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Weekday drinks thread, 22-25th October 2018


It’s interesting, one of the friends we are away with is a subscriber with another wine club who is rapidly realising that the huge Aussie Shiraz which is their fairly typical red offering lacks complexity and gives him a stinking hangover. We are working our way through cool climate Syrah, German PN and tonight a Rapsani - but he is an ale and whisky connoisseur so can train his palate quite readily. I wonder if the many people who ‘don’t drink red’ would have a different view if their early experiences had been with lighter, more nuanced wines.


Roasted pork belly with five spice, noodles and stir fry veg. A difficult wine match but these knocked it out of the park. The rapsani is brilliant with this kind of food, because of its minimal tannins and cinnamon and cloves flavours; a good Etna would perform as well here, I suppose this is terroir in action. Greywacke is now in my view the best Marlborough SB on the market on a consistent basis. A good end to a great week.


Not a big S B fan but when in the mood, agree that the Greywacke is best commonly available NZ SB out there. Just beats Jackson Estate in my mind, although the JE is a few pounds cheaper of course.


I wasn’t blown away with Jackson Estate SB - nice, but didn’t find it amazing. Of course there is the price difference as you mention. I quite like some of the Craggy Range and St Clair offerings and Mud house do some good single vineyards

All are much better than the disturbingly sweet and grassy Wairau Cove SB my wife brought home yesterday. Certainly not undrinkable but really not great


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Weekend Drinking Thread [26th - 28th October 2018]

Last night I continued my new-to-me Rhone tasting with the Les Racines Gigondas from the latest offer. Nice crunchy fruit, would have more but not going to put a case away.

So that’s the Ogier and Les Racines tried and rejected. My wife would probably say I’ve wasted £40, but I like to think of it as saving myself £240. Next up: Raspail-Ay.


A large proportion of red wine drinkers were brought up on 'international style ’ wine as offered by nearly all supermarkets. Personally I think they summed up the mass market very accurately by looking back to what “non-amateurs” would drink,at Christmas and New Year…not much table wine, but lots of sweet sherry and port, Bristol Cream, VP, QC until the coming of the Hirondelle era.
So it’s not surprising that quite a large number of people searching out a dinner red wine were already conditioned to sweetness…
Some of the early new world reds could be a mixture of sensations like a freshly polished oak sideboard and especially the Shiraz examples could be part of the Covonia family of chest and cough mixtures.
I tried the Aldi Zin and my immediate thought was…since when did the Southern Italians start making Christmas pudding port !!
I drank about 250 mils and became immediately hyperactive.
Joking apart I’d love to see how the sugar content compares with the 6 tsps in a Coca Cola.
Like you @inbar I checked the fiche technique, and as you say 15 gm/ litre.

The rest of the Zin went into my homemade Christmas Puddings, which will have an alcohol warning with each portion…tell you what I ate a few tablespoons of the mixture before the first steaming …extremely moreish !!!


I noticed! It was your comment on the Aldi website I quoted! Made me smile :wink:


@inbar…did I give you permission to use my Aldi tasting note!!!:+1::nerd_face:


Well… it was in the public domain! :wink: And a good summary it was, too! :+1:


@inbar I think a lot of wine drinkers are disciples of the “Say dry and buy sweet” mantra. :wine_glass::smirk::smirk:


Joking aside, in a number of tastings I’ve been to recently - where there was a ‘vote’ at the end - it’s always the sweet/dessert wine that wins! And always seems to be a Montbazillac, too! I kid you not.


Except for the BYO lunch at Picture, where a dry white won… Not a tasting, true.


Perhaps I’m forever looking for patterns where there aren’t any! :slight_smile:


I’ve thought about this a lot too as I seem to be coming across much sweeter red ones than I ever remember. My theory, for what it is worth, is that we are surrounded by much sweeter foods in general. Since fat became the “baddie” food manufacturers have had to find ways to make low-fat foods palatable and they do this by making them sweeter. So, being used to eating sweeter foods, we look for sweeter wines - well some of us do… :wink:


Forgive me for intruding and voicing an opinion but I would not think of broaching a quality 2014 Gigondas before Christmas 2019.
I tried a bottle of the Raspail Ay 2014 twice and it was no where near ready, but what I like may not agree with you.
Marcel advises 2019 on the tasting note, J L-L a minimum of 2019, Josh Raynolds 2021 and I would tend to go for 2020/21.
If you haven’t opened the Raspail then I would favour forgetting about it for 2-3 years to see it at its best.


Tried the Raspail-Ay soon after and loved it, went back for a case but only managed 7 bottles. The Racines just didn’t match it for me, but I have 6 of the 2016 in storage that will sit there for some time yet :relaxed:


@onlyawino, @Inbar well I presented my Christmas wine tasting to the neighbours last night and at the last minute moved the Aldi Zinfandel from ahead of the 2001 St Emilion, to after it, just ahead of the Dow’s Crusted. Good call. Of 12 guests, 6 loved it, 2 hated it, and I was one of 4 who felt it was a good example of what the winemaker intended and might just work with turkey and cranberry sauce. And it certainly led to the port nicely.


Nice to hear the tasting worked well, @Kent_wino! And I think you did the right thing by placing it just before the port, seeing that it almost tastes like one. Sounds like the majority loved it! I’m not surprised- it’s got something going for it, for sure.


Congratulations on the tasting. but I’m not surprised most tasters liked the Zin, after all it is Italian port !!:+1::roll_eyes: