still with a lot of gas in it, still very pale, and that greenish tinge of youth, which this certainly is not. Cream of mushroom soup was what I first thought. It has oddly tightened up since opening. Very lovely and clean. Beeswax too. I am more at ‘in defeat we need it’ end of the market, and thank god I had the foresight to buy this all those years ago. You know l actually prefer it in the coupe…


Two decades ago… I was in involved in Shopfitting for a Building society (no names but they claimed ‘because life’s complicated enough’ or some such) - ALL the joinery was designed to slope at 8 degrees, from whatever angle it was viewed, the same as their logo. An absolute nightmare of compound geometry and they ditched it after the first few branches.

The design agency apparently made £750k from the failed design. And this was 20+ years ago.

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Let’s agree to disagree on this matter, this is nothing to do with emoji’s and everything to do with your condescending attitude . Case in point

You really need to grow up and stop talking down to people .


I know Peter personally and I have read his posts regularly and have really enjoyed them and have never known him to talk down to anyone. He is a good guy.


No offence taken by me at all, I think on some platforms, like my mobile phone app, new topics do not immediately appear. We seem to have duplicated topics almost every week, and I suspect it is not by lack of checking by us.