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Weekday Tipple Thread, 5th-9th April 2021

I knew what it was then…


Going with this tonight and also from the freezer a Venison stew, my other half is totally disciplined re labelling, as I am not, taking @lapin_rouge approach - I’ll remember :thinking:

Initially smooth and integrated tannins, plummy and slightly earthy. Happy.
From the SA mixed case in early January.


And 20 mins later.

On reflection, the mystery mince was probably a proto-cottage pie, not a bolognaise. But it’s amazing what garlic, passata & parmesan can achieve - if one is hungry. The Rosso de Montalcino is at 2017 a tad young and will be better with more years.


I’ve kicked off my weekend early, part in celebration of Norwich City’s 7-0 hammering of Huddersfield on Tuesday, and also to compensate for my dry weekend over Easter as I was working.

I chose this to have with a simple fresh baked Alaskan salmon steak, the first home grown white sprouting broccoli of the season, chives and a baked spud.

Tam Currin gave this 17.5 last week in JR.com and she’s not wrong. The intense flavours belie the nicely low 11.5 abv, and it really is a viable alternative to a similarly priced gruner or dare I say it, a more expensive Sancerre. The acid is modest and well balanced with the aromatics, the white pepper gentle and in the background and a hint of riper fruit such as melon and pear. Really glad I ordered 4. They do a pinot gris as well, I added two to make up the 6


There’s now lots of still table wines of serious merit coming from England - this, alongside Winbirri’s bacchus, Bolney’s pinot noir, a’Beckett’s chardonnay, to name but a few.


Their PG is really good and an example of the slightly higher acid, more exotic fruit oriented style that English vineyards can produce - the Greyfriars one is similar in good years.


Perhaps an example where GRADE A storage plays its part.
So often I take older Cellartracker reviews with a pinch of salt, as provenance can be an issue! :dragon:

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We had real humanoids in our garden this evening (complete with a fire, hot water bottles and blankets - man, it was cold! :cold_face:). This meant, not the most sophisticated wines in the world, bar this:

Pinot Bianco, Südtirol-Alto Adige, Hofstätter 2019 - Bestsellers - Popular - Offers - The Wine Society

We had previous vintages, and the 2019 is probably one of our favourites! Such a gorgeous wine, with a nose that is all citrus blossom, white peach, lime cordial and chamomile. On the palate this strikes a fine balance between the sour/leesy and the ripe and fruity. The other half thought it was like ripe apricot yogurt, which sort of sums it s up - savoury, tangy, fruity and creamy. Fantastic! :star_struck:

Other wines were a Tannat from Aldi, a Malbec from M&S (by Matias Riccitelli we really love), and a Shiraz from Waitrose:

The Tannat was incredibly smooth and fruity; the Shiraz was an ode to blackberry and spice but a tad too heavy for me, and the Malbec a favourite - fresh, but fruity with a lively floral and fruit expression and an impressive finish.

At the end of the day, though, it’s the conversation and the laughter that will leave a lasting impression… :grinning:

  • The Sherry was lovely, too! It’s a winner, whatever the weather!

Norwich have been impressive all season. My team picked up once we changed our coach (again) both miles ahead of the rest of the division.

See you in the Premier League

Tuesday the 20th should be an interesting fixture!

From a Watford fan.

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Yes I feel sorry for the supporters of Premier league club regulars, much more fun to follow the roller coaster of endless promotions and relegations that our two clubs endure !

Following them for over 50 years now, my first match was when I was 8, and in fact I was the NCFC Club Doctor for 8 seasons (Nigel Worthington through to Paul Lambert era) and we were promoted and relegated twice in that time and I left with them exactly in the same position in the same league as the day I joined !

If we sell Buendia it will be a very tough season ahead…


Norwich, and I live near Norwich, are getting flack from many quarters over their regular parachute payments for going down as soon as they go up, ie rewarded for failure, they sold three young promising players as well last season.
So what is the betting on them staying up this time, last years promoted clubs are not doing well either, it is becoming a pattern.

one of many similar articles.
The Premier league needs new teams to do well, anything to break the monopoly of those big clubs , but only Leicester have succeeded in recent years.
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Trouble is NCFC have a relatively small ground capacity and don’t have a rich foreign bankroller / sugar daddy, and have to live within their means. In such circumstances it would be irresponsible to load the debit side to buy and pay expensive players in the gamble to stay up. The club’s natural position is mid-table second tier and should be congratulated by the cynical snipers that they actually manage to haul themselves up to the first tier solely on merit and sustainable business ethic. Sadly Leicester, Palace, Brighton we are not. Nor are we “too big to go down” Newcastle, Sunderland and, more importantly, not Ipswich !!

And Martin Samuel Knows Nothing.


Opened a bottle of El Casetero to accompany the golf last night. Received a case of 6 as a picking mistake from the warehouse. I should have received a case of Prosecco. This was last spring. Member Services did an additional discount to keep rather than send back. Must have worked out under £7 per bottle.

Really is very nice. Uncomplicated, fruit forward with great balance. Very good value.

Only 1 bottle to go.


This is in the wrong thread, but I would just add I have no knowledge of the inner workings of NCFC I only wish them well, but while the DM article is mainly sensationalist typical click bait material, the same points about the club and the parachute payments have been made in several articles recently, mainly because it was felt the lower divisions are not getting the help they need, yet Norwich get the money for going down.
I have a soft spot for Leyton Orient, who are struggling financially and survived this year after Harry Kane a former player gave them through a charity 100k there is an imbalance with the top clubs creaming everything off and I think this is where the articles and the slant have come from.


I too have a bottle of this from the TWS SA Mixed six-pack

Do you think it ready for drinking now? I am a trifle concerned about that ‘initially’… did it later change significantly?

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I was expecting a bit more life @peterm so a tad disappointing so I don’t think it will evolve much and would drink within the year for sure.

I am on instruction not to buy more from the other half as she thought we can buy better at that price point.


Thanks, that’s very helpful. I’ll suggest to Mrs M we have ours on Sunday.

I’ve looked at the fact-sheet for this wine and note it says

This wine will benefit from careful cellaring for 2-4 years from vintage

So its fourth year has already started. You were right on the button - as usual.


Most welcome @peterm.

What do you think of the Glenelly from this case? A new one for me and certainly has good provenance and reads well?


I’ve not yet opened any from the set.

I visited to Glenelly when a friend of mine was tasting room manager, but I don’t usually buy their wines. They are good but they don’t excite me and at the beginning their wines were from bought in grape s- to be fair there are so many excellent Cape wines I cannot buy them all (Mrs M might not agree) and I have favourites.

The Glass Collection is their second label.

Re Delheim’s Merlot: Mrs M - she say ‘Yes’ so we’ll have it Sunday. There’s an interesting note on Cellar Tracker from Keith Cooper who says that TWS

apparently purchased the shipment from an unnamed airline which could not use it.
Not complex, but slips down easily and I guess would have complemented most red meats at 35,000 feet.

He also says Delheim is a favourite winery and he lunches there first day he’s in the Cape.

Could be me :slight_smile: Our tradition for 30 years is to lunch at Delheim first full day and last day in we are in the Cape, and we have taken so many people there for lunch.


Sounds like you will have a Sunday lunch with many memories @peterm …hope you enjoy it.