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Weekday drinks 22 through Nov 25

Sipping on this tonight
Parky all round so decided to go with a quick roast supper - Poussin to follow.

Still fresh so far and hints apple and citrus - on a special from TWS so no complaints.

What are you all sipping this week?




Some rather tasty Loire Malbec that we got at a reduced price. Blueberries and damsons, light and fresh. Nothing like a Mendoza or Cahors, but should please Loire red drinkers.


My working day is nearly over ( :crazy_face:), and I’m being pampered with a meal of pan fried pigeon breasts in red wine gravy, creamed leeks and wild mushrooms medley. To drink, a bottle of this 2017 Cab Sauv from Glenelly Estate:

Another smashing bottle from this Estate - having enjoyed their 2013 red blend and 2017 Cab Franc before. They seem to have mustered the art of value for money. This is enjoyable on both the nose and the palate: Cedar, cassis, cloves, bramble jam and menthol on the nose, the palate is surprisingly lifted for all the ripeness revealed on the nose.

This feels more Old World in style than new. The generosity of ripe fruit is certainly there (bramble jam, cassis and stewed cherries), but is very well balanced with medium acidity, fine tannins and - to our palate - medium body.

The oak is very well handled - in fact, this was my impression from the other ‘Glass Collection’ varietals we had. Everything in proportion and in moderation, and the result is a rather mouth-watering, minty, cedar-y and fruity wine. Good length too! For £11.50 this is practically a bargain.

Happy midweek drinking! :wine_glass: :grinning:


Courier arrived at lunchtime with some Christmas top ups, but by supper I’d convinced myself that this shouldn’t wait and needed to be tried:

Coravined a glass to go with fish finger sandwiches and cauliflower cheese leftover from Sunday.

Just delicious. Lively, zesty, a bit of oak. Very more-ish. It doesn’t have the depth or persistence to be great, but for what it is it’s a lovely food wine and good value for the money.

As I understand it this is a relatively new wine and the label is clear to state this is from the ‘Symington Family Estate’ hoping some of the magic dust carries over. Fair enough I reckon, this is very good and they should be very happy to have their name on this.



I’m enjoying - no, really enjoying - some of this tonight; a bottle of Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Clos de la Houssaie, Domaines Vinet 2015, with some sushi & some sashimi.

Minerally, fine and with just a tease of melony fruit & toast, this is simply very very deeee-licious. Especially with something delicate like sushi / sashimi.

The sort of wine you open and can then oh so very easily find yourself gobbling down the whole bottle if you’re not restrained. Fortunately - or unfortunately - I’m being restrained. So far :~}

A tragedy that it’s now OOS. Ho-hum …


I’ve also indulged in one or two of these over the past few months, and it is, as you say, very very good :~}

Ultimately, just a very tasty & enjoyable wine.

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Really enjoyed this also from a SA mixed case this new year - one to keep an eye on.

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BYO night at Hawksmoor last night. I didn’t manage to get all the wines together for a line up.

J. Lassalle champagne magnum Vs Gusbourne vintage 2013 to start.
Javillier Meursault was delicious, just entering its drinking window. Still quite taut.
Nuit St George Faiveley smelt amazing but a bit of a let down to taste. Flat and a bit tired
C.R. Cote Rotie '09 is so good. Much more drinkable than one I had at the beginning of the year. I’m very tempted by the '15 on the list.
904 Rioja '04 is dangerously drinkable. Probably my pick on the palate.
Ben Rye Pantelleria. Amazing but with a price tag to match! An expensive habit to be toying with.


Wow!! :heart_eyes: this has been on my wishlist for god knows how long… I need to take the plunge once and for all!
Great line up! :+1:


Thanks for this great tasting note @inbar. I have a bottle of this which I haven’t tried yet - looking forward to opening it now!


I doubt you’ll be disappointed…! :grin:

It’ll be lovely with a beef stew, or any kind of steak, I reckon. It worked really well with our pigeon, too!

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After two days of abstinence a dive into the deep end with a style of wine I’m in no way familiar with…

…an Amarone della Valpolicella ‘La Groletta’ 2015 from Allegrini’s Corte Giara estate.

Despite some trepidation as I was half expecting something heavy and, perhaps, over ripe, that isn’t the case at all. Fragrant nose of, cedar, black cherry, roast coffee and raisins. All of those notes are apparent on tasting but what’s really striking is its freshness and balance. Deep and savoury fruit. a light tannic structure, good length but above all freshness of flavour. Hmm, perhaps I need to challenge my preconceptions more often as it’s thoroughly enjoyable.

It was a good pairing with meatballs in tomato sauce, torn basil, parmesan and pasta too. Er, but no doubt that’s yet another black mark in my book with the Italian food and wine police. Should I ever travel there again I fear getting pulled at customs ‘Signor Bartoni would you step into the office for a moment as we’d like a quick word about your many cultural transgressions’ :grimacing:


Back in 2006 we received a house warming gift which became a cross between pass the parcel and a time bomb. Too hot to hold, we started a game of regifting and receiving at all the most auspicious occasions. It was a wedding present once iirc. Finally, the joke ran thin and it ended up where it began. Last night while I was out at tennis my wife finally pulled the trigger……

This Hardy’s Crest is no longer in the first flush of youth but it has evolved into a more characterful wine. The fruit has been supplanted by a medicine chest, linctus and tar profile. The fearsome sweetness has toned down and if I were to compare it to other wines I’d probably end up in the Douro. Not exactly porty but on the spectrum. More than drinkable and like our game, fun while it lasted.


Interesting to drink this quite soon after having had the 2019 Bout d’Zan from the same producer, Mas du Libian.

First things first, it’s a pleasure to drink. The fruit is similar - perhaps unsurprisingly - with blueberries and redcurrants being the main impression.

The big difference - and I don’t know to what extent this is vintage-dependant - is that the 2019 Bout d’Zan gave a much brighter, bolder hit of fruit. This 2018 Khayyam is softer and rounder; a much easier-going wine.

I can see why Marcel is fond of Mas du Libian and I think they will become a regular purchase for me (beyond the 24 bottles I already have in reserves and EP…). Reading more about them, I also like their ethos and history which helps.


Well … I was restrained last night, but I rather wish I hadn’t been - still a nice drop this evening, but rather lost the pfazz factor it had last night. Shame but there one goes.


After opening what turned out to be a corked bottle. I pulled this out instead, thinking it was a lower priced waitrose Querciabella. Had for £15 on offer recently. Should have checked more closely as I seem to have overblown the weekday budget with this.

Gorgeous concentration, lovely balance and acidity with some sweetness of berry fruit in support. Medium tannins. Nose a little muted at first, opening up. Has years ahead of it. I would not have guessed it’s pure merlot


A couple of very nice wines so far this week.

The first is my 2nd bottle of 6 of this

This just slipped down with its dark fruit, spicy oak and smooth tannins. Great concentration and a lovely wine to drink and not think too hard about.

The next was a thinker but no less pleasurable

Way too young by about 3 years at least but couldn’t help myself and wanted a sneak peak.
Burry tannins, great fruit concentration, beautiful oak but just needs more time and some hearty food. Seems I’m a fan of this cuvee. Luckily I’ve got 6 x 2017’s in Reserves and 2 more 2018’s in the cave with an eye firmly on the 2020’s :face_with_monocle:


I opened this with a pizza last night:


Worked very well.


Addendum - apparently Corte Giara is the name Allegrini use for their negociant wines.


A bit of industrial plating of seared tuna, samphire, fermented celeriac and red rice today with a glass of Franciacorta. Great wine for the money, I think.