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Weekday Tipple Thread, 5th-9th April 2021

No weekday thread yet? You’re all very well behaved!

Suffering a little back to work blues following the long Easter Weekend, I’m consoling myself with a glass of Bóhorquez Reserva, Ribera del Duero 2010, which is delicious, I must say.

How’s your week going?


Same old, same old. As Phil Collins sang ‘Another day in lockdown…’

Good on you for starting thread. I usually post all four wines on Thursday or Friday, but I know what we’re having tonight and tomorrow.

Monday our regular penne with aubergine tomato sauce and mixed salad with no-brainer™
2019 Casa Vinicola Roxan The Wine Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Italy, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo)

Tuesday Grilled Cumberland sausages and Jack Hawkins tomatoes roasted with garlic cloves on toasted homemade granary bread with

2018 Vinkara Öküzgözü Winehouse (Turkey, Ankara)

Our first time with this and it’s lovely, easy drinking and rich.

Wednesday Currently in oven are cauliflower steaks, tarka dhal and okra, both brushed with EVOO. The cauliflower gets a nutty flavour and the okra is transformed by halving and becoming crisp.
Mrs M said she wanted a wine that wouldn’t overpower the dish and selected Grenache. Since that’s here favourite variety I wasn’t surprised. So we’re having

2018 Bodega Virgen de la Sierra Calatayud Cruz de Piedra (Spain, Calatayud)
Spanish Grenache - or properly Garnacha.

Thursday Mrs M has graciously allowed me out of the kitchen on the condition I order a Nando’s half chicken and chips via Deliveroo. I’m seeing this wine on my son’s Facebook post of the canal holiday he’s having this week, so I am also opening

2018 Kanonkop Cape Blend Kadette (South Africa, Stellenbosch)

Amazing VFM with Tesco’s 25% off, and super wine. Other three from TWS.

And we stride towards another weekend, same as previous and previous…


I opened a bottle of Waitrose “W series” Mencia that I bought a while ago and seems to be defunct. The bottle seems utterly devoid of information beyond that it’s Bierzo and 2017 (there is a winemaker’s signature I can’t decipher). It’s a pity if it is defunct because for the £7.50 I paid (25% off of course) it’s really lovely. Nothing very distinctive, but recognizably Mencia and delicious with no off flavours at all. If it were still available I’d happily buy a lot more.


An example of not trusting CellarTracker reviews totally. Apparently this should be totally shot! PJA Thalabert 1996.

(I wouldn’t have kept it quite so long ideally but it was in a mixed case with Cote Rotie and Hermitage). Subtle Syrah flavours of plum and sloe and fully ripe tannin, and a medium length. Probably better five years ago but still attractive.


Tonight, Wednesday. Onglet steak with home made oven potato wedges & broccolini. The Onglet was (suitably) both chewy AND tender - with a huge hit of beefy flavour. Had a 6 hour marinade in garlic & dijon, a VERY hot and fast fry, then 20 mins rest. To be fair, it’s not really a steak but I don’t know what else you would call it?

Wine was a wash out. Cab Franc Saumur 2016 ‘Ormes’ Co-op. Nothing wrong with it, but would have been better suited to a salad or cheese & cold meat. Didn’t have the clout to match the Onglet.

Finished on an Irish whiskey Redbreast 12 y/o cask strength. Now that DID match the steak.


I think it’s technically offal, but it is also definitely a steak. So much flavour though, always worth snapping up when I see it in the butcher.


Discovered a knarly old pack of boeuf bourguignon in the bottom of the freezer, and opened this to accompany:

Really good. It’s a blend of syrah, cot, tannat and cabernet franc. If I was pressed, I’d say like a Loire CF with an added twist of thyme. Definitely a re-buy (just wish TWS stocked Armenian wines!).


Opened this on Tuesday:

Lush and lovely as usual. I think this is the most mature I’ve drunk this wine but it has held up exceptionally well. Still smooth and lush, just a little more on the savoury side.

I might be totally wrong, but if you look at the back label, does it say ‘bottled for Waitrose by…’? I have a faint memory that that’s how I worked out who made their Zweigelt rose for the W series.


It does, but I’m not sure it’s helpful. it’s bottled by R.E.No 8179 LE 00 (which I take, perhaps wrongly, to be a generic bottling plant).

Incidentally, I’d probably slightly temper my enthusiasm as it did get a bit wearing by the end of the second glass. Still excellent to have a bottle for £7.50 which actually tastes like proper wine without anything too unpleasant though.

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First bottle of a 6pk with shepherd’s pie made from Sunday’s leg of mutton.

The nose on this is crazy good 10/10 - so pure and just screams Cabernet.

Quite lithe and linear on the palate and really quite elegant. Tannins are hardly noticeable which to me is a bit odd for a Cab. Think a bit of time may fill the palate weight out perhaps?


Lovely stuff, isn’t it! You’re more patient than me - I’ve already had two bottles of the initial three that I took straight out of reserves. Will be interesting to see how it comes together with age though.

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I saw the 2030-something end date and figured I’d probably try one around its 10th birthday. If there are no noiceable tannins perhaps that’s overly patient?

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@Herbster - what did you think of tannin levels (if you can recall)? I was expecting something with a bit more grip but they were incredibly fine grained.

Just dug out my note, late 2019. It seemed the tannins were definitely there but providing something almost squishy and velvety to the structure, rather than drying or grippy, if that makes sense.

I think it’s got enough of everything to go on for some years yet. 20 years? Don’t know … maybe. Definitely want to keep the final bottle that long, just to see!

Think it worked out at around £13 all in, which I think is great for what it offers.


An update to my post above

I’ve edited it now, but originally didn’t mention the tarka dhal which provides saucing for the roast cauliflower. Roasted okra gives crunch. This is what it looked like


Mrs M absolutely loved the accompanying Cruz de Piedra Garnacha, and although she complains about the number of bottles around the house, told me - ahem - I mean suggested I get some more of that wine, which I’ve duly added to my next order.


Cold lamb leftovers tonight with a McLaren Vale shiraz. I cannot remember the last time I drank Australian reds from McLaren Vale. Very drinkable. Very deep ruby. Stuffed with fat ripe black fruit with touches of vanilla and smoke. Nice ripe grippy tannins medium + acidity (just). Well made, easy drinking. Tad too much alc. at 14.5. But not showing it too much. Lovely silky finish.


Another delicious 2018 Beaujolais. A bit of structure, but mostly about slightly sour (in a good way) cherry fruit, great value.


Tonight, mystery mince from the freezer. It might be bolegnaise - but looks more mushroom than tomato…ah well, it’s a Thursday. With a bottle of Italian red appropriately from a recent mystery case. And the half bottle of port I picked up from Morrison s for a fiver last year (it’s excellent)

Possibly not haute cuisine.

Update: this is the ‘before’ photo. Hopefully will look less like a dog’s breakfast after cooking.


I’m not the only one who doesn’t label things, then.