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Weekday drinks thread 12-16 October 2020

It’s a shame you had to get take-away from Dylan’s as that particular one (I believe there are three of them now) has possibly the best location of any restaurant, at least in the UK, if not the world.


That could be an interesting thread on its own.


We have eaten there many times BC (before Covid).

It’s on the beach in a Clough-Willliams building with Snowdon in the distance.
The link in my post shows a close up of the building.

This is a photo I took of Dylan’s in January 2018 showing snow on the mountains behind.

This is the third Dylan’s branch, other two are at Menai Bridge and Llandudno. Before Dylan’s the building was used for a scruffy beach caff where you got clubs and balls for the pitch and put course next to it. It has been packed every night since opening. Now they can’t serve so many people as BC but during lockdown they introduced the take-away menu which they have kept going.


What a lovely photo! Makes my case very well.

Which is where I grew up (and until next Monday, where my parents live). It’s not as pretty as the Criccieth branch, although still right on the Straits with cracking views of the Telford Bridge (and has occasional dolphin sightings). It was a derelict boat house for as long as I can remember prior to becoming a restaurant. When I had aspirations of becoming a chef was the site where I said I wanted to open the worlds best seafood restaurant - decent brasserie food and pizza serves the locals much better and helped kickstart a local food scene which does now include a seafood festival and a starred restaurant.


The other night, we enjoyed Tesco’s Finest Falenghina. This was a new one for me, recommended by two friends, one of whom is from this part of Italy. A darker colour of straw than expected, pear on the nose and a weightyness that I presume comes from the lees. Definitely a food wine, so we had this with Smoked bacon lardons, chestnut mushrooms and onion in a pesto sauce and creme fraiche with pasta. Not pretty but very tasty! :yum:


Scored well in Decanter a couple of months ago. I didn’t think it was markedly better than the TWS version, but definitely worth a try.