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Weekday Wine 12th to 15th Sept

The world has turned since seven days ago and we have a new Monarch, a new P.M. and wine seems (appropriately) trivial.

Yet life goes on. Welcome to Monday.

Tonight’s supper is centred around the field mushrooms gathered yesterday. To be combined with a green chilli & parika, onion & garlic, leftover beef, Spatzle (thanks @Inbar ) and creme fraiche. Plus butter - lots of butter.

Wine is a gift from French Brother in Law; 2016 Ch Quincey Hautes-cotes de Nuits - sorry no idea the price. It is rather good though.

Wine is evolving in the glass… quite ready to drink with very little acidity, oddly it reminds me of Moulin-a-vent (usually it’s the other way around), violets on the nose, it’s not imposing yet simply an outstanding glass of wine.

Happy Monday everyone! Maybe this week will be better than the last ? (apologies to Counting Crows)


Well, this was rather inevitable. Pataille’s Fleur de Pinot 2019 arrived and I managed to wait a whole 5 hours before opening it. And, let’s face it, that’s only because I was working.

It was worth the wait. Powerful aroma and palate of strawberries, along with all the usual cherry/maraschino cherry flavours of a developing pinot noir. It’ll be going with a spinach, feta and dill pie this evening, which will hopefully match this in it’s youth, but my first choice pairing would probably be just another glass of Fleur de Pinot. This is up there with the Schloss Gobbelsburg Gruner Veltliner as my favourites wine at the moment.

Happy Monday everyone :slightly_smiling_face:


A Pinot Noir Monday - maybe that’s ‘a thing’ ? certainly should be!

Let us know how it develops in there is any left over for Tuesday?

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Ooooh. I may have to get some of this out of reserves if it’s up there with the Fleur de Pinot (which is an all time favourite of mine!). Which year are you drinking?

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I have drunk some of the 2020, but the 2019 was even better at the moment and, to boot, is also available on general sale at the moment :slightly_smiling_face:: https://www.thewinesociety.com/product/schloss-gobelsburg-gruner-veltliner-ried-lamm-1otw-2019


Thanks. I have a case of the 2019 in reserves. I’ll grab some next time I am liberating some free wine from its slumber.


I would support Pinot Noir Monday for sure.

I suspect the prospects of any of it getting decanted back into the bottle are slim indeed. :joy: The strawberry just carries on going. I gave it a good 45 minutes in the decanter to start, which I think it needs because of the barrel ageing. After which it has been consistently fantastic all evening.


Lucky you :slightly_smiling_face: At the launch event for the 2020 en primeur the winemaker recommended drinking in the first 3 or so years or after 6 or 7 as it “closes down” in-between, so I’m going to follow that advice with the other 2 bottles of the 2019 I have. You could start to tell that tasting them side by side actually. The 2020 is still very fresh, while the 2019 has a hint of butterscotch developing. Virtual Wine Event: Michael Moosbrugger of Schloss Gobelsburg - YouTube

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Yes I wouldn’t be against a Pinot Noir Monday… but it might need a catchier name!

Very tasty follow-up to that St Joseph from the weekend


A day out in Milan to report. We parked the camper for a couple of nights at the excellent and super-convenient Milan City Camping which is just 20 minutes cycle ride, mainly through parks and quiet streets to the end of the Metro M1 line Bisceglie, then it’s just a 20mins ride to Plaza Duomo.

Lunch seems a good bet anywhere more than 15 minutes walk away from the Plaza and so we went to Trattoria Milanese dal 1933, for a plate of risotto Milanese , salad and a generous glass of house red which was a Morellino Scasanse. The formal wine list attached, for interest.

In the evening we did a guided gourmet walk and eat tour of the canals district with 6 other cosmopolitan waifs and strays; one stop was a Tuscan family owned Prosciutteria which produced this interesting house wine which turned out to have its main variety of Colorino del Valdarno with a smidgeon of Sangiovese.

Pretty good for a house wine. Our guide told us it was “a chianti” which self-evidently it wasn’t, both on the grounds of the label and the actual taste, which was a less acidic, deeper colour, but actually less pronounced flavour profile. I sat back, said nuffin and just quaffed away… these types of groups whilst fun don’t usually appreciate a wine nerd amidst them.

We also fitted in a guide tour of the Duomo, of La Scala and the new Leonardo3 museum / exhibition at the entrance of the Galleria Vittoria Emanuel II.


That looks fantastic ! especially the Valtellina Superiore on the wine menu, my favourite and for some reason you rarely see it in the UK.

Hmm looks delicious! :blush:

I’m currently away in France, so that provides a fantastic opportunity to sample some cheapies from the supermarkets.

Roland La Garde 2019 (Blaye / Bordeaux) - Stunning value at €6.5, very drinkable, Blackcurrant, a little earth without being simple.

Tour Chaigneau 2019 (Lalande-de-p / Bordeaux) - about €10, meat in a glass. Aside from raw steak, there are hints of a little blackcurrant on day 2. I’ve never observed meaty notes in Bordeaux until now, but this wine would be the perfect reference!

Charles De Courance Rose Demi-Sec (Champagne) - perhaps more of a brut, tastes dry almost a little sour straight out of the fridge, as it warms the strawberry comes through.

I’m a few weeks too early for the Foire Aux Vins, although Intermarche, Geant/Casino and Netto have started. No outstanding bargains yet (Sadly Beaumont at €10 had already disappeared). Citran 2015 at €15 was worth picking up, a great wine that’s getting increasingly expensive in the UK, even through TWS! Tayac at €16 well worth a go too.


We’ve gone a bit Greek this evening, with some beef stifado and this cracking Agiorgitiko to accompany:

Seméli, Nemea Reserve Agiorgitiko 2017

What to say? Yum! This won’t be a bad summary. But here’s the more flowery version: medium ruby in the glass, with no real indication of age. Quite viscous in the glass (14%) but any worries that this might be a bit too heavy for a mid-week tipple quickly dispelled. The wine is fresh, medium bodied and full of character.

On the nose - dark cherries and raspberries, damsons and clove spice mixed with dried herbs (Bay?) and a dusting of cocoa. On the palate this glides about like some Torvill and Dean, with a lovely lift of violets, bramble and cherries, dark chocolate and baking spices. Smooth, but not exactly velvety (in a good way) - there’s something pleasingly rasping in the tannins, the finish surprisingly long with a touch of the medicinal about it.

As I said - YUM! :ok_hand: :star_struck:

First, though, Sloe gin and tonic for recovery purposes. My, what a day… :crazy_face:



Just saying… :slight_smile: 'cos available in Fr. supermarkets but rarely here except at a premium. Ditto Savoie.

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Further testing of Morrisons wines tonight with this

Surprisingly pleasant aroma of raspberry, cherry, and farmyard. (I was going to say manure but thought that might be a bit harsh). To taste it’s probably more raspberry than cherry, with a gentle tannic dryness on the tongue. I can’t remember the price though with a 25% offer it was probably around £6-8 and pretty good value.

I am a bit confused by the label notes. “Great served chilled in the summer. BEST SERVED AT ROOM TEMPERATURE”. I’m going for room temperature today, which is not too warm.


Juicy cockles from Upper Scale prepared with white wine and garlic with the perfect glass of white to accompany. The juicyness of the cockles works with the richness of the Burgundy.



Always wanted to visit this market! They look delicious :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I got them online. I have been to Billingsgate when I lived closer, too for for me now.

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