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Weekday Drinkings [6-9th June 2022]

Odd start to the week that continues my run of forgetting to take photos/notes.

A rare dud from Andrew Edmunds. It was a St Joseph Blanc with a donkey’s ears on the label (Google has been unable to help me identify it). It was not very nice. I guess this could be put down to when Natural Wine Goes Wrong! but it was really unpleasant. Class St Jo Rousanne/Marsanne character with oily opulence, flowers and stone fruit mixed with sour beer possibly even with a slight spritz. Bleugh. Not at all nice. I did ask if it was OK and was curtly told it was supposed to smell like that (and presumably taste like that). Not strictly impressed by the usually excellent service in response to my questioning. Ah well.


Realising with this, the Tanya and Vincent Careme and the Arom, I’ve had a pretty poor run recently. I genuinely don’t know if this wine was supposed to be like that, or spoiled.

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A meh day in work today to say the least. So opening a bottle an ex-colleague bought for me, who would have been good to receive some work advice from (if he was in a vaguely overlapping timezone).

Have been leaving this a few years as our earlier younger cuvee 7s 2015s we’ve shared were showing like they needed time.

It’s a big wine but in it’s drinking window now I’d say. Tannins integrated. Good nose. A powerful intense Hungarian Bordeaux blend. I’ll leave most of the bottle in lieu of decanting for tomorrow. I’m sure a wine as big and intense as this would benefit

It doesn’t displace my favourite Hungarian red the Pannonhalmi Apátsági Infusio | Vivino which I think @szaki1974 had for an xmas day wine, but slots in second place.

Cheers all


Ooh I’ve had this a couple times… they do a sparkling furmint and a white blend too .

Sounds like a dud, slight spritz, was it cloudy ?


It wasn’t cloudy. Does feel like another case of me being second guessed by restaurant staff and believing them over myself!

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Having a week off so headed to our first walk around tasting in 3 years yesterday evening.

Nice wines from the Loire, a fabulous red Burgundy or two but less keen on the Rhone options. Nothing wrong with them. Suspect they got a bit lost at the end of the evening.


At last an Aldi wine I can both boast about and heartily recommend. I’ve not posted a wine for a while as at best they have been meh but this one from a randomly-selected mixed case from Aldi was exceptional. (Others have varied from OK to quite nice - their Barbaresco, for example)

But this French 2015 Cabernet Franc Le Nez, https://www.aldi.co.uk/french-cabernet-franc/p/713550548629000 Ticked all the C-F boxes and some. It accompanied some smoked lamb brought back from Iceland, beetroot relish, horseradish cream, salad and some baked sliced spuds. Extreme restraint exercised not to finish the whole bottle.

Turns out it’s an IGP Pays d’Aude made by Domaine Gayda. (Languedoc / near Carcassonne)

Get some in whilst stocks last, would be my advice


A regular favourite in this house, to go with chicken chasseur:

Nerofino Rosso Vigneti delle Dolomiti, Castel Firmian 2018

Probably the wine I re-order most since joining TWS - we just love it. A blend of Teroldego and Lagrein, this is still very youthful despite its 4 years. Deep purplish hue in the glass, the nose offers notes of bramble jam, ripe plums, clove/cinnamon, tar and dark chocolate.

On the palate there’s that Northern Italian mixture of juiciness and freshness; there’s spicy plums, bramble and blueberries with notes of clove and cocoa and a medicinal note of cough mixture. Medium tannins are grainy in texture and acidity is fresh, appetising not to say mouth-watering! Finish is medium and leaves a rather pleasing savoury tang.

It’s rustic around the edges, but rustic means free of pretentions in this case - a wine to savour and delight in! :+1: :wine_glass:


Thanks for the tip! Two bottles plus a Swiss Gamay (well done Aldi!) now coming our way :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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A nice (in person!) tasting put on by Handford Wines in London. 48 wines to taste in total all with special discounts if bought on the night. No pictures unfortunately but I particularly liked:

Dom Gerard Thomas St Aubin Champ Tirant 2020
Fontaine Gagnard Volany 1er Clos des Chenes 2019
Reserve de Leoville Barton St Julien 2016
Teusner Dog Strangler Mataro Barossa 2019
Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel MCC Brut 2019
Hambledon Vineyards Classic Cuvee NV


The Teusner range are relatively new in to the U.K., and really such great wines ! The ”G”
Grenache I think it’s wonderful and the Riebke Shiraz is also fantastic as is the Gentleman Cab Sav.


They were great and I’ll definitely look out for the ones you’ve mentioned. These are the ones we got to try. I think the Mataro was best value


Wow, those prices are steep ! :flushed::flushed:, i know you can get them for much less than that .
But yes great wines , I haven’t tried the righteous FG though , how was it ?

Very full on. Good but not at £100!


Postscript- disappointingly has gone off the boil on day 2 and now tastes fairly anonymous- gone is the perfume and tapestry of flavours. Unusual for a fb red. So - drink up on day 1 !!

Good spot on the Swiss gamay btw. I missed that. If it’s like the Plant Roberts we had in the Valais it should be a stonker


Interesting! Good to know.

I’m half tempted to try Gayda’s more expensive Cab Franc too, to compare. The 2018 had a good review on Decanter.

There’s also a Fendant from the same producer. Swiss wine for £9.99… can’t say no! :smile:

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Man, I’m bored with this rain…! I know it’s too much to expect summer in June but still… :roll_eyes:

We’ll have to pretend it’s nice and sunny - this Muscat is sure to help:

Familie Mantler Gelber Muskateller, Niederösterreich 2021

First glass was a hit! Let’s hope the rest of the bottle is too. Lovely nose - grapey, honeyed with notes of meadow flowers and sunshine (OK, this one’s a bit wishful thinking).

Light with a touch of spritz on the palate - this is a lively glass of wine! Blossom, delicate honey, orchard fruit and grapes mingle with a hint of lemon zest and -as per WS notes - something a tad minty. Quaffable and true to the variety, this should work nicely with our asparagus and blue cheese tart.

Prost! :clinking_glasses:


Beautifully sunny in East Yorkshire today at last! Just thought I’d share that!


Normally I’m anti Californian Chardonnay… however got this in a recent ‘TWS introduction to fine wine’ case. And it is very good indeed - the usual buttery tropical fruits & oak, yet superbly BALANCED. Needs chilling right down because flabby at room temp. Nose is a delight - gorse flowers, palate more towards white peaches, long rich finish.

I note it is ‘3 off dry’ on TWS site, however this does it a disservice - more a 2, and as I said previously it is very well balanced so more like a Mersault (without the complexity or 4X price tag).

With lightly smoked salmon fillets & ratatouille. Ratatouille is so difficult to get right - each ingredient must shine as an individual yet all must be au point.



Pleased to hear your wine is a good 'un @Inbar as I’m looking forward to trying it in the near future. Promise this isn’t a wind-up but after an inauspicious start to the day the weather here is now surprisingly pleasant.

With venison meatballs, tomato sauce and roasted peppers ( from the freezer ), pappardelle and a handful of grated parmesan, this here tonight…

…a Langhe Nebbiolo 2018 from Einaudi which is sourced from younger vines in their Barbaresco holdings.

A vividly pale translucent ruby / garnet colour. Raspberries, red cherry, baking spices and dried flowers on the nose and palate. Medium bodied, a supple texture, good depth of easy drinking flavour, with light, ripe, tannins and fresh acidity to balance and structure. Just what I’d hoped for and a good match to the food. Yum !