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Weekday drinking thread Sept 21-24 2020

Well someone had to kick this off…

Following the excellent content and commentary of the weekend we were going to have a quiet night …but the weather remains glorious so it’s an outside cook of Marinated Barnsley Lamb chops, fresh Courgettes and a cous cous salad with this…

Bit of a big night wine for a Monday but it’s still very summery down here, dark brooding black cherries, very smooth finish, just perfect With the lamb. It does beg the question how much longer will it remain as is…perfect now so happy days.

Quieter Monday nights now required.


Today was my birthday, so a bit of midweek drinking here. Pre-dinner Palo Cortado and Twiglets (the perfect combo, surely?), and Mrs Robertd cooked a guinea fowl in riesling, shallots and Alsace bacon, with which we drank Marcel Deiss Gruenspiel 2008.

The Cayetano del Pino Palo Cortado was a Waitrose 25%-off buy during the summer, and it was very good. Honeyed, nutty, spicy, complex, off-dry, and an excellent aperitif. The Gruenspiel is one of Jean-Michel Deiss’s most off-beat field blends - riesling, gewurztraminer and pinot noir. More than many of his other wines, there’s a lot of vintage variation, but also a lot of vintage commonality. It’s always spicy, but more by way of cloves and cinnamon than the normal gewurz pepper. 2008 was generally a high acidity vintage, and just like Friday’s Beyer riesling, this is well structured and with plenty of acidity from the riesling; some wild strawberries, feral notes and tannin on the finish from the pinot noir, and a combination of exotic fruit and Christmas spice that’s just impossible to pin down but utterly delicious. Jean-Michel would tell us that we shouldn’t even be thinking of the varieties, and all of those flavours are down to the terroir. One bottle left, but that’s headed for a vertical that we’re lining up…


Happy birthday, @robertd! :birthday: :clinking_glasses: :grinning:

As always, the food and wine sound - not to mention look - amazing! And love that Palo Cortado :heart_eyes:


Happy Birthday! Twiglets eh? Haven’t tasted those for a long time, but may be worth trying again when I open the next sherry!


Twiglets became a bit of a lockdown guilty secret. And actually, the yeasty saltiness does go very well with sherry.


Happy Birthday…might have to try that Twiglets combo…

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I made an impromptu rule of 6 dinner on Saturday and ended up opening a mix and match of wines with no rhyme and reason. All quite good, luckily. Here we go:

We had this with a pepperoncino steak, and it went surprisingly well. The fresh acidity washing away the back heat of the red dried Italian peppers. Donnhoff is hands-down my favourite German wine producer, and people who know a lot more than me (well, almost anyone these days) tend to agree.

I had this to start. I opened it a while ago but still drinks beautifully. Nutty and cloudy, deep in character. It’s over now.

And finally, we opened the last bottle of my best find this summer. An Asti from Hedonism (ultra high-end shop in Mayfair) that drinks like a nectar with bubbles. So good and no shame.

That’s it!


Opened this last night:

Miles away from my usual style and not quite sure where I stand on it. It’s a light easy drinking wine, certainly, with loads of red fruit. A fair bit of bright fresh acidity and little or no tannin. Possibly a little lacking in body and complexity for me. Maybe more of a summer wine.

I gave up trying to analyse what goes into each bottle of a Marcel Deiss wine. It’s way too much to keep track. I do enjoy them a lot though, and it never ceases to surprise me. I just trust the man and dive into it.


His website is fascinating! Geo-sensory tasting, what’s that all about!?! :rofl:

Have only had a couple of his wines, both lovely and unique. Certainly will look to buy more when finances permit.


Many belated happy returns @robertd, looks like you had a good one that’s for sure. Pleased to read you got a night off cooking for once !

As for the Twiglets and Palo Cortado combo, I’m intrigued enough to give that a go too. Thanks for the tip.

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Managed to get to Madeira so enjoying Portuguese wines all week. Tried this last night. Definitely one for those who like minerality and a dry white.

A Terras do Avo made from Verdelho grown on Madeira. Grapefruit and mineral to the fore which worked really well with Greek salad.


… and the prize for the most outstanding value for money midweek red this month goes to… :loudspeaker:

I have read enthusiastic posts about this wine on the forum for a couple of years now - but only now ventured to try it. And it is, indeed, accessible, delicious, quaffable, smooth and inviting. A perfect red with which to celebrate the autumn equinox and the ensuing cosy revolution :fallen_leaf:

It’s got an enticing nose full of plums and blackcurrants with a generous twist of black pepper and a warm liquorice note too. On the palate it hits with ripe dark fruit (plums again, blackcurrant and black cherries), but has a lovely slightly sour tang too, which lifts the fruit from over-sweetness to something a little more interesting. Black pepper and liquorice again on the finish which is surprisingly persistent. Yum! :grinning:

Last year we had the other Montsant that TWS stocks from time to time- and I would say these are on par in terms of vfm, concentration of fruit and sheer enjoyment.

The husband is making Venison steaks and mash this evening and I’m going to stick my feet up and savour this little bottle of loveliness. :relieved: :wine_glass:


That sounds lovely, as do the venison steaks, especially when cooked for you. But I think you’re in the wrong thread. Either that, or it’s an extra long weekend in Brighton :joy:

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Ha ha!! Can you tell I had a mega hectic day at work?! :smiley:

By the power of grey skull I… shall… move… it… to… the right thread! :crossed_swords:


… safe landing! :+1: :flight_arrival:

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Some fruity Italian with a simple bowl of pasta. Starring a minor component of Chianti and that gives you an idea of the style. Lots of cherry/kirsch flavours.


This is quite a lot of wine for a tenner. Lots going on here: leather, spice, fruit. Perhaps a touch of heat but lovely acidity keeping it together. This one was a gift but I do have mags in reserves. No rush!


I had this about a month ago and agree, it was great for sitting in the garden with some friends… when we were temporarily allowed to…but other than that no real complexity, however I would definitely buy it again for summer sipping.


And indeed why not? A sort of initial alcoholic apricot and herb aroma and very herby on the palate. Fresh and very rich; to me more herbs than fruit, but in a nice way, and there are abstract fruit flavours, fruity without any particular identifiable fruit. Easy to drink.
Meanwhile have been cooking king oyster mushrooms, amongst other things, and I must say, to borrow from Mr Bush, I have seriously misunderestimated how much cooking they need. Much tougher than the average mushroom I use!